Chapter 268: The Meaning of Life?

“Seven hundred and thirteen people were killed today… Why the hell did you tell me to unlock the portals?” Darius was standing by the window of his office, staring out towards the completely destroyed Nexus building, which was nearly a mile away.

Behind him was an obsidian-skinned elven woman, who was wearing hot-pink ‘booty-shorts’ and a pure-white, relatively tight t-shirt. Her breasts were much smaller than in that ‘memory’ from Talia’s past, but her golden eyes and silver hair were the same.

Sarina smirked, asking “Are they still dead though? Exactly, so there weren’t any ‘real’ losses, right? Hehehe~, anyway, try not ta think about it too much… Hmmm, what day is it?”

Darius sighed, grumbling “It’s Wednesday, don’t you have a watch, or a cell phone? Ugh, it’s going to be such a pain in the ass to explain this to Tara…”

She snickered, muttering “Only two more days~…” Then she gazed down at a restaurant across the street, wondering “I’m starving but I can’t decide… Should I eat at Taco-Town, or head over to Sushi-Central? Hmmm~, maybe I should masturbate first?”

The Crimelord glared at his mother, complaining “Mom, please leave… Why the fuck are you even here, anyway? I did what you told me to, so go away and let me clean up the mess in peace.”

“Darry, the meaning of life is entertainment. You need to enjoy yourself more often, have fun and be happy! You’re only seventy-five and you’re already acting like a grumpy old man! Ah~, I can’t wait for Friday~, or is it Saturday~? Hmmm~, whatever, I just wanna go on vacation~ and not have to worry about annoying things anymore~! I know~, I choose~ Nekoshire Crab-Shack~! Muhuahahaha~!” Sarina randomly started sing-talking and eventually teleported away.


“Nyah~, I’m so~ hungry Mikey~! Make me a birthday cake! I wanna eat cake~!” The moment they arrived back home, that was the first thing that the little girl yelled.

Michael looked at the irritated Huntress and casually said “I don’t know how to bake, so it’s up to you.”

Talia suddenly smiled and suggested “Now that we’re home, why don’t you utilize these mana-cores to finally create a space for me to train in the Element of Wind…”

He smirked, walking over to her room, wearing his normal attire of a white t-shirt and black boxers. After entering inside, he telekinetically pulled the six grey beads from her hand and asked “You do realize how ridiculous this place is gonna be, right?”

As she yelled “No! I did not mean for you to alter ‘this’ room!” the Nephilim had already spent a ridiculous three-thousand gold, on the ‘fanciest’ option he could find.

However, the bedroom, armory and bathroom barely changed at all. The only difference was that there was a mysterious wooden door, next to the one that led to the living room.

The three of them stared at it for a few moments, before Jasmine sprinted forward and turned the knob. Nothing happened; it merely led to a spiral stairway, which the little cat-girl unhesitantly began running down, while yelling “Nyahahaha~, JJ is the fastest~!”

Michael sighed, grabbing the beautiful elf’s left hand and leading her into the mysterious new segment of the ever-expanding Player-Home. There were a myriad of portholes along the grey-stone walls, but all they could see were endless clouds. Eventually, they caught up with Jasmine and reached the bottom of the spire.

It was the top of a fairly large and open bell-tower, but below them, there was an enormous castle. Talia gasped, “This, Miguel, is this entire world… mine?”

He snickered, “Well, I wouldn’t really call it a ‘world’, cause it ain’t all that big compared to planets. It’s more like a ‘plane’ either way. From what I can see, aside from this giant floating island, everything else is just clouds and air, for at least farther than twenty-miles in every direction. Oh wait, holy shit, there really are other islands out there… This is the main one though. It’s kinda excessive if you’re planning on living here alone, hehehe~. Although, like the other ‘zones’ within the house, you could always let Citizens inhabit the ‘extra’ islands. We could keep this castle reserved for ‘your’ children and relatives.”

Talia blushed, slowly unzipping her leather jacket and revealing the smooth and pale skin beneath. She pulled his right hand up to her left breast and he instinctively began massaging it, then he pressed his mouth against hers. All of their clothing was rapidly unequipped, and the two of them were teleported back to her bed.

The Nephilim was still greatly aroused from the half-hour video-game session with the naked cat-girl, so he obviously didn’t need any kind of incentive to indulge the Huntress’ spontaneous desires. However, it was then that she unexpectedly started transforming her body; she screamed in pain, as her muscles, bones and flesh were being rapidly altered.

She didn’t grow any taller, so the agony wasn’t quite as unbearable as the first time, and at a certain point, she actually started feeling a pleasurable sensation. Michael maintained his ‘normal’ shape and size, as he immediately plunged into her dryadic opening.

Sensing the ‘Chaotic’ organism entering inside of her, what was usually a reproductive organ, seemed much more like a mouth; dozens of tiny, slimy, pink tongues began swirling around and attempting to ‘erode’ the piece of meat. He was still constantly kissing the beautiful, green-skinned Dryad, and using his hands to ‘massage’ various parts of her body.

“It’s funny how you always seem to get so horny… every time I start talking about having kids with you, heh~.” Michael smiled, as he softly whispered into her ear and continued moving his hips.

Talia smiled wryly, her crystalline eyes were glowing bright-blue, and her hair had been replaced by long, squirming vines. She murmured “Miguel, we all have ‘triggers’, which cause us to be aroused. When I imagine creating a family with you, I cannot help but feel this way.”

He snickered, “Well, I usually get turned on by assholes and vaginas, but there’s also tongues, mouths, weird penis cunt-traps, giant tentacle monsters, all kinds of creepy and disgusting nonsense… Okay, just a single wiff of your scent is enough to make me horny. Aside from that, I’m pretty sure my testicles and prostate are constantly creating so much sperm and ejaculate, that no matter how many times I cum, I’ll never be satisfied. Hell, I just came like two seconds ago and I’m not even slightly finished.”

The flawless Dryad murmured “I allowed myself to take this form to please you, so please, stop talking.”

After that, the two of them continued to ‘mate’ for several hours. Meanwhile, Jasmine was ‘exploring’ the expansive castle, which surprisingly had electrical outlets, mana-ports, plumbing, and mana-net access. There were even a few interface-consoles throughout the gargantuan structure, which shared the same function as Alice’s control-panel.

Thus, she was able to teleport into Elina’s room and slowly begin taking all of her things out of ‘storage’ and placing them throughout her new home. Michael and Talia were too distracted to know or care about the fact that the little cat-girl had essentially claimed the Huntress’ floating island as her own.

Of course, she didn’t move ‘everything’ into that castle, because the Nephilim had already released those seventy-five felines into Luxiana. They were used to living in the city, so it wasn’t very difficult for them to adapt to their new environment.

As for the various vehicles, they were all stored in one of the ground-floors of the castle. The most important thing was that she managed to transform the dungeon into a massive workshop and shooting-range.

Only after she was finished moving everything into her new ‘home’ did the adorable cat-girl decide to head over to the Arcane Kitchen. Fortunately, by that time, Talia and Michael had finished their session of lovemaking, averting the horrible disaster that may have occurred if Jasmine had attempted to cook anything on her own.

As the three of them were sitting down and eating some ‘burritos’ that the elven chef had created, Alice suddenly entered the room. She was wearing her fiery robe and in her ‘normal’ dragoness-form.

After sniffing the air, and then staring at Talia’s groin for a few moments, she snickered. “Hey Mike, I need a million gold… for some stuff. Kay, thanks, bye~.” Without even asking, she simply touched the Nephilim and slimy succubus, taking a total of one-hundred white jade coins from them and then immediately heading back upstairs.

It wasn’t until then that Michael finally realized something incredibly important: “Holy fucking cuntsauce! We can definitely upgrade the house again! It only costs like, a single WJ! Ah, but do we still have a hundred rank-E mana-cores left?”

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  1. Some places it’s already 26th… Anyways thx for the chapter.. Also his player home from outside should Atilla look like a old wooden home right? Will have to see what change on the outside and the extra features upgrade adds…
    Happy Christmas

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  2. Lately I’ve been using the ‘tags’ to express some of the ‘titles’ that I wanted to name the chapter, but couldn’t for whatever reason lol. Anyway, this is the first chapter of Christmas, I’ll probably do a few more after this, but I’ll post them at the same time(Whenever I finish editing them all) 😛

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