Chapter 267: Making Plans for the Future?

Within the Huntress’ mind, she was reliving a scene from her past. A gorgeous High-Elven woman, with bright-blue eyes and short-blonde hair was teaching an adorable boy and girl how to fence.

Talia was obviously the female, but the male was a Dark-Elf child, named ‘Darius’. She used to be afraid of his crimson eyes, so he always wore sunglasses to keep her from seeing them.

Her mother, Maria Aeris Ramirez, was a level-thirty, rank-D, Super-Elite, Blade Dancer. The three of them were standing next to a small lake, practicing sword-stances, when an unfamiliar woman abruptly appeared out of thin air.

However, just by glancing at that obsidian-skinned, golden-eyed, silver-haired elf, Talia felt as if her heart was being torn from her chest. That mysterious newcomer was wearing a silk gown, which was practically transparent, though her massive breasts were covered by a brightly-glowing brazziere and she was also wearing similarly radiant panties.

“Mom!” Darius sheathed the curved short-blades across his back and Shadow-Stepped next to that six-foot tall woman. He was grinning happily as he tried to hug her, but an invisible barrier prevented him from actually touching her ethereal body.

Maria frowned, complaining “Señora Sarina… how can you be so cold to your own son?”

The obsidian elf had a smirk on her golden lips, reaching out and awkwardly petting the little boy’s dyed-blonde hair. She snickered, retorting “He’s seriously like fifteen years old now… When I was that age, I was already an Adult!”

Talia sheathed her short-sword on the left side of her waist and nervously walked over to them, as Maria asked “Why have you returned? Darius is still merely a child… I hope that you do not expect him to start hunting at such a young age! Also, he still requires much more training!”

Sarina giggled, “Nah~, it’s just that… I kinda-sorta had another baby a few weeks ago, over in The Dwarven Republic and I figured he’d like to meet his little sister.”

He immediately shook his head, yelling “No! I already have a little sister! I don’t want to leave Talia and Mama!” Behind his sunglasses, there were tears welling up in his bloodshot crimson eyes.

Maria scowled, shouting “Señora Sarina! All these years since you saved my life, I have not refused a single one of your outrageous demands, but I cannot allow you to take my son from me!”

The mysterious obsidian-skinned elf began laughing hysterically, “What the hell are you talking about? The only ‘favors’ I’ve ever asked you for was babysitting my kids! Besides that, I definitely paid you plenty of gold and what about that Epic sword you’re wearing right now? Anyway, Darry, Talia isn’t your little sister, but it’s hilarious that you think of her that way… Well, you’ll probably think it’s funny later, maybe?”

After she finished speaking, both Darius and Sarina vanished, the furious High-Elf unsheathed her transparent short-sword and began launching a series of powerful ‘Wind Blades’ across the lake. Until she finally screamed “I hate you, you selfish, evil, cruel, vicious, demon! Grah~! You use me to raise your children, then steal them away from me, once I begin treating them as my own blood! Goddess! What did I do to deserve this?! Why have you cursed me so?!”

“Calm your perky tits! Geez, that was only two times, so stop being so melodramatic… I never said that you couldn’t come with us! I’ll come pick you up in a few days~, hehehe~… Also, I took back Fluffy cause you have a weird cat-phobia and kept getting panic attacks!” Once she heard that disembodied voice, Maria seemed to calm down a bit, but she still started weeping uncontrollably.

Watching all of that, an illusory Adult form of Talia finally asked “Why am I remembering this now? What purpose could there possibly be in reliving this, unless… Wait, the sword that Miguel just gave to me; is that not the blade that Mama always used to wield? I do not understand… Wait, but I certainly remember her being devoured by that disgusting monstrosity…”

As she thought about her last moments with her mother, the scene abruptly changed and she was watching a little girl cowering in the basement of her relatively small lakeside mansion. The upper floors of the building were being destroyed by the fierce battle between her mother and an enormous centipede Raid Boss.

Talia’s transparent body began hesitantly floating upwards, passing through the ceiling and reaching the ground floor. It was there that she watched the screaming swordswoman being slowly torn in half by the gargantuan pincers, then the beast proceeded to devour her mana-cores, mutilating the corpse beyond recognition.

After that, it scuttled away and completely disregarded the tattered remains. The terrified fourteen year old High-Elven Child, noticed that the house was on fire and collapsing, so she hurriedly went upstairs and fled. She only glanced at the gore for a few seconds, but judging by the aura and what she heard, there was no mistake that it was her mother. It wasn’t even a question of whether or not Maria died, because she certainly did.

However, what happened next, caused Talia to gasp and mutter “I should have realized it before now… It was so obvious, yet I convinced myself that it was not possible for some foolish reason.”

A six-foot tall Nephilim, with long black hair, crimson irises, bulky muscles and a smirk on his face, had suddenly appeared. He gazed up into the eyes of that familiar ‘spirit’ and snickered, asking “If I had the ability to travel back into the past… why wouldn’t I abuse the fuck outta it? Hehehe~, I might not be able to prevent something from happening, if it already did… but don’t we live in a world where death is kinda meh~? I mean, you aren’t really here right now, cause this is just a recording, so ya can’t really answer me. So~, the question is… what should I do with this soul? Or from your perspective, what ‘did’ I do with it? Hmmm~, maybe if you found your ‘brother’ Darius, he might know. I love you Talia…”


The beautiful High-Elf finally opened her bright-green, teary eyes and gazed up at the face of her ‘husband’. She was laying her head on his lap, while he held a tiny pink controller in his hands, which was designed for use by Dwarven children.

Jasmine was laying in front of him and the two of them were staring at a giant holographic projection, which was floating above the ‘Arcana-Sphere’. On the screen there were two adorable anthropomorphic cartoon-ish pygmy-kittens, who were using martial arts techniques to violently beat each other to death.

“Nyahahaha~! Mikey~, you really suck at fighting games!” The little cat-girl had managed to defeat the Nephilim at least ten times already, so he was becoming extremely irritated.

Michael yelled “Oh for fuck’s sake! Damn it JJ! This isn’t even fair! Not only is it practically impossible for me to use this tiny controller, but I’ve had a boner for the past thirty minutes! If you’re gonna be naked, you could at least sit down normally! You’re always either in doggy-style or spread-eagle… How can you stand to play videogames like that?!”

“Meow~, just shrink down to your Mini-Mikey form! Sides~, you like my butt~ hehe~… Un~, if you can beat me, I’ll lick your pee-pee~!” Jasmine giggled as she turned around and started crawling towards him; her tail wagged around, while she started rubbing her tongue against Talia’s face.

In response to that ‘attack’, the fully-clothed High-Elf swiftly headbutted the little girl’s mouth: knocking out a few teeth. Then she rolled over and held the crying kitten down, harshly spanking her for an entire minute.

Once Talia had finally released her fury, she glared at Michael and asked “Where would you place my mother’s soul?”

He snickered, before thinking seriously about it for a few seconds and muttering “Hmmm~, well, it’d be hilarious if she was reincarnated as one of our kids, right? But~, why are you so sure I’d have ta shove it into a ‘new’ body? Couldn’t I just reanimate the old one? Or, if my Summoning was a high enough level, I could just recreate her the way she was, right? Depends though… Is that what the ‘message’ was about? Your dead mother? Actually, you never mentioned anything about your mother dying before now… At least, not that I remember.”

Talia sighed dramatically, grumbling “Of course you would not remember… Yes, my mother died sixty years ago, and in that ring, I saw ‘you’, capturing her soul!”

Michael snickered, explaining “That me wasn’t really ‘me’ though, at least not the current me… Unless that happened, and someone removed it from my memory? Wait, how do you know for certain that what you saw was actually what happened anyway? Like, is there any evidence that can prove it wasn’t just an illusion? Whatever, assuming that I go back in time, I’ll make sure to find your dead mother, grab her soul and then resurrect her the way she was when she died. See, if it’s something that happens in ‘my’ future, then I’ll try to tell your mother to come to Luxiana… today. Ah, I don’t know what day it is, so let’s just say ‘sometime this year’? It’s also possible that after seeing all the crazy shit we’ve been up to lately on the ‘news’, she might be able to find us on her own, regardless if I tell her anything. I’ll make sure to put her somewhere that has ‘news’, like Nekoshire, probably.”

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