OP-ness Returns, Chapter 7: Michael’s Gear and Stats

Once the four calmed down a bit, Michael was the first to notice that his Equipment function was available again. Mainly because of the massive notification he received. Continue reading


OP-ness Returns, Chapter 6: Patch Notes

[The drop-rate of all non-quest items will be lowered significantly, due to the amount of Players and the lack of items. Soulbound items will be far more scarce, but it is estimated that Artifacts will become far more common, due to the amount of Players who can now create them.] Continue reading

OP-ness Returns, Chapter 5: Noobageddon

A giant shark was struggling helplessly, while being torn apart from the inside out. It only took a few minutes for the majestic World Boss to lost its last bit of heal and collapse onto the ground. Its formerly white scales were burned black in some places, while there were also huge gaping holes in certain areas. The gills were ripped apart the most, while both eyes were perfectly intact and glaring at the two women at the end of the room. All the water had been evaporated or sucked into Elina and Talia’s ‘storage’. Continue reading

SDC Chapter 8: Urination

The moment of truth. Ana was standing in the bathtub, her shirt still tucked into her boxers. I walked inside the bathroom and used my left heel to slightly close the door, but not all the way. Then I walked forward, over the three layers of towels that were on the floor. The crumpled up transparent shower-curtain almost touched my left elbow, but I deftly avoided it. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 7: Duality

Aside from being a little astringent and bitter from the soap, there was also a tinge of sweat. As long as a clit is relatively clean, it shouldn’t taste like fish or whatever other bullshit virgins tend to believe. The inside of the vagina though, especially around the urethra, will probably taste like piss. If the girl squirts, most of that liquid is sometimes urine. It’s kind of watered down by the normal pussy-juice though, so it might not smell like piss. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 6: Multitasking

“Wow… I can’t believe I just wrote two whole chapters in ten minutes.”

Normally, when I’m taking a shower or lying in bed, my brain goes full-throttle on the creative juices. But obviously I can’t do shit about it, except try to remember as much as possible and then write it all down later. However, since ‘Michael’ was in the shower and ‘Ana’ was sitting at my computer, things worked pretty efficiently. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 5: Ana


I was going to say Anael or Iris, which were both names of the first female character I had ever written but… Well, Ana is simpler. If I was going to write it out, it would be Anael Iris Healy. Technically, she was usually an Irish ginger in my stories. Still, if I had hesitated, my mother probably would have become even more suspicious. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 3: Examination

*Author’s Note*

When I started this story in early November, 2018, Misty was still alive and well. Also really annoying… But then she died around Thanksgiving, which is kinda ironic. I was originally going to write a chapter about the bird dying, but decided against it. My mother was ‘really’ upset, and since the story takes place in 2019, I figured it didn’t really matter. In this alternate reality, Misty, the most annoying parrot I’ve ever met, was still alive and well.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! For that matter, Happy Birthday if it’s also your birthday now or in the near future/past! I decided that as a Christmas Present, I’m going to edit and post as many of these chapters as I can. Literally writing chapter 35 of this story at the moment, while also working on “Volume 6, Chapter 5, Part 7” of Immortal Soul. I’m not sure how much that is in Episodes though, since I write the story as if it’s actual books.

*** Continue reading

SDC, V1, Chapter 2: Showering

Now you might be wondering, “How do you just suddenly become a woman? Were you abducted by aliens? Maybe that demon you summoned was pissed off? How do you deal with the psychological distress of finding out that you’re no longer a man?” Continue reading