Chapter 140: Chaotic Migration

Once Michael reached the edge of his territory, the little girl in his arms quickly Shadow-Stepped a few times, and scaled the right side of the waterfall. On the left cliff, a gigantic Demonic Ultrasaurus was whimpering and clinging to the rocks.

Around the same time that the Dark-Goblin made it to the house, the Nephilim teleported inside as well. When he arrived within of the living-room, completely naked, he wasn’t alone.

Elina, Jasmine, Talia, Sarah, and even Inari had all gathered around him. Even though she was also in the house, Laura was soundly sleeping in her bed, somehow.

The first to speak was obviously the High-Elf, who asked “What is happening? Those roars, and that ominous aura, I looked outside from atop the mountain and saw a strange Titanic Human in the distance…”

Then the frightened dog-sized fox barked and yelped a few times, and the Huntress responded “Indeed, it is certainly a Chaotic monster of some sort, but I have never heard of something that large before…”

After that was the tiny cat-girl, who was also naked; she yelled “It sounds so scary, nyah~! I don’t like it! JJ doesn’t like it at all!”

However, she was immediately picked up by Elina and held against her robe-covered breasts, which were leaking silver liquid through the thin fabric. Sarah was actually the one to tell them “We’re moving! There ain’t no way we’re staying in this shitty jungle anymore, with all that annoying bullshit goin on!”

At that moment, Michael announced to all of the Residents at the same time: “Okay~! Time’s up! Anyone who isn’t inside the territory now, is gonna get left behind! Although, I can see on the map that everyone’s here, so there’s no real point in me even saying anything!”

Right after he finished speaking, everything around them vanished and the six Companions were the only ones left in that entire area. Everyone and everything else had been instantly sucked into an extra-dimensional space, where time was basically frozen compared to outside.

Above and below Michael’s territory, for at least a kilometer, nothing was left, yet the ‘seven’ of them didn’t fall into the randomly created abyss. Instead, they were teleported three miles to the southeast, outside of the Forbidden Forest and close to where Jacobstown used to be.

However, the scene that surrounded them was that of a chaotic stampede. He immediately shouted “Equip and activate your gear!” as he was almost instantaneously covered in armor.

Sarah’s bright-blue tattoos, had started to transform into weapons and leather clothing. Elina was already wearing her robe and ring, so she only needed to put down the cat-girl and a long pure-white staff appeared in her hands.

Talia had been startled by the sudden turn of events, but was overly eager to finally test out her new bow in actual combat. Inari grew until she was three meters tall at her shoulders, and growled menacingly at the relatively weak animals that were stampeding by them.

Jasmine had no Soulbound equipment, and even her weapons had been left in the house, so she was completely useless. Yet, the weakest member of the team was laying on the ground unconscious.

Michael wouldn’t have recognized her, if it wasn’t for the fact that she had a name above her head. Alice had certainly shrunk by a decent amount… but she was still five meters tall.

The lithe lizard-girl was covered in smooth snake-like blue scales, and the shape of her legs didn’t change much. However, instead of the head of a tyrannosaurus, her facial features were much closer to that of a serpent or dragon. There weren’t any horns on her body, and her fiery-orange feathers still remained as a substitute for hair.

He complained “Oh for fuck’s sake! Maybe I should’ve waited until I put this bitch into my Companion-storage first?” as he engulfed her entire frame in his potent Arcane aura. It wasn’t as if he could physically keep the monsters away with that, but at least the weaker ones would naturally be hesitant to enter that fifty-four meter in diameter sphere.

At that moment, Elina yelled “You, how, when did the two of you get so strong?!” When she casually glanced at him with ‘Identification,’ she was truly shocked that their levels were so high.

Talia was even more surprised, since she had just seen him a few hours before then, and he was only level-fifteen. However, her information was obviously a lot more in depth than the angelic cat-girl’s. Thus, she simply passed it off as him being an aberration, and started nocking an Arrow of Wind in her longbow.

Since her ammunition was essentially inexhaustible, the Huntress didn’t hesitate to start picking off any powerful magical-beasts that she could see in the distance. Elina began using ‘Illumination’ to her maximum capacity, and caused everything within one-hundred and ten meters to become bathed in a blinding light.

Michael fired off lightning from his right hand randomly and occasionally used Arcane Bolt to kill stronger targets. Fortunately, the majority of the creatures simply avoided them, because they were much more concerned with fleeing the jungle. Thus, their ‘leader’ ordered “Alright, Inari, Sarah and Talia, don’t let anything get close! Jasmine, stop crying and don’t fall behind! I’ll carry the sleeping hikikomori!”

The giant Tyrannosaurus-Elf was at least three times taller than the Nephilim, but her weight was relatively insignificant. Three-hundred pounds, compared to his nine-hundred, plus the fact that his Strength was absurdly high for his size, made it so that he could easily carry her. Of course, it was still incredibly awkward considering how large she was.

Utilizing his aura and ‘Telekinesis,’ plus the lightening and adhesive properties of Arcane Pull, Michael was able to lift her body in front of his chest: using both arms. Her long, lizard-like tail was unconsciously wrapping around her own left leg, so it wasn’t dragging against the ground.

While he could have potentially sprinted at an extraordinary pace, he just casually walked forwards, towards the southeast. Meanwhile, ‘most’ of his Companions were struggling to fight off the hordes of magical-beasts.

‘Frost Nova’ was a technique that would cause the caster’s aura to explode momentarily, invading the bodies of every nearby enemy and swiftly draining the heat from them: before returning it to the caster. With Sarah’s current Aura and skill-level, every time she used the ability, it would envelop everything within twenty meters and deal eighty Frost-damage to each target.

Thus she didn’t even bother using both her weapons on the hordes of low-level tigers, lions, bears, gorillas and deer. With ten mana-points, she could freeze everything to death, while not even moving away from the group: She was still fairly tired after-all.

Inari was constantly jumping around recklessly and chomping down on anything that seemed within her level-range. Her experience was rising rather rapidly compared to everyone else, since she didn’t have to share with anyone else.

Michael muttered “I kinda wanna learn some crazy transformation spells like that little doggy… but maybe this giant dinosaur will be able to make me some, not-so-permanent, drugs to give the same effect?” Even in such a dire situation, he wasn’t even paying attention to the chaos that was occurring around him.

Elina and Jasmine were sticking closely to his back, hiding between those two huge, fluffy and white, wings. The angelic woman asked “Who is this… girl, anyway? I mean, I remember you saying something about her before, but still…”

He answered “Ah, yeah, she’s number-five, Alice the Neet, hehe~. Hmmm~, she’s still a total Noob, but I have a good feeling about her.” However, while he was speaking, a swarm of giant pterodactyls began squawking and shooting fireballs down towards them.

Yet, before the magical attacks could even come close, Talia aimed her bow at the flaming orbs and obliterated them one at a time. Arrows of Wind would typically explode upon contact with enemies anyway, but when impacting against those spells, it blasted all of the heat and pressure into the swarms of flying monsters. Of course, even if those pitiful attacks could reach within twenty meters of their group, Sarah was able to nullify them with a casual Frost Nova.

As they were proceeding at a casual pace, a message suddenly popped-up in front of Michael’s eyes: “Quest Complete: Thanks to your intervention, Alice has managed to obtain her third Affinity. Reward: +200 Wind-Favor and +50 gold.”

After that, there was another message: “New Quest: It is imperative that an Elementalist has access to Fire, Wind, Earth and Water Affinity.  Alice is only missing that last Element: Earth. Terra wishes for you to quickly assist your Companion in reaching level-ten, and then evolving in order to gain her fourth Affinity. Reward: +500 Earth Favor, +100 gold.”

88 thoughts on “Chapter 140: Chaotic Migration

  1. hmm, I feel like the story needs a huge plot pick me up… that or a nice WHAT THE FUQ moment. Not that i’ll stop reading if there is none, but you know… Just throwing it out there. What was his reason for being there again? lol

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  2. first question of the day is something of a joke question but would you agree that a level 1 rank-Z serapim pure arcane affinity with 10 billion gold and a full set of legendarys and the grand magus class would qualify as earning the title “the god of cheat codes”

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      • as a side note, while the “home page” shows up to chapter 140, the “table of content” provides links only up to 128….you might want to fix that….


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      • I know this, I had people updating the toc for me for like… idk, 2 days, before they stopped lol. Since then, I’ve been too busy writing and haven’t really had time to fuck around with the toc lol.


  3. you dont like doing anything the normal route but i have a feeling that inari is gonna get human form of some nine tailed fox lady, anyway is michaels new form with the choas evolution gonna be like half dark half light nephelium, something like 4 wings 2 wight feathed ones and 2 dark feathered ones

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    • Well, the giant eye-monster was obviously a hardcore glass cannon. Plus, even if it was a world boss or even over level-100(It wasn’t specified lol) her stats and level are just that much higher. She’s basically on the same level as the Ancient Bone Dragon Wormwood, the Seraphim Helel, and other similarly overpowered beings.


    • You gotta remember though, that if Inari can learn Expansion and Contraction, it wouldn’t be strange for others to be able to learn it too. They might have different types of the same skill though. The point is that, depending on spells and stats… even a 3 kilometer tall woman could probably grow or shrink to an absurd degree lol. Even Helel, the loli of Light, would probably be able to become gigantic in one way or another?


  4. Thanks for the chapters.

    Ah, I hope Michael does his rank up soon. Wasn’t it available at level 20? If he levels up before ranking up, does he lose the extra stats he could have gotten?

    This whole migration came out of nowhere. He never got a chance to complete his quest! Oh well, Chaos doesn’t give a fuck, I guess. Also, that wrestler job, lol, fucking awesome.

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    • Well, I think Alice’s mother is a Wrestler too, or maybe it was Grappler? lol Anyway, upon rank-up, the minimum amount of points is essentially your current level. Depending on the quality of the mana-core, you can get way way way more stats though. Ah, well, you’ve already seen that though? Right? Cunty ate that Boss’ mana-core and got a shit-ton of stats. On the other hand, Sarah barely got anything from taking that Essence of Umbra… though that has more to do with the Goddess involved. Umbra is probably more like Arcana, and would rather make people struggle a bit more. Well, you’ll find out soon either way 😛


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