OP-ness OD Day

I’m going to sleep right now, so I won’t be awake for the releases tonight.  However, I just wanted to say this ahead of time… expect more than 2 :P.

I’d also like to apologize to the donors and patrons that I was only able to finish writing a single chapter today :(.  Hopefully, I should be able to write a lot more than usual this week lol.

Also, I might be a hypochondriac, but I definitely felt like I was gonna die an hour ago.  I sneezed and I don’t even know what exactly happened rofl.  It felt like the blood-pressure in my hands, arms, feet, chest, face, brain, legs and everywhere else had risen so high, that the veins and arteries actually hurt really, really, really~ bad.  I was literally afraid that I was going to have a heart-attack or stroke lmao.  That shouldn’t be funny, but I’m at the point of exhaustion, where everything is hilarious.

Anyway, my near-death experience made me want to give you guys and girls a heads up that tonight, you may overdose.  I don’t know the ‘exact’ word-count, but I’d guess… more than 20,000.  Okay, now I’m going to sleep, have fun :).

24 thoughts on “OP-ness OD Day

  1. Sounds like you sneezed and your hypochondriac symptoms compounded into a full blown panic attack, happens, I know you can’t drink alcohol, so that’s not it. It sucks because you will feel different and weird, and then you’ll be like “I feel different and weird” and then you’ll panic more. Rinse and repeat. What helps me is some sort of “Rock”, like a rock you throw into a lake, or a big one you lean against. Sometimes I yell out “stop!” in my head, other times I can catch myself spiraling and I try to imagine a blank white space and have my mind focus on that white space.

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    • Rofl, well, I won’t deny that I’m a hypochondriac… but sneezing is literally dangerous. You can actually die from sneezing lol. Also, I can’t tell if you’re fucking with me or being serious :P.


  2. Ah, I’ve had those sneezes from time to time where it feels like part of it fired inward and the air rips through your arms and can hurt your chest. If that’s what you mean.

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