Okay then~, it’s been a week since the last break-day, so for those of you(like me) who have trouble keeping track of time… Today/tomorrow, won’t have any chapters being released.

I’ve been kinda slow with writing lately, and have just barely managed to keep ahead by 30+ chapters.  Anyway, I’m currently writing chapter 218, though I almost finished it :).

Aside from just telling people that there won’t be any releases tonight(It’s normally 8pm for me), I didn’t really have anything else to talk about.  Here’s the “Donations” page link that I always give…

I suppose I could let people know that I don’t like being trolled, so don’t do that.  It isn’t ‘constructive criticism’ to tell me that I’m a bad writer, or that you hate a character for some petty reason, or that you aren’t going to read my story anymore because of something that happens in the chapter you just read… Seriously, just don’t, I don’t care why you hate my story, I will delete any posts that piss me off; I literally don’t have the time nor patience to deal with the endless torrent of complaints that seem to spring up every day.

If you have something positive or nice to say about the story, good; that’s what authors like to read.  We enjoy it when people say “Good job, thank you for the hard work.”  Even if I can delete comments that are just really mean to me or rude, it’s still incredibly annoying, because I have to see that garbage and it completely ruins my writing speed.

I’m the type of person who was bullied a lot when I was younger.  Honestly, everyone probably goes through some sort of bullying incident or phase in their lives; it’s just the way humans are.  Probably why we relate so much to these xianxia characters who are treated like trash for no apparent reason, and eventually go on a rampage, getting their revenge lol.  Of course, most of us aren’t homicidal psychopaths, so we have to settle for just getting over it and growing up.  Also, it helps if you start working out like crazy and learning how to defend yourself.  Bullies tent to pick on people who can’t fight back and avoid those who can: same thing with rapists, serial killers, and other such scumbags.

Now that the common-sense lesson is over with, I would like to thank all of the donors and patrons for their amazing support!  I seriously wouldn’t be able to keep writing if it wasn’t for you guys and/or girls out there! 🙂  Everyone who enjoys “Hardcore OP-ness” should wholeheartedly thank them as well, because they’re the reason that I’m able to post 12 chapters a week for you to read.

Does anyone else remember this song? lol Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

Also, here’s a ton of funny cats 😛

26 thoughts on “Break-Day

  1. Alright, I started reading this last Friday and I’ve burned through it all the way to here since. I skipped sleep to read this damn thing and I want more.
    Can I make demands? Keep writing (and keep on releasing the chapters too, of course).
    I will be following this for as long as it’s ongoing.

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  2. What do you think about making fan art contest for the cover of the series?
    Reward can be like you order the winner a t-shirt with the winner fan art and your autograph (postal service included in reward :P)

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      • I kind of…finished? most of the ones on your “Stories I Follow” page….I skipped some and only read the interesting ones…I feel like I’ve reached the point where most of the good web novels are updating or are finished. The OP stories I try to find online are not up to par…esp. after reading this. This story just raised the bar for every other web novel out there. So…is there any super hardcore OP webnovels you can recommend?

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      • Lmao, I know how you feel 😛 Why do you think I started writing in the first place? It was because I was tired of reading stories that weren’t ‘exactly’ what I was looking for lol. Fortunately, a lot of people seem to share the same tastes as me rofl.

        In most xianxia, no matter how OP the MC gets, there’s always a ton of people stronger than him and he gets fucked in the ass a lot, just to add in a bit of drama rofl. Then they always talk about “Oh, he’s only sixteen and he’s a ten-star Spirit monster!?” but it doesn’t really mean shit, cause there’s always like 50 million seventeen year old, 11-star spirit monsters fucking around and beating the shit out of the MC. Then there’s all the trash-talk, where all they literally do is call each-other trash… Ugh, I need to stop, or I’ll go on for days about all the annoying aspects of Xianxia that I don’t understand(I guess cause I’m not Chinese? Is that how people in China really act?) lol.

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    • It really does go way too fast and it’s even worse for me, cause I always feel like there’s never enough time before the next post rofl. I’ve seen very few ‘translators’ who can post 12 chapters a week consistently… and I actually have to write the chapters and then edit them lmao. Now, I’m not saying that translating is easier than writing, cause I definitely can’t do it(Can’t read any other languages except maybe Spanish). However, they have the option to pick a story that’s already completely finished with like 3500 chapters, and they don’t have to worry about running out of inspiration etc. Luckily, HCOP is the kinda story where there’s always something happening, every single day, and very few time-skips lol. Thus, I could literally drag it out forever if I wanted to lmfao.


  3. I just wanted to say I love your story is definitely one of my favorite stories period And I truly appreciate all the work you put in thank you BTW you are a great writer with a great story BTW I hope Michael becomes a god near the end 🙂

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  4. Good job, thank you for the hard work, Mikey~ Uhum, I mean Mike… I haven’t been personally been bullied, well, not for longer than a few minutes or so anyway, mostly because when I was younger I just hit the person if the insulted or ‘bullied’ me or a friend of mine… But yeah, I can sort of imagine what it’s like to get bullied, sort of. But because of my personality it probably won’t happen to me, or not for that long anyway.

    So, Just want to say that I love the stuff that you’ve wrote thus far, that I’ve read so far! Okay, I’ve run out of commenting juices… Bye~ Have fun!

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    • Thank you very much 🙂 Also, I used to get bullied verbally and physically… My father basically told me to stop being a pussy, work out, learn how to fight, and beat the shit out of any asshole who tries to pick on you. Okay, maybe he didn’t exactly say it that way, but that’s basically what I did rofl. Eventually, people were afraid of me because I looked like I was on steroids and even though I was only 5’6″, I remember several times where I fought against guys that were over 6’4″. I fought against a few people who were ‘martial artists’ too, but they weren’t very strong. Hmmm… I’m only 23, but it feels like high-school happened 50 years ago rofl.

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