I’m not really sure why I waited until now to do this, but I finally made a Facebook Page lol.  Not really sure what else to say in this post though…

The Dao of Eros!

Okay, so now volume 1 of TDoE is officially totally posted lol.  Yep, it was a lot shorter than book 1 or 2 of HCOP, but… Well, that’s my fault for being inexperienced back then.

31 chapters and a prologue, brings the whole thing up to about… Idfk.  It’s probably close to 50,000 words.  That’s the length of a short book.  Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe for some of you out there.  But the first ‘book’ of HCOP definitely wouldn’t be able to be a real book, because it’s way way way~ too long.

Anyway, I’ll probably edit and post a few chapters of HCOP soon.  Not today though, cause I just edited like 3 chapters in a row and I’m done with editing for today at least.  I also haven’t written anything yet today and I need to finish at least a chapter or two of TDoE :P.

Also, I finally escape the cesspool of negative Karma on Reddit, but I have an awesome person who is going to be updating things on Novel Translations for me, so my Karmic level is totally meaningless now anyway… But!  If I want to post things there, at least I can now!  Yay~…


Jury Duty

I survived!  I couldn’t really write or do anything constructive today, but I survived! Yay~!

Also, I didn’t get picked, so I’ll be able to get back to writing and posting more often.  Ugh, you have no idea how stressed out I’ve been for the past month because of this shit…

Anyway, I’ll probably edit/post like… 3 Chapters of TDoE tomorrow.

The Dao of Eros

As many of you have probably already discovered, I started a new story a few weeks ago.  I’ve written a total of 37 chapters so far and have been able to keep a pace of 1-3 chapters a day for now.  It’s in the same folder as “Hardcore OP-ness“, so anyone who donates or becomes a patron will have access to the unedited chapters as I finish writing them.  I haven’t abandoned HCOP or anything like that, but I had a moment of inspiration during a pretty bad bout of writer’s block, so I decided that instead of taking a break, I might as well do something constructive with my time 🙂 lol.

The Dao of Eros
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Hardcore OP-ness

I just finished writing the ‘Epilogue’ of the first book, or at least what I call the first book lol.  I felt the need to make an announcement about it :P.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about the next book ‘here’, because there are still 41 chapters and an Epilogue that hasn’t been posted on the site yet.  Obviously, there are just way too many potential spoilers and I’m afraid to say anything about anything at the moment.

However, since I haven’t gotten any new donations or pledges lately, I decided to remind people about it.  I kind of want to take a break from writing for a few days… or something?  But mainly because I know that once I start writing book 2, I’m probably going to start getting devoured by it, like I did back when I first started writing Hardcore OP-ness.

I’m already really burnt out, so if I go straight into hardcore writing mode in my current condition… lol.  Anyway, I want everyone who has donated or is planning on donating to know that I’ll be placing book 2 stuff into the same folder that I’ve been using for the first book.  So~, if you donate 10 dollars or pledge 10 dollars, I won’t remove your access just because I’m starting a new book rofl.

I mean, sure, I’d probably get a lot more donations and pledges if I treated HCOP as over and started something new, but I don’t think that would be fair at all to the people who have supported me and helped keep me writing for so long.

Sigh, I can’t believe I’ve been able to finish a book in 4.3 months… I’m not sure if that’s long or short, but I’ve definitely written at least 100k more words in the last 4.5 months, than I did over the course of the 10 months I was working on Immortal Soul.  As for Immortal Soul, who knows?  I may randomly decide to start working on that again, but for now, it’s on hiatus.

I will say that “Immortal Soul” and “Hardcore OP-ness” do have a pretty strong connection to each other, but I can’t specify how.  After reading the rest of this first book and the beginning of the second, you should probably understand by then, assuming that you’ve already read “Immortal Soul”.

Anyway~, I can’t really think of anything else to say~, so I’ll just link so cute animal videos or something? lol



Okay then~, it’s been a week since the last break-day, so for those of you(like me) who have trouble keeping track of time… Today/tomorrow, won’t have any chapters being released.

I’ve been kinda slow with writing lately, and have just barely managed to keep ahead by 30+ chapters.  Anyway, I’m currently writing chapter 218, though I almost finished it :).

Aside from just telling people that there won’t be any releases tonight(It’s normally 8pm for me), I didn’t really have anything else to talk about.  Here’s the “Donations” page link that I always give…

I suppose I could let people know that I don’t like being trolled, so don’t do that.  It isn’t ‘constructive criticism’ to tell me that I’m a bad writer, or that you hate a character for some petty reason, or that you aren’t going to read my story anymore because of something that happens in the chapter you just read… Seriously, just don’t, I don’t care why you hate my story, I will delete any posts that piss me off; I literally don’t have the time nor patience to deal with the endless torrent of complaints that seem to spring up every day.

If you have something positive or nice to say about the story, good; that’s what authors like to read.  We enjoy it when people say “Good job, thank you for the hard work.”  Even if I can delete comments that are just really mean to me or rude, it’s still incredibly annoying, because I have to see that garbage and it completely ruins my writing speed.

I’m the type of person who was bullied a lot when I was younger.  Honestly, everyone probably goes through some sort of bullying incident or phase in their lives; it’s just the way humans are.  Probably why we relate so much to these xianxia characters who are treated like trash for no apparent reason, and eventually go on a rampage, getting their revenge lol.  Of course, most of us aren’t homicidal psychopaths, so we have to settle for just getting over it and growing up.  Also, it helps if you start working out like crazy and learning how to defend yourself.  Bullies tent to pick on people who can’t fight back and avoid those who can: same thing with rapists, serial killers, and other such scumbags.

Now that the common-sense lesson is over with, I would like to thank all of the donors and patrons for their amazing support!  I seriously wouldn’t be able to keep writing if it wasn’t for you guys and/or girls out there! 🙂  Everyone who enjoys “Hardcore OP-ness” should wholeheartedly thank them as well, because they’re the reason that I’m able to post 12 chapters a week for you to read.

Does anyone else remember this song? lol Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

Also, here’s a ton of funny cats 😛