TDoE V2 Chapter 6: Chess

“The little boy played Chess on his special board every day, constantly becoming better at the game. Whenever he won a match against a tough opponent, he felt a strange sense of power welling up inside of his body. Eventually, he managed to reach the first level of the Novice Stage. With the state of his body, the doctors told him that he could never Cultivate, even with the help of incredibly powerful medicinal pills or healing techniques.” Continue reading

The Dao of Eros!

Okay, so now volume 1 of TDoE is officially totally posted lol.  Yep, it was a lot shorter than book 1 or 2 of HCOP, but… Well, that’s my fault for being inexperienced back then.

31 chapters and a prologue, brings the whole thing up to about… Idfk.  It’s probably close to 50,000 words.  That’s the length of a short book.  Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe for some of you out there.  But the first ‘book’ of HCOP definitely wouldn’t be able to be a real book, because it’s way way way~ too long.

Anyway, I’ll probably edit and post a few chapters of HCOP soon.  Not today though, cause I just edited like 3 chapters in a row and I’m done with editing for today at least.  I also haven’t written anything yet today and I need to finish at least a chapter or two of TDoE :P.

Also, I finally escape the cesspool of negative Karma on Reddit, but I have an awesome person who is going to be updating things on Novel Translations for me, so my Karmic level is totally meaningless now anyway… But!  If I want to post things there, at least I can now!  Yay~…


TDoE V1 Chapter 27: Happy Beginning

I was pretty tired already, so I didn’t bother checking out any of the stores in the mall. Hell, I didn’t even say anything to Di, cause I was afraid that he would make me run the stall for him. Besides, I wasn’t a hundred-percent sure where my room was. Continue reading