TDoE V2 Chapter 6: Chess

“The little boy played Chess on his special board every day, constantly becoming better at the game. Whenever he won a match against a tough opponent, he felt a strange sense of power welling up inside of his body. Eventually, he managed to reach the first level of the Novice Stage. With the state of his body, the doctors told him that he could never Cultivate, even with the help of incredibly powerful medicinal pills or healing techniques.”

After Mei told me that, I couldn’t help but interject “Cursed, he was probably suffering from a really powerful curse. Maybe in response to his father’s genocide, millions of evil Spirits were haunting his house and feeding off of the people there?”

She grumbled “Little Levi, if you interrupt me again, I won’t tell you the rest of the story…” As I sighed and captured one of her bishops, she yelled “Ah~! No fair! You’re cheating!” It wasn’t until she managed to knock over one of my rooks that she continued reciting the fairy tale.

“The boy still couldn’t walk and he barely had the strength to move the Chess pieces on his special board. On his tenth birthday, he had only managed to reach the fifth level of the Novice Stage. Common sense dictated that it would be impossible for him to ever become an Apprentice, yet a few years later, he seemed to break the Heavenly Laws! It’s kind of like that girlfriend of yours that you told me about… The entire continent was plunged into a hellish series of wars in order to capture the kid. Fortunately, he had been born into one of the most powerful countries in the whole world. His father, along with most of his Family, died in the endless battles… but the boy managed to survive.

“He would keep playing Chess all day, every day, until he managed to reach the Legendary Stage. Even though his body was still really weak, he could infuse his Qi into the Chess pieces and they would transform into mighty golems! Each of those sixteen pawns were as strong as an Expert, the knights and bishops were like Masters, the four rooks were as powerful as Legends… The king and queen were supposedly like Rank-A Elementals! Once he gained all that power, he used it to destroy every country in the Xian Dao Continent, aside from his own. He either enslaved or executed billions of people and was known as the Sovereign of Chess. At least, until the Arcane Goddess descended onto our world and challenged him to a chess match. After she defeated him, she also destroyed his board and all the pieces, before ripping his soul out and eating it. Checkmate, I win~! Hahahaha~!”

By the time she finished her fucked up fairy tale, she had also managed to corner my king with her queen and some horsies. I sighed dramatically, grumbling “It’s been years since I played this stupid game and I was never very good at it in the first place!”

In the Residential District, there was a central hub that had a few offices and even something like a laundromat. Since there was such a convenience and there were normally people who would do our laundry for us, we were too lazy to wash our clothes ourselves. Basically, we just kept playing Chess completely naked.

We obviously talked a lot, about random stuff that happened to us. Actually, I was usually the one telling her stories about stuff from my old world, although I never mentioned the reincarnation thing. It’s not that I didn’t trust her, but I had no idea if I was being monitored somehow. That’s why I also avoided subjects like advanced technology or anything that might get me in trouble. I mean, if I start a conversation with “Oh hey, did you know that it’s super easy to create a nuclear bomb?” Even on Earth it might be flagged by a government agency and I could get placed on some kind of ridiculous potential threat list.

The third day of the lockdown, I was sitting right behind Mei’s relatively huge ass and giving her a lower back massage. As I gazed down into her two holes, I felt the urge to plunge into one of them, like always. However, I restrained myself and just rubbed my tiny dick until my milky fluid squirted into her pussy. Then I used my hands to make sure that the semen reached her cervix. Of course, I also gave her an anal and vaginal massage as well.

None of that really matters though, because the important part was that she suddenly asked me “Levi, have you actually learned how to fight yet? I know that you go to the gym and train, but do you know any Daoist Arts, Secret Techniques or Martial Skills?”

Mei sat across from me on the bed, with her legs spread out. She grabbed her toes with her hands and did some stretches, while making moaning noises. After being dazed for a moment, I answered “Well, I do know how to kill people, but I’m not quite sure if that’s the same thing… Would I be able to beat the shit out of someone in a boxing ring, where I’m not allowed to claw the person’s eyeballs out with my fingernails? Probably not. At least, not if they were around the same level of strength as me. I also have no idea how to use any magical abilities. Xiaotong can help me electrocute people, but I can’t actually do that on my own. Why, did you want to have a little sparring match?”

A smirk appeared on her tiny lips and she told me “Back when I started cultivating, I wanted to be an amazing Aquatic Druid, but I was never very good at it. I kind of suck at fighting too, but I was always awesome at raising, nurturing and training Beasts… Specifically sharks, but also eels, stingrays and other similar fishies. I’ve had a bunch of Companions over the years. Some of them died, most of them outgrew me though. My strongest buddy is a Rank-D Megalodon named Steve. Even though our connection was severed, he still used to visit me a few times a year… Before I came down here at least.”

She stopped stretching and abruptly lunged forward, tackling me off the bed and onto the hard marble floor. Her scaly right hand was wrapped around my throat, without any of the normal lubricants. However, my skin had reached the point where she wasn’t even able to scratch it anymore. It was at that moment when she revealed a trick that I had never seen her perform before then.

Those slightly yellowish ‘human’ teeth had fallen out and were replaced by rows of serrated, triangular pure-white fangs. Aside from that, her irises glowed bright orange and her jaw muscles seemed to swell up, while her cheeks and lips became gray. “Boo~! Hahahaha~!” She didn’t try to bite me and just showed off her fancy shark-teeth.

I reached up with both hands and grabbed the sides of her head, pulling her face down towards mine and passionately kissed her. My tiny tongue was nearly shredded, but she carefully avoided hurting me. Then I wrapped my legs around her waist and tightly squeezed her abdomen, causing her to squeal in pain.

After that, I swiftly crawled over onto her back and put my left arm around her neck, while shoving my right hand into her asshole. Mei screamed “This isn’t fair Levi~! Wah~, stop squeezing me~, ah~! No~, now I need to poo~!”

Hearing that, I immediately jumped away from her and watched her run into the bathroom quickly. I sighed dramatically, following after her and heading over to the sink to wash my hands off with soap. She yelled “Go away~! Get out of here~!” as she sat on the toiled with her eyes closed. Her arms were putting pressure on her belly and she was obviously trying to keep from shitting until I left.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I will stoop so low to win even a friendly sparring match, that I didn’t really need to worry about wasting my time on Martial Skills. Magic would be nice, but fighting techniques were pointless. Okay, that’s a lie. Any kind of weapon proficiency was considered a Martial Skill. Besides that, I didn’t want to fist or finger someone in order to beat them in a ‘fair’ and public duel. I knew that there was a high probability that I would be entering tournaments eventually. For some reason, I felt that kicking cunts or balls was probably against the rules. Along with intentional castration, eye gouging, shoving my foot into their rectum and shooting them in the face with a shotgun.


18 thoughts on “TDoE V2 Chapter 6: Chess

  1. His way of fighting reminds me of psycho Gecko from World Domination in retrospect. His favorite way of killing is to shove his arm up peoples assholes, twist, and then pull out. Then he proceeds to do worse stuff if they are still moving.

    Great, now I’ve got to go start reading that fiction again since you reminded me of it. There goes all of my freetime.

    Oh yeah, Thanks for the chapter

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  2. …..that way of fighting um how should i say this… leaves you very open to count attacks and a large amount of rage if you do and do not kill them unless they enjoyed it and it was not publicly watched… but hey if you want to shove your hand up someones ass to win a fight just make sure to wear gloves i guess?

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    • If it was a life or death battle, I would pretty much stoop to the very lowest level in order to win roflmao. I never really understand Xianxia characters that would rather die than lose ‘face’… Half the time it’s like they go out of their way to die in vain lol.

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