HCOP Book 2, Chapter 76: Helping Out Some Old Friends

“I’ve gotta say though… I’m kinda disappointed. I mean, I won’t pretend to be some sort of magical expert or anything like that, but what the fuck? Like seriously, ugh, it’s hard to watch this disaster…” The obsidian-skinned illusory Nephilim was casually floating above a roaring serpentine dragon, made entirely of crimson flames. It burned its way through hundreds of gigantic purple tentacles, incinerating countless tiny demonic beasts, before crashing head-first into its colossal adversary.

Michael snickered, muttering “Well, I will admit that the big-ass penguin-monster is pretty hilarious, heh-heh~…”

The illusory woman giggled softly, murmuring “The amount of mana on this planet is still thousands of times lower than even the starting zones on Arcana. Matter and energy can easily be converted into mana and back again, for beings such as ourselves… However, they are restricted by their own imaginations. Although, there is one person who seems to understand the true nature of magic… I brought you to Antarctica because of his presence here.”

“Let me guess, Azriel Akira… I’ve been wondering how I should ‘deal’ with him. If he turns out to be an enemy, it’d be best to kill him now, before he becomes a real threat. On the other hand, I really wanna fly on a goddamn spaceship, hahaha-ow~, shitballs!” A large sniper-rifle bullet whizzed through Michael’s metaphysical chest-cavity. Since it was coated in Arcane aura, he actually had a tiny bit of his wisp dispersed by the attack.

Of course, it regenerated instantaneously, but it was still the first time that he had ever received any damage while astral-projecting. Unfortunately, because of his accidental interference, the round was barely even able to leave a dent on that Demonic Emperor Penguin Emperor’s beak.

He yelled “Cuntballs! We should probably get the fuck outta the way… Hmmm, well I should be allowed to do this right? I mean, this is probably what would have happened if I didn’t get in the way!”

“Meow~?!” A bright-blue kitten materialized in his right hand. Unlike his invisible avatar, the little critter was easily seen by the giant bird, Beatrix and even Iris. As she was soaring through the air, Jasmine screamed “Nyah~?! No~ Mikey, save me~?! Wah~!” However, it only took a few seconds for her to smack into the enormous beak and create a massive, endothermic explosion.

Three seconds later, an identical cat appeared in his palm again. She cried and pleaded “Stop it~! JJ doesn’t wanna splode anymore~! No~!” Yet, he still relentlessly hurled the adorable creature into the roaring beast’s open mouth. When it chomped down, it’s tongue was flash-frozen and even its thirty-meter long beak was blasted into dozens of shards.

Arcana complained “Michael, what did I tell you about interfering in their battle? With this much damage, it is likely that the penguin may perish in this conflict… The consequences of which, would be extremely severe.”

He sighed, “Okay~, okay~, I’ll stop throwing JJ-bombs… Besides, would it really be such a bad thing if this stupid penguin died?”

The ethereal Goddess whispered “That creature’s life is insignificant… My concern lies with that purple serpent. Do you still remember the Legendary weapon you received from Chaotica?”

Michael grumbled “Ah~, yeah, I tried to find it in my Soul Realm and Inventory, but it totally disappeared… Wait, does that have something to do with the penguin?”

She smirked, while pointing down towards the one-hundred meter long purple dragon-rat that was wrapping around the enormous monster’s left wing. It roared “Fucking cunt-whore bitch, I’ll fuck you up, grah~! Suck on my dick you ugly dandelion recess monkey!” After tightly constricting the gargantuan limb, it chomped down onto the fluffy shoulder and chomped down with its venomous fangs.

Arcana murmured “You called her Violet… but where did she come from? She may have originally been a mouse… However, when you allowed her to consume your blood and flesh, something ‘else’ managed to escape from your body.”

It took him a few seconds, but then he started laughing hysterically. He yelled “You’ve gotta be kidding me! Damn it! I knew there had to be a catch! Ugh, so that was her plan this whole time?!” After calming down a bit, he wondered “Wait, now that Chaotica managed to find a vessel in this world or whatever, does she actually have some sort of devious scheme or-”

The illusory woman quietly explained “That is highly unlikely… My granddaughter is rather ‘special’. She rarely ‘plans’ anything, so my only concern is that she will obtain the Chaos Seed and become too powerful for you to challenge. You may need to resort to… ‘other’ means in order to defeat her.”

Once he heard that, Michael smirked, muttering “I wonder… How much stronger my trusty Siegeblade will be after this? Urp, goddamn it Alice, what the fuck are you doing to our body?”


Cain’s colossal scythe was constantly clashing against a relatively tiny sword and shield, as he roared “Luke! You self-righteous fool! If you surrender that bastard to me, I’ll let the rest of you morons live! Is his pathetic life really worth all of this trouble?! Besides, do you honestly believe that you can trust him?! Cameron is and always will be, a backstabbing little piece of shit!”

His huge, thick, black armor was receiving dozens of bulletholes and cracks from where wind arrows smacked against his chest, pauldrons and helmet. However, the strange metal was also rapidly repairing itself, every time that giant knight drained the life from one of those enormous tentacles.

Of course, Luke was able to heal himself as well and in a much simpler way. His silver armor and metallic wings emitted a blinding radiance, which recovered any damage that it managed to accumulate and also vaporized any demonic beasts that attempted to approach his sides.

A skinny, leather-clad dark-elf assassin appeared on Cain’s left pauldron, as he was swinging his scythe downwards. Butter shouted “Ya know what? Fuck you Jojo! You’re the piece of shit! It’s your fault that we got kicked out of Forewarning!” The long obsidian katanas in his hands were swiftly thrust into the side of that gigantic medieval helmet. Those blades somehow passed right through the thick metal and managed to pierce the massive vampire’s left ear-drum and jaw.

At the same moment, dozens of ironwood arrows started bombarding Joseph’s chest and face from half a mile away. Unlike those explosive, but relatively weak bursts of wind, the condensed Nature-magic was far more effective against his armor. After the arrows were imbedded in his flesh, they actually began ‘growing’ roots, underneath his skin. His aura of Darkness was able to slow down the process and kill the voracious plants for the most part, but at least one fifth of the projectiles were able to transform into bright-green vines.

Cain roared “Grah~! You completely ruined TGS Online for me! Four years of my life, totally gone, because you hacked my account and deleted all of my characters!” That scythe erupted with violent purple flames, as it crashed against Luke’s radiant tower shield, causing him to be sent soaring hundreds of meters away. The angelic Paladin crashed into a three-meter tall bear, with the head of a penguin and flippers for arms. However, the beast simply exploded into a putrid cloud of crimson gore, while allowing him to slow down and eventually stop himself.

Suddenly, Aoi soared down, with a shortsword in each hand. She screamed “A fucking video game?! Your vendetta with Butter is over a motherfucking video game?! You murdered my foster father in front of me! He was your brother, you psychotic cum-dumpster! Ragh~! Just die already!” Those magically enhanced ironwood blades plunged straight into the center of his chest armor and almost managed to pierce his sternum, but she didn’t have enough momentum to keep going.

Before she had a chance to fly away, his enormous left gauntlet swung up and grabbed her around the waist. He laughed maniacally, as he clenched his fist and crushed her entire abdomen. The top and bottom half of her body was totally torn apart, but she was still alive and even conscious.

Isabelle swooped down and grabbed Aoi by the armpits, quickly soaring off, towards Linda, Blademaster, Knife-Girl and Hammer-Guy. However, right as she was about to reach them, a stream of fifteen incendiary bullets passed through her back and legs.

At the same time, three black-clothed women appeared next to Luke. They were each wearing cloaks, veils, and leather armor, while dual-wielding obsidian daggers. Even though they weren’t quite as powerful as Cain, the trio was certainly a challenge for him to deal with.

Butter teleported rapidly, avoiding Joseph’s rapid scythe-strikes, but he wasn’t able to counterattack at all. There were also a handful of vampires dressed in thick, white, arctic clothing, carrying submachine guns or longswords. They were trying to kill Linda, Blademaster, Knife-Girl and Hammer-Guy, but they were also besieged by plenty of demonic beasts.

Just when it seemed like Luke’s team was about to be wiped out, there was an enormous explosion in the distance. That colossal monstrosity in the distance was gone, but there were millions of much smaller fluorescent purple and crimson penguins falling from the sky.

Amidst countless squawking noises, a deep and powerful voice rang out in all of their minds “Hohohohohohoh~! You’re much more formidable that I had anticipated, humans! While you may have defeated me this time… Killing me won’t be possible! Farewell~!”


If you like HCOP, then you might also enjoy The Dao of Eros.  As I’m writing this, there are currently about 35 or so chapters posted and nearly 80 chapters written :).  Check it out if you have the time lol.

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42 thoughts on “HCOP Book 2, Chapter 76: Helping Out Some Old Friends

  1. Ah yes, I remember and know that feeling. The only time I ever cry inside internet cafe. my gear, my money, bank, EVERY FUCKING THING gone… Its understandable to kill a whole family over it.

    At 12yrs old I realize life is a bitch

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  2. got a question, in wich chapter did you stop writing hcop and in which chapter did it resume?

    saw today by chance this chapter but i obviously missed something because i cant make sense of where a giant penguin came from

    Liked by 1 person

    • Go back to like chapter 74 or 75 if you don’t remember the penguin rofl I stopped writing at chapter 107? Haven’t started writing HCOP again, just started posting again?


  3. Mike, I really like you as a person and as an author, because you seem to care about the people that read your work, but I just realized that you might have ruined HCOP for me.

    I really enjoyed those fights, the whole part where he was building his home ( and later the village, but maybe fewer tentacles next time. You really enjoy tentacles, do you 😀 )
    But ever since the part where they are on Earth, it seems boring and uninteresting to me.
    Don´t get me wrong, your style and grammar are great, but the story itself is overly complicated for me. You introduced too many unknown characters and they all already have some sort of backstory which is hard to follow.

    It might just be me, I like simple stuff. I know you have everything planned out ( I hope at least XD )
    but I might stop reading HCOP.
    I just wanted to let you know. Probably no one cares, not even you. I just wanted to get it off of my chest.
    You ( and some other people ) inspired me to start writing, even if is shitty quality.

    Don´t think I will stop following your blog, I´m currently enjoying TDoE. But again, maybe fewer tentacles ?! xD

    Don´t stop writing, because you are great at it. And have a nice day. 🙂


    • I do care lol. There aren’t many tentacles in TDoE. Also, the second ‘Book’ of HCOP… Well, let’s just say that this is a webnovel version of the story. The whole second Book could very well end up being a totally different story. Like, “Questing” is an important part of “Immortal Soul”… but you don’t really have to read it lol. I never intended for the second ‘Book’ to be this long :(. Honestly, I almost skipped this ‘book 2’ and went straight into Noobaggedon, but I’m glad that I didn’t. There’s just too much important shit that happens on Earth and even if people don’t care, I care lol.


      • I won’t be writing the 70+ years of shit that happened in the past though, cause yeah… no lol. I’m just gonna leave that ambiguous, because I don’t have 20 years to write about the shenanigans of Minari. I’m not really sure how I ‘ruined’ this for you though?

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      • I don´t want you to skip the 2nd book, it has some nice moments, but I have to agree that it´s too long, you yourself said that it should have been shorter. If I remember correctly “Noobagedon” is next part in the story where all the souls that have died,are going to reborn ( or transported better say ) to Arcanas world or is she going to just consume those souls, I don´t remember, sorry xD

        The whole 2nd book is just too chaotic for me, everything is happening at once and you had a big pause in writing HCOP, so I got lost. Not counting that I have a TERRIBLE memory for names, I hope you will be able to clear the 2nd book when you decide to publish it officially, if that is what you meant to d once you are done.
        At this point, I think I´m not only one who thinks that you are making it overly complex. Sometimes the simple things are better.

        Can´t wait for another chapter. I´m glad that you are still responding to as many comments as you can.

        Now I´m off to reading the new two chapters of TDoE because I didn´t have time 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, it’s hard for me to write a story and not make it complex lol. Anyway, there was a huge pause in writing… but that pause is at chapter 106…. there was no pause between chapter 75 and 76, I think I wrote them both on the same day lol.


      • Think of it this way… Have you ever heard of a writer who published their book immediately after writing it, with out a single round of self-editing? Book 1 is probably more like 3-6 books long and when I publish it for real, I’ll need to break it up lol. Book 2 is 2-3 books long and could be an independent story.


      • What I meant by the pause is that you didn´t upload any chapters and I forgot what was happening and who is who. I didn´t mean your pause because you can have stockpiled for example 100 chapter for all I know. But since you didn´t upload I ( and many others I´m guessing ) forgot.
        I have many many many other novels on my “currently reading” list and even more on “when the fuck is going to be the next chapter, its been 2 years already” list … so you can imagine that I have to have some chaos in what I´m reading. Many times I have to reread the previous chapter if the author had a pause ( which is completely fine by me, everyone deserves a pause one in a while )
        But you are on different level 😀 I have permanently no idea who is who 😀 I even had to pause and look up who are the main harem members xD I´m terrible at names.
        Your stories are great, but maybe I´m just too dumb xD

        Btw.: I just finished the 2 new chapters of TDoE (ch 4 & 5 ) and you still left me confused about Li Xiu Ying xD
        I might be confused about anything as long as you wrote it xD

        and the chapter 5 is not in ToC … not that it matters ….

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lmfao, yeah well, these things aren’t really my fault. I can only physically write so much so fast and sometimes i get writer’s block for a super-long time… Instead of trying to force myself to write something, I just start writing something else and go back later once my creative juices are flowing properly again. Stress is bad though. Like, I can write so many chapters so quickly when I’m not stressed out over posting and editing or other bullshit like that :(. I always have so much that I need to do, and I also read… a lot. Sometimes I don’t read at all and i just write nonstop lol. Other times I get addicted to a story and read a few hundred chapters while neglecting my stories and feeling like shit about it lmao.

        Anyway, some people like complicated, some people hate it. I like it and hate it at the same time roflmao. But I’ve noticed that no matter what I do, there’s always going to be people loving and hating it :D. At least from my perspective, stories are meant to be binged lol. Sometimes I read like 300 chapters of a story in a row and think it’s the best thing ever… but then the updates take forever and I totally forget about it in a few days lol. It’s a normal thing that most people do(I think?). I’m the same way with TV shows. Like, I hate Game of Thrones when I’m watching it once a week, but if I can binge a whole season in a day, then I love it lol.

        That’s probably why I love Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The seasons come out all at the same time, so you can devour them all at one time and you aren’t tormented by the endless void in between releases…


      • the worst thing is if someone decides to upload a new chapter from the “when the fuck is going to be the next chapter, its been 2 years already” list

        I keep those novels there because I enjoyed them and I have to think about it´s worth rereading the whole story or just say “fuck it” ….

        and believe me that it happened 😀

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      • I’m partially there with you as well. I literally love everything Mike writes and fangirl hard for all his work. With that said however things tend to be light and then out of the blue you’re dropped into the Mariana trench of overarching plots, a good example would be the awakening chapter in TDoE. Not saying it’s a bad thing because it is fairly fun trying to figure out who is who in each of your works (something I believe even you don’t entirely know) but imo (which you should take with the smallest grain of salt as I’m no writer nor critic) it can be a bit smothering. Anyway yea the point I fail to make is that for me at least this volume could have ended after Atlantis? But again this is just me wishing they were back on (in?) Arcana, I’ve been heavily looking forward to noobageddon lol.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah, well, with the way ‘Book 1’ ended, I had a choice. Either write the story that I had already started writing a month before the first book ended… or write Noobaggedon, which was basically only an idea lol. I’m glad I wrote Book 2 though, cause… I mean, I like it overall.

        I think that in like 10-20 years, someone will make a TV show based around the shit that happens in Book 2. But not the stuff that’s actually written in the Book, like, based around some random people during the apocalypse that Michael and Arcana caused lol.

        I can’t believe it’s really that hard for people to figure out who Li Xiu Ying is though… I’m kinda surprised that no one guessed ‘Iris’ yet, but it isn’t Iris. I’m just saying that ‘Iris’ at least has the fire-angel thing going for her. Well, it actually doesn’t matter whether people know who she is or not, because it will get explained eventually lol. But I just… sigh~, it’s like making a word puzzle. You feel happy at first that no one can figure out the answer easily… but then after a few days, no one even gives a shit except you and you get super depressed. lol


      • Ah I also forgot to mention I’m at least ecstatic HCOP is being updated again, even if you’re not working on it atm I seriously love you for posting it. please don’t ever stop.

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      • Well, I’ll have to stop eventually, but I’ll probably do like 3 chapters a week maybe? Idk, this is chapter 76, so there’s only 30 chapters left… 3 a week would be 10 weeks? Maybe I’ll start writing again by then lol. I’ve been trying not to worry too much about posting lately, but it’s really hard QQ.

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      • I Also heavily enjoy book 2 so please don’t ever think it was a waste of time or anything like that. As for trying to figure out who is who, I’m sure eventually someone will figure it all out but as of now between the entire cast of HCOP, IS, Questing, and now TDoE with the characters changing roles it’s easy to lose their personalities and they sometimes blend, at least for me. TBH I don’t believe levi to be Michael from either IS or HCOP and think he might be either Luke or Lee mostly because his lack of extreme phobias and he isn’t as serious as IS’ Michael. But then who says he wasn’t a she and it could be Alice for all I know? So I probably get things confused by overly thinking even more than they should be. I’m really bad at articulating what I want to say so sorry if my posts seem to be incoherent rambling. Anyway… Yea I do love all your work so and honestly I would love a movie of people attempting to survive in Michael’s apocalypse, the forest of spiders where literally everything is spiders would just be fantastic.

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      • Levi is actually in Immortal Soul lol. He’s the perverted snake in Lorelei’s head. Also one of Michael’s confirmed personalities/souls. As for chronology though… No clue lol. It’s hard to tell if something happened ‘before’ or ‘after’ between the different stories, because there isn’t really ‘time’ in between universes rofl. Besides, souls give 0 fucks about time and travel back and forth all the ‘time’ lol.

        Anyway, the point is that yeah, Leviathan is a part of Michael’s seven personalities/souls. I’m talking about Immortal Soul Michael btw.

        The first is obviously the culmination of all his personalities, Michael. Then there’s Iris… She’s always antagonistic towards Michael to a certain extent.

        Anyway, then there’s Leviathan, who is the main character of The Dao of Eros. Lee from HCOP could be Levi; they’re very similar. There’s also the fact that Ying called Levi ‘Lee’ several times before going beast-mode and starting an apocalypse lol.

        Then there’s Levi’s last name ‘Ares’. Ares is another one of Michael’s personalities/souls, which was mentioned several times in Immortal Soul.

        If they ‘blend’ together, I’m doing it on purpose most of the time lol. Of course, that’s not always… I can’t give every single character a super-unique personality… I just can’t lol. Especially if they aren’t really important. That’s one of the reasons I reuse characters from other stories… Well, it’s also because I feel bad when I kill off my characters that I put a bunch of work into.

        Like, there’s so many characters that die in The Dao of Eros… It’s way more serious than HCOP. It feels much more like Immortal Soul when I’m writing it. Except I’m sticking with only Levi’s perspective for the first 3 books so far… Anyway, I don’t want to give spoilers about stuff I haven’t even totally decided on yet, so I’m gonna stop talking now lol.


      • Well,how about if you make a TOC (Table of Character) that explain or summarize the characters up to current chapter posted without any spoiler. That way,incase we forgot who is who,we can read it instead of rereading previous 300+ chapters. Lol

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      • I do have something like that for TDoE, but I’ve been working on it since the beginning… I can’t just go back and make one for HCOP, I just don’t have the time or motivation lol.


      • I don’t really see how it’s possible to read 300+ chapters and forget main characters. I mean the entire cast is introduced by chapter 60ish, so you’re left with 240+ chapters with the vast majority consistently containing all 7 mc’s and they never are exchanged or interchanged.

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      • I still remember the 7 MC (and their Orgies, Lol), Luke, Iris, Cain & Violet.
        But I don’t remember who is Joseph, Isabele, Aoi, Linda, Blademaster, Knife-Girl and Hammer-Guy.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Joseph Cain, Isabelle Krishna(Psychic Neurosurgeon turned High Elven Huntress), Aoi… Some Japanese Surname lol(Angry Vampire Doctor Lady), Linda Day(Goatgirl), the other three are kinda self-explanatory lol.


      • Basically, Im having trouble inserting the new cast from Book 2. Already have difficulty to remember the cast from Book 1, but when the scenario switch place to our “Earth”, the cast was introduced batchly, make me forgot who is who, since their each screentime is not enough. Lol

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  4. It’s been a while since I posted a HCOP chapter… I might be posting them a few times a week from now on, though I haven’t written chapter 107 yet, so idk how far I’m going to post.


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