Twitch Streaming Nonsense

My Brother started Twitch Streaming recently and I was like, “This looks like something I could do!”

Well, like literally anyone can do it, which is why there are so many Streamers out there lmao. Anyway, my Twitch is Michael777ac for some reason. I know, why not Mike777ac? I don’t remember. It’s been a long time since I had to make a Twitch account for WoW way back whenever they started doing that nonsense.

I have no idea what games I would even Stream to be honest. Probably weird shit like Vampire Survivors. Maybe I’ll start playing WoW again? I don’t know. I’ve spent the past few months Binge Writing “Another Summoner Story“, which is a Fanfiction. I’m at like chapter 665 and I’ve gotten into the chaotic nightmare that is Dragon Ball now. Like seriously, it feels like I’ve spent dozens of chapters just trying to figure out how to make sense of this goddamn crazy ass Power Level System in Dragon Ball.

By the way, after the Demigod Phase is the Planetary Deity Phase. A good example is One Piece, which I wrote about a lot. When Big Mom was like 5 years old, she probably had a Power Level of 10-ish, which is about the same as Goku when he was 12 at the start of the Series. So it’s not that bad. Keep in mind that Big Mom is by far the most talented character ever introduced in One Piece that I can think of off the top of my head. At around 6 years old, she was already in the range of weak Vice Admirals of the Marines. Or a ‘Legend’ in my own Power Level System, which I didn’t rip off of Skyrim Difficulty Names… Anyway, Legends are like the peak of Mortals. Captain America from Marvel might be in the range of Masters or Grandmasters at most. Even though he seems to be able to fight with monsters all over the place, his actual stated ‘power level’ should still be under Legends like Kid Goku.

The entire Dragon Ball Series goes pretty smoothly imo. It gets a little weird, with Master Roshi obliterating the Moon and shit like that, but it’s still not totally impossible. Because it’s been shown many times that the Battle Power, Combat Power or Power Level of an ‘attack’ can be much higher than what the person usually shows. However, at the start of DBZ, everything goes out the window, because that’s when they first get started with the whole Power Level thing.

Goku had like 400-500 Power Level and fought against Raditz with 1500 or so. Vegeta comes along a year later with almost 20k, and he can easily destroy planets, maybe. It’s debatable. Then you get to Frieza, who has 120 million! WTF! There’s only like a week between Goku barely defeating Vegeta and then having to fight against Freiza, raising his Power Level from 8 or 9k normally, to over 3 million! Then he gets SS1, which is just insanely over powered!

When you get around to GT or DBS, you end up with obscenely high numbers. And they kinda just give up even trying by that point anyway. However, people still love to take out their calculators and theorycraft exactly how powerful these OP characters really are… At least, from my perspective and what I’ve seen other people speculate, Beerus, the God of Destruction, should be around 10+ Septillion Power Level! Septillion! In perspective, the range of destroying Supergiant Stars casually, according to my bullshit Power Level nonsense, is only in the Trillions! So Beerus is a trillion times stronger than a Supergiant Stellar Deity! Which actually isn’t that strange, if you consider that he can easily destroy Galaxies. And there are trillions of stars in a galaxy… Or some such bullshit.

Power Level

Novice: 1.
Beginner: 2.
Adept: 3.
Expert: 4.
Master: 5.
Grandmaster: 5 to 10.
Legend: 10 to 100.
New Demigod: 100 to 300.
Experienced Demigod: 300 to 500.
Mature Demigod: 500 to 1000.
Planetoid: 1,000 to 10,000.
Rocky: 10,000 to 1 million.
Gas Giant: 1 million to 1 billion.
Main Sequence: 1 billion to 10 billion.
Red Giant: 10 billion to 1 trillion.
Supergiant: 1 trillion to 1 quadrillion.
Small Nebula: 1 quadrillion to 10 quadrillion.
Medium Nebula: 10 quadrillion to 100 quadrillion.
Large Nebula: 100 quadrillion to 1 quintillion.
White Dwarf: 1 quintillion to 10 quintillion.
Neutron Star: 10 quintillion to 1 sextillion.
Black Hole: 1 sextillion to 1 septillion.

My brother also started up a Youtube for his Streams btw. Honestly, I don’t really like Dead By Daylight, but I literally bought the game(On sale for like 7 dollars) so I could play it with him and he wouldn’t fucking play with me. Just because I have a DC issue and also have no idea how to play the game. So rude. Anyway, he’s pretty funny imo. Idfk how he can play that game for like 5-6 hours at a time on stream.

I’m Back, Probably?

Yeah, I didn’t really go anywhere. I was always just here. I… Started reading a few stories, that I hardcore binged. I’m binge-ing a few hundred chapters of RTW atm, even though I already read them in LNMTL a year or so ago. I got caught up with Ultimate Evolution, and that one, yeah, I started at chapter 160 or so… When I caught up the current chapter was 880.

Aside from that, i started playing “Heroes of the Storm” a few weeks ago. I got like 4 stimpacks in a row and my OCD wouldn’t let me stop playing until they finally ended 2 weeks after I got the first one lol.

I was hardcore writing “Private Server”, but then I almost missed my weekly quota for “Immortal Soul”, so I went back to writing that one. Now I’m still writing “Immortal Soul”, but I decided to edit and post “Private Server” again.

Also, I decided to level a Wizard this season in Diablo 3, but I’m kinda half-assing that. Umm… That’s about it.

Started reading this story and then got to chapter 30, before realizing it was a super ‘new’ story :(. It’s really good though lol.

PS V1, Chapter 28: The Beginning of the End

After a losing consciousness for a few minutes, Matthew opened his eyes and yawned a bit. There were no lights in the basement and the window was completely closed, but there also wasn’t any kind of door at the top of the stairs. Since the kitchen lights were on, there was still a bit of illumination. At least enough for him to see the hand in front of his face. Continue reading

Supergirl Nightmare

I just had the worst dream of my life so far. In fact, let’s call it a nightmare, because it was just too stupid for me to fully comprehend. I dreamed that I was in an episode of Supergirl. Yep, as you can imagine just from that, it was also incredibly dumb and many parts made no logical sense, yet were still terrifying and extremely uncomfortable lol. Continue reading

Posting Schedule

I know it’s crazy, but I have decided to start posting things a bit more regularly. I have so many chapters of so many stories, that if I don’t start posting faster, I might never get around to it.

Stories like “Immortal Soul”, I’ve been writing and I can’t post them here. I finished writing OtE a long time ago, and I’m about to be finished posting it on in about a month. On the other hand, I have almost 2 volumes of TDD, half a volume of TDoE, a few chapters of CC, a volume and a half of PS… And probably some others that I actually forgot.

Hell, I started writing a story about cats a week or so ago and I only got through 2 chapters, because I’m so bogged down with other things I need to write or edit. The moral of the story is that I need to post lots of shit, including some stuff I’ve never even shown anyone before, because I have hardcore OCD and it’s messing with my ability to write.

World of Warcraft

I’m going to be 26 years old on Valentines Day… I guess that’s why I’m feeling a little sentimental now, since WoW is currently doing their Love is in the Air nonsense and I just came back for the month. Yep, after half a year, I’m back to WoW again, and planning to level at least my Void Elf and Lightforged Draenei up to 110 before my time runs out. Continue reading

HCOP Is Being Translated

So yeah, I haven’t posted anything on here for a while because… Well, I have other things going on lately lol. Might have accidentally wrote a book or two… Been debating whether to keep the second Epilogue of HCOP or not for months now lol. Then there was a dentist appointment… Probably some other stuff happened, but I just can’t remember roflmao.


Anyway, I’m at a nexus point where a lot of my stories are kinda intertwined. So I don’t want to post anything, because that’ll make it ‘permanent’ in a sense. For the moment, I still need to deal with various things. Also, editing is a pain in the ass and I’m probably going to start writing “Immortal Soul” again soon, since Tapas is almost caught up with where I left off a few years ago.

I still have a few books that I haven’t posted yet, like volume 2 and 3 of TDD. But I just haven’t gotten around to editing them and like I said, I have a bunch of stories tied together, so I need to make sure that there aren’t any glaring plotholes or errors before I start posting them into existence lol.

The Unintelligible Autobiography of Jasmine Jade

I’m not sure when I wrote this… Probably around the time I wrote the ‘prologue’ to “Hardcore OP-ness”, which was a first-person chapter from Michael’s perspective lol. Anyway, my original idea was to create a first person prologue for every ‘Book’ of Hardcore OP-ness, which might still end up happening. Continue reading

Death is Only an Illusion

This is a song I wrote a year or two ago, can’t really remember when… However, I’m pretty sure I’ve used parts of it in a few chapters of various series already. I just couldn’t remember which ones or what chapters, so I decided to make a post. Continue reading