The Unintelligible Autobiography of Jasmine Jade

I’m not sure when I wrote this… Probably around the time I wrote the ‘prologue’ to “Hardcore OP-ness”, which was a first-person chapter from Michael’s perspective lol. Anyway, my original idea was to create a first person prologue for every ‘Book’ of Hardcore OP-ness, which might still end up happening.

However, JJ was just too hard lmao. At least for the me back then. I couldn’t handle writing so many personalities at the same time, so I just kinda gave up lol. Of course, things have changed and I’ve gotten a lot better at writing in the past year. When it comes time to introduce JJ, I will do it in first person, like a boss.

Here’s my attempt at Jasmine Jade from back then… I didn’t know how to symbolize all the different personalities, so I used (),””, ”, **, and {}. Primary personality Jasmine Jade doesn’t have anything before and after what she says, because it’s from her perspective.


Nyah~, but like, do you even lift bro?

“She’s always talking to herself like that.”

(Fucking stupid annoying bitch!)

{Don’t be like that Little Chao-Chao~, she’s just having fun, hehe~!}

*Meow~, mew~, meow~!*

So like, I was talking to this dude one day. I shot him for funzies, but then he got all mad and shapow! The weird and scary man teleported into my special pew-pew compartment! Well~, well then, umm, I think he said something but I don’t remember. Umm~, do any of you guys still know what happened back then?

“Ugh, seriously, JJ… If you’re going to write a journal, you should do it as the stuff is happening. Well, that night or the next day, but I don’t fucking know! You have the memory of a goldfish on cocaine, so it’s probably pointless regardless.“

Un~, so like he was saying, I’ll talk about stuff that just happened!

‘Yay~, talky timez~!’


(Nobody gives a shit, you stupid fucking cunt-whore-bitch!)

Nyah~, Little Chao-Chao is always on her period, so ignore her like the rest of us do.

(I’m gonna make you piss the bed tonight, bitch!)

Wah~, no, don’t do that!

‘JJ will be nice~, okay~? Don’t make her go pee-pee against her will!’

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