OP-ness Returns, Chapter 4: Junkie Dragon

“Where am I?” Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 2d: Hunting and Gathering

This is seriously the most that I’ve ever written in a single day… ever. My hands are cramping up and it’s not just because I had to do a bunch of digging lately. However, in the absence of actual people to talk to or interact with, my diary is pretty much the only semi-social interaction I’ve gotten lately. Sure, I might be kind of anti-social sometimes, but I’ve never gone this long without talking to anyone before. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 1: Escaping the Suns

Apparently, I’m not on Earth anymore, so I guess I should start with ‘Day 1’ again. It’s only been a few hours since I arrived here, but holy crap is it hot! It’s so dry too… I’ve already finished off my giant pitcher of iced tea and I’m starting to panic a little bit. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 1, Day 5: It’s Not Pointless

When I woke up, I remembered that Dad is allergic to cat hair and Mom is deathly afraid of dogs. All of Azra’s money went to my parents, because he didn’t have a will or anything like that. I didn’t want any of it either… But, that means that I’m still totally broke and completely dependent on my family, so I’m not moving out anytime soon. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 1, Day 4: Buried

I had another dream about Azra last night, obviously. It wasn’t even that weird, but more like an old memory that I had totally forgotten about. I was thirteen and he was fifteen. We went down to Pasadena and visited our grandparents on my mother’s side. Continue reading

The Diary of Destiny King

It’s been about a week since I started writing this story and thus far, I’ve written almost fifty pages.  I’ve been hesitant to post anything yet, because I didn’t want people to complain and discourage me needlessly lol. Continue reading