The Diary of Destiny King

It’s been about a week since I started writing this story and thus far, I’ve written almost fifty pages.  I’ve been hesitant to post anything yet, because I didn’t want people to complain and discourage me needlessly lol.

This story is kinda like The Vanilla God, in the sense that there’s no cursing or sexual content.  I guess the greatest difference between this story and anything else I’ve ever written, is the fact that there is practically no conflict against other characters… At least not yet.

Well, there’s another thing that’s different too… The MC is a human!  I know, it’s shocking and disturbing, right?  Who knows what will happen in the far-off future… They might end up turning into a giant tentacle monster(Probably not… No, definitely not lol.) but for the time being, the MC is a human.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’m kinda afraid to even write a synopsis rofl.

I’ll just say this for now… The genre is Transportation, Survival, Adventure, maybe some Xianxia-ish elements in a sense(But not really.)  I was originally going to name the story “Farm God” or “Inari’s Garden”… Some other variations using agriculture/farming and god or goddess in the title lol.

In the end, “The Diary of Destiny King” is easier and simpler.  Plus, it doesn’t really give away any spoilers.

I’ve debated a lot and decided to go with my original plan.  It’s going to be a pain in the ass, but I’ll post all 11 of the chapter parts as individual posts and just have ‘next chapter’ links for each one.  The reason is to get more views lol.  I’m not even ashamed of it!  My view count has dropped down to nothing lately and it’s dangerous for me… Views are part of my lively hood QQ.

I’ve tried posting more, I’ve tried posting less, I’ve tried using Reddit, I’ve tried Facebook, RRL, Wattpad… Basically, my view count won’t rise up out of the gutter no matter what I try… Which is why I’ve almost given up on posting stuff lately.  I mean, what’s the point in going through all that time and effort, taking time and energy away from writing to do editing/posting, when the view count is so low?  It’s depressing and I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything.

Oh well, enough of my complaining!  It’s time to do a mega-release… of tiny chapter-parts lol.  The whole first chapter is pretty long though… Similar to “Immortal Soul” and “Questing”.  “Hardcore OP-ness” chapters are only like 3-4 pages long, but “The Diary of Destiny King” chapters are each about 15+ pages long in total.

It’s going to take a little time for me to post them btw… But I’ll release them all as quickly as possible lol.  Maybe 10-40 minutes depending on how slow I am QQ.

The Diary of Destiny King


The Dao of Eros

Immortal Soul!

Hardcore OP-ness

The Vanilla God!


Stories That I Follow!


24 thoughts on “The Diary of Destiny King

  1. why dont you spread your stories around to a bunch of host sites then? or just take some donations and try to find some small time graphic designers to make something “advertise like” for you? and my kind is probably the problem lol, i follow too many stories to do individual chapters so i only do volumes at a time

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    • I’m basically the same though… I just don’t have time to read chapter to chapter lol. I wait till there’s a volume or two, then binge and get back to writing stories 😛


    • Idk, it hovers around 5k… For a long time it was hovering around 10k, then before that 15k, 20k, 25k, 30k and the highest was an average of 40k but that only lasted about a month or so.


      • So,in other words,the amount kept decreasing from 40k, 30k, 25k, 20k, 15k, 10k and recently it hover around 5k.
        I know that most writer would certainly want as much reader as possible. (100k +++) but how about what you think by yourself? How much reader/view count that you deem as satisfactory? Because I’ll be honest here. Although I like the story that you make,but I think I was one of the niche reader out there. Most other reader already has their own taste and preference over the story that they would like to read,hence the view count would rise on some story that has similiar plot theme.
        I know there are too many overused trope and cliche plot and character,but there are still many reader that still want to read those repetitive theme.
        Sorry,its getting longer,but in short,I just want to know how many view count you could get with your unique kind of story?

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      • How many could I possibly get? Well, millions, obviously lol. It would be impossible to have an audience of over a billion though :P. At least for what I write. But look at stories like “The Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones”, “Harry Potter”, “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, or any similarly popular series. They all fit a certain ‘niche’ and at one point in time, none of them were popular or famous lol. Any story can become famous, get super popular and make millions of dollars, that’s why writing is exciting and interesting… It’s like gambling, and that’s why it’s so addictive lol.


      • Well, then maybe someday, someway, your work would join those rank and become another kind of trendsetter. And Im guessing those work writer in the past has the same feeling and thought pattern as you; “My story can be famous, get super popular and make millions of dollars”
        Keep on Writing. 😉

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      • Of course, it’s why we do it lol. Most writers that get famous and rich, spend decades struggling as a random nobody, and quite often, they’re also poor AF rofl.


      • But, you said in this post “Which is why I’ve almost given up on posting stuff lately”.
        That “almost” could give us heart attack. If you stop posting, one of our many source of reading would be gone, and how can we ever know the “real/true” ending of all of your story?
        So, as long as there are breath in you and you still could write, has working computer/laptop and internet connection, please don’t stop posting more writing.
        Although it is entirely up to you.
        I’m just one of the selfish reader that didn’t want their writer to stop writing while the reader can just stop reading anytime they want. 😀

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      • Nah, I didn’t say I would stop writing rolfmao. I just didn’t feel like spending hours of my life every day dealing with posting stuff, if there really isn’t a huge difference between posting 13 things and posting nothing roflmao.


      • Well, there’s like 130 people who have access to the Google Drive folder so… 600+ lol. Also, this is a daily thing, there’s like 1400 subscribers and the visitor thing isn’t very accurate from my experience lmao. I remember a bunch of times when it was like 5000 views and 1 visitor so… Probably more than 600 people on a daily basis. Hopefully, one day, it’ll be millions.


  2. I will read pretty much anything you write*, so don’t worry about complaints.
    *Disclaimer: it has to be like actual freaking english or words and shit, I’m not gonna try and read some gobbledygook.

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