HCOP Book 2, Chapter 79: Morality

The tiny dryad argued “I agree with Miguel… It is irresponsible and irrational to resurrect this infant. If its soul was still attached to its body, I could understand, but this child is already deceased. At the most, we should give her a proper burial.”

Elina was crying, as she asked “Michael, is it really such a horrible thing for me to want to heal this baby? What’s the point in having so much power, if we only use it for destruction?! Besides, didn’t you say that Arcana told you that we would be here for decades?! What’s so wrong about raising a child in the meantime?!”

He sighed dramatically, complaining “Elly, if you want a baby, I’m sure we can ‘have’ one ourselves. There’s no reason to bring someone else’s kid back to life and raise… Wait a fucking second! Sarah, what the hell happened anyway?! Did you kill this brat yourself?”

That obsidian-skinned elf smirked, explaining “Eh~, not really? Well, maybe? It ain’t like I go around murdering babies for fun, alright? The motherfuckin story started in Chinatown… All humans look the same ta me, so I don’t really get why they segregate based on the countries that they came from. Anyway, the Japanese and Chinese ones seem ta hate each other for something that happened like, a long ass time ago.”

Michael interjected “Yeah, the Rape of Nanking or the Nanjing Massacre… Basically, one of the main people responsible for all that shit got away with it, and the Japanese government kinda-sorta tried to pretend like it never happened. But-”

Sarah screamed “Shut your cunt-sucker!” Then she breathed out a long, angry sigh, and continued “So I was just fuckin around in Chinatown, buyin some pretty neat shit. Ya know, they actually got scorpions, crickets, cow eyes, chicken heads, I found this fuckin tasty-ass baby sea-otter fried rice… Oh, almost forgot, Mike ya have ta check it out sometime, but they got this awesome thing, kinda reminded me uh home. Like, ya pick a little monkey and then they cut its head open, so ya can eat its brain while it’s still alive! Hahaha~, Elly, I really wanna bring you there too, just ta watch you freak out!”

Elina was crying as she yelled “That’s terrible! How could they do something like that?! It’s so cruel!”

The bronze serpent slithering across Michael’s left shoulder snickered, before asking “What’s the big deal? I’ve eaten loads of animals while they were still alive… Hell, I’ve eaten ‘you’ plenty of times, hahaha~!”

He casually said “I once saw a video that showed what they do to baby chicks that don’t quite make the cut to become livestock… They totally just get weeded out and then put on a conveyer belt, which leads to a giant meat-grinder. While that does sound horrible and I really hate watching adorable animals get smashed into paste, in the grand scheme of things, they were probably better off. I mean, think about the alternative… All those others had to grow up and get confined in little cages for their whole lives; they would be forced to lay eggs at a ridiculous pace and eventually either die or get slaughtered to become food.”

Elina argued “That’s horrible! Isn’t that just animal cruelty?! Why don’t they just let them run free?! We would never do something like that in Luxiana!”

Michael snickered, refuting “Yeah, well Luxiana was a tiny village with the technological level of sticks and mud. Also, your mother once told me that you, JJ and a bunch of others were basically ‘traded’ for some fucking grains and rice so that your families wouldn’t starve to death. Oh, but don’t worry, I’m sure the chickens really gave a shit that they were able to roam free for a little while before they were butchered and eaten. Hell, half the time they probably wandered away from town and got killed by magical-beasts or just regular foxes and falcons or whatever. Like seriously, the only time people give a damn about how livestock feel is when they can go to a grocery store and buy meat, cheese, milk and just about anything they could ever want or need. But hey, capitalism’s evil and while everyone’s bitching about animal rights, billions of people are living in worse conditions than the motherfucking cows! Ugh, well, never mind, I guess that’s not really true anymore. There’s probably less than a billion ‘humans’ left on Earth now, and knowing Kana, she most likely put some sort of contingency in place to prevent people from continuing to do some of the most horrible things possible…”

Talia complained “Miguel, why must you and Sarah always insist on fitting so many obscenities into every conversation? When the two of you are together, it seems as if your vulgarity multiplies…”

The little girl screamed “Fuck you, Cunt! Bitch, this is how normal people motherfuckin talk! You’re the weird one! Both you and Elly talk like you’re one uh them damn robots! Ah, shit! I almost forgot what I was tryin ta say!”

Before Sarah could continue speaking, Elina pulled the piece of glass out of the baby girl’s head and turned to the Nephilim. She asked “Michael, I really want to save this child… but I’m going to need to use ‘our’ body to do it. This avatar isn’t really good enough…”

He sighed dramatically, as his shirt and underwear vanished into thin air. Then he reached out and the infant’s corpse flew into his hands, before the cat-girl transformed into a beam of light. In what seemed like an instant, the man was wearing a transparent gown. His irises became golden and his body started illuminating the dark and dreary basement.

Once Michael’s pupils turned into vertical slits, his entire bone-structure rapidly transmogrified. The muscles shrunk and became hidden by a thin layer of fat. While the buttocks and breasts enlarged dramatically, the waist, arms, shoulders, neck, and legs all thinned to an almost impossible degree. Of course, his male genitalia disappeared and by the time ‘he’ was a ‘she’, Elina had totally taken over ‘their’ body. After that was the porcelain skin, facial structure, silver hair, white cat ears and tail, along with the gigantic dove-like wings that erupted from her back.

She smiled wryly, pulling her left teat out of her gown and squeezing some silver milk into the dead baby’s mouth. At the same time, she used her right index fingernail to carve an ankh into the infant’s forehead. The symbol glowed with a blinding golden luster, as she channeled copious amounts of ‘Light’ aura into the child’s corpse.

Resurrection was slightly more difficult without the assistance of the ‘System’, but not impossible. In fact, both Elina and Sarah could bring people and ‘creatures’ back from the dead rather easily. Most of the others ‘could’, but their methods were far more unreliable. Alice had created plenty of ‘drugs’ that had all sorts of miraculous and terrifying capabilities. Michael was great at making new bodies for souls out of pure mana and their own ‘saved’ genetic memory from past lives. Jasmine’s ‘Blood Bullets’ had a one-percent chance of transforming dead creatures into demonic monstrosities. As for Talia and Inari, both of them could potentially utilize their Nature aura in order to help someone heal.

After a few seconds, the baby girl’s golden-brown eyes opened and she started looking around inquisitively. The infant tried to remove the nipple from its mouth in disgust, but the taste of that ‘heavenly’ milk was just too incredible.

Sarah frowned, yelling “Fucking shitty-dick! Stop interrupting me ya bastards! Grah~!” She saw the tiny dryad sitting on Elina’s head, who was giving her an intense disdainful glare, so she grit her teeth and clenched her fists. Once she ‘calmed down’ a bit, she softly said “Alright, cut it out, I’ll… ugh, try ta not curse too fuckin much, alright? Now shut yer cum-suckers for a second and let me talk, kay?”

A pitch-black, illusory version of Michael appeared next to the angelic cat-girl and asked “Is it weird that I’m getting really turned on watching Elly breast-feed? Actually, is it even possible for me to be horny right now? I’m like, a soul, right? So basically, my arousal is on a spiritual level? Do you think that I could even ejaculate in this form? I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before… Hey Inari, do you wanna soul-fuck?”



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13 thoughts on “HCOP Book 2, Chapter 79: Morality

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  2. Wow, Michael sure knows how to kill it. Aroused at a spiritual level…. anywho, how the shit they gonna support the baby from now on? Drop it in the middle of the street and watch she goes balistics and slaugther people? I would assume right that the little critter ain’t the most normal thing in the block, even by the group’s standards.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter. I see no way that saving that baby is a good idea. They are the most hated person on earth ( wow, that sentence is weird) their kid is gonna be a target, plus they will be busy killing every living thing on the planet, and at least half of them should probably never be allowed near children.

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    • Lmao, it’s because a lot of stories have unrealistic profanity. Also, the narrator of this story never curses… not even once. The characters curse like sailors… fucking angry sailors lol. Except Talia and Elina… and several other characters. Idfk. In a lot of stories I’ve read, it’s just like… everyone curses to an absurd degree or no one ever curses at all for censorship reasons.

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      • It’s cause I wrote this like… 5 months ago roflmao. When I go back and try to edit “Immortal Soul” chapters, I feel like it’s someone else’s story, ’cause I wrote it so long ago… It’s weird how memories work.


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