HCOP Book 2, Chapter 80: Having Fun

Sarah grumbled “Mike, shut the fuck up and pay attention, this is really important… kinda. So I was chillin in Chinatown, just minding my own damn business, eating monkey brains and shit like that, when this asshole shows up. Like, he was some sorta big-shot or something. The fat bastard told me that ‘Blacks’ weren’t allowed in that neighborhood… I didn’t really get it though, I made my ears and height look human-ish enough, but they still figured out that I wasn’t the same as everyone else.”

Michael snickered, but she ignored him and continued her story. “Well, I obviously stabbed him in the face and then his friends got all pissed off, so I cut their heads off… Eventually, after I killed about thirty or forty people, I didn’t really keep track, this cunt-bag robo-bitch shows up! This whore was like six feet tall, huge tits, kinda meh on the ass, but her face was pretty good. Overall, I’d give her a seven outta, I don’t know, like thirteen or something. Fuck! That twat was so~ annoying! ‘I’m a beacon of justice~, blablabla, murder is evil~, wah~, I’m gonna punish you in the name of right… rich-us, right-chus…’ Whatever, I kicked the shit outta her pretty fast, but she just wouldn’t shut the fuck up! Even after I ripped her weird metal heart out, she still kept tryin ta beg me to ‘give up my evil~ ways~.’ Grah~! Anyway, so after I devoured her with my aura, I got attacked by these other weird robo-dicks. Somewhere along the line, I ended up hunting down the leader of this group of bandits who seemed to be controlling the town. Don’t worry though, I slaughtered em all for ya, so the place should be a bit safer now. Oh, and in the guy’s house there were a bunch of whiny little brats and a woman who got killed in the crossfire. I just saw this stupid dead baby and thought ‘Oh hey, this’d make a pretty good gift for Elly…’ and that’s pretty much everything that happened.”

As soon as she finished her story, the basement door at the top of the stairs opened and a furious cyborg appeared. Hiro roared “Sarah! You crazy fucking bitch! What did you do to the NJSDF headquarters?! No, don’t answer that, it was a fucking rhetorical question! Do you know why?! Because it’s all over the goddamn news!”

Elina was a bit slow to catch on, because she really did believe it when the little girl said she just wiped out some ‘bandits’. Of course, once she realized that it was actually the New Japanese Self-Defense Force, she screamed “Why would you do that?! Did you hurt anyone we know?!”

Sarah shrugged, grumbling “They fucked with me first, so who gives a shit? Meh~, don’t worry bout it; I didn’t kill anyone important…”

Hiro ran down the stairs and tried to grab her by the throat, but she casually deflected his metallic hand with her tail. The relatively small elf jumped up into the air and landed a round-house kick on his left cheek, sending him flying through the air and smashing into the wall.

Michael yelled “Oi! What the hell is wrong with you?! If you wanna beat him up, go outside and play! Damn it! Now I’m gonna have ta clean this shit up! Grah!” All kinds of dust, broken boards, dead mice, cockroaches and spiders erupted from the spot that was destroyed.

She complained “It’s not my fault that he attacked me! It was self-defense! Just like all the other times! No matter how I told them to fuck-off, they just kept coming after me! Even after I killed loads of the assholes! It’s like they were suicidal or something! What, am I not allowed to defend myself anymore?! Elly, what are you gettin all pissy about anyway?! At least I brought you a toy to play with, right?! Damn it! Nothing I do is ever enough for you cuntbags!” She transformed into a purple-eyed raven and soared into Elina’s open mouth, clawing her way down the crying woman’s throat, before finally entering their combined Soul Realm.


Within an enormous Necropolis, Sarah was sitting cross-legged on the frozen soil, totally naked. Her slimy tail writhed around and no matter how hard she tried to calm her mind, she kept remembering the things that happened during the day.

She saw the faces of every person she ‘recently’ killed and then began to reflect upon her life in Arcana. “They’re just fucking humans… What is this weird feeling anyway? Did I really ‘need’ ta kill em? Wait, but they deserved it! Grah! Who cares?! Elly must be doing this to me! Her stupid pussy-soul is interfering with my mind! Shit! What about you, huh?! Didn’t we both massacre all kinds of people back home?! Why do you even give a damn about these assholes?! I wasn’t in ‘our’ body! I was just use-in this fuckin piece of garbage! I could’ve really died! Stop judging me!”

Michael suddenly appeared behind her and sighed dramatically. He explained “There’s no way you would have gotten killed… There was also no need for you to perform any sort of ‘self defense’. You just like hurting and killing people. It’s just who you are… Elly is the total opposite of you. Unless her life was absolutely in danger or she could rationalize her actions, like ‘If I don’t stop these murderers, then many innocents will die,’ she wouldn’t be able to kill anybody.”

Sarah yelled “Grah! Then what the fuck are ya sayin?! Are ya tryin ta tell me that killin is wrong?! When’d ya become such a giant pussy?!”

The naked Nephilim snickered, “Bitch please… I’m just trying to let you understand why our wife-slash-girlfriend gives a shit. Yeah, sure, she is pretty pathetic sometimes, but when it comes down to it, she’s willing to do what it takes. I honestly don’t know if the people you killed really deserved to die or not, and I really don’t care either way. Everyone dies eventually and before our ‘job’ is done, this whole world is gonna get wrecked regardless… So what does it matter if you go ‘have fun’ or whatever? Still, I wanted to have some ‘peaceful’ years here, at least until they managed to get their tech to a certain level. Listen, my point is just that, if ya wanna go on a rampage, then just go outside the walls to do that shit. There’s plenty of monsters to hunt and you could probably even make some money at it somehow. Either that or… hehehe~, well, ya know~… Sell your ‘services’ to the highest bidder? I’m not talking about prostitution by the way; I meant assassination.”

She slowly stood up and turned around, gazing up into his crimson eyes. Sarah grinned, stretching her short arms out and digging her bright-blue nails into Michael’s chest. After clawing down to his waist, she whispered “How long are ya gonna just wander around over there for? Ya suck at sneakin around, ya know?”

A brown-skinned girl with fox-ears on the top of her head and seven fluffy tails wagging around behind her back, abruptly appeared out of thin air. Inari barked a few times, while rubbing up against her two Companions excitedly. Then she rolled around on the ground, before laying down and exposing her belly, while whining loudly.

The Nephilim crouched down and started petting her as if she were a puppy, and muttered “It’s actually impossible to ‘sneak’ inside of here… I mean, this is our Soul Realm. Regardless of whether we’re visible or not, we always know where we are in relation to each other.”

That wasn’t the case when they were all separated, but since they became connected, it was possible for each of them to know exactly what all of the others were doing at any particular moment. If they had come into any sort of danger outside of their main body, all of the others would have immediately felt it. Thus, since Elina and everyone else never sensed any urgency from Sarah, they knew that she hadn’t been in trouble.

“Awo~ wo~ woo~! Argh~! Arf-arf~!” Inari reached up and grabbed Michael’s genitals with her left hand, before catching that slimy worm-like tail with her right. Then she viciously pulled the both of them down onto her rapidly growing body.

Within moments, they were floating in an endless fresh-water ocean. A three-meter long fox-mermaid was dragging the two of them through the waves. Even if they weren’t technically in their physical forms, inside of their Soul Realms, almost anything they imagined became ‘reality’.

Michael yelled “Ow, seriously, you’re gonna rip my dick off! Well, it’s not like that’s never happened to me before, but I’m not really in the mood for ‘that’ kind of bondage right now!”

Inari transformed into a gigantic green octopus and started using her tentacles to roughly ‘play’ with her two Companions. However, she wasn’t the only one who could ‘shapeshift’ within that strange reality.

Sarah turned into a colossal obsidian spider and skittered across the surface of the water, while dodging those vicious limbs. On the other hand, the Nephilim retained the same proportions and merely grew a few dozen meters larger. An instant later, a gargantuan crimson serpentine dragon fell from the beautiful blue sky.

Alice roared, as she wrapped her scaly body around the giant man who was standing on the surface of the endless ocean. That’s when the liquid seemed to coagulate and harden, before gaining a pinkish hue. A deep and horrifying voice bellowed “Nyah~, JJ wants to play too~!”

It had instantly become nighttime, but there were no stars or moons above them. There was only a singular, outrageously supermassive monstrosity. The beast had golden eyes that were brighter than suns, a purple mane that was entirely made out of thin and writhing silver tentacles, a gaping maw that seemed large enough to devour the world… and it’s flesh was synthetic cotton. It was a sock-puppet the size of Jupiter and there was a skinny, lightly tanned forearm sticking out of the bottom of its neck.


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