Stories That I Have Followed

If you’re anything like me, then you enjoy reading a ridiculous number of stories and probably receive at least ten emails a day, from various translation updates.  Well, just in case you aren’t already following all of these sites, I’ll link a few of them for you.  A lot of people who make these lists, usually add a short description… but I won’t, because if you just click on the link, it will take you to the synopsis anyway.  Also, the listing order has no special meaning or purpose.

My Facebook Writing Page?

My Novel Updates Profile

My Amazon Author’s Page

Royal Road Legends

Sites That Host Many Translations



Shiroyukineko Translations

Translation Nations

Gravity Tales

Skythewood Translations

Noodletown Translated


Rebirth Online World

Virtual Reality






152 thoughts on “Stories That I Have Followed

    • Shield Hero? I dropped that after like 2 chapters lol. The manga was decent, but I lost interest too. I’m not saying that Shield Hero is terrible, but I just couldn’t get into it back in the day… And I haven’t had time to try it out again since then lol.


      • I mean, I can deal with it under certain circumstances but… Shield Hero just never held my interest lol. Even putting the slave thing aside, the writing style was just generally unpleasant for me at the time(I haven’t tried to read it again since years ago, so idk if my tolerance has gotten better or worse lmao.) I generally don’t even read Japanese stories anymore, since they’re just… Not as good as the Chinese and Korean ones overall. Plus they’re a lot harder to find now days, since so many of the more popular ones got taken down.

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