Chapter 212: Expansion

Michael flew down and grabbed Jasmine, along with Alice, before ‘Astral-Leaping’ into his living-room. Sarah, Talia, Elina and even Inari arrived shortly afterward; the Huntress asked “There are likely tens of thousands of gold worth of items within those buildings, why would you so casually give them away?”

He snickered, “Think about it this way: Who the hell would buy them? Where would we sell them? Do you really feel like going through those places and treasure-hunting… when we already own it all? What’s the point? Besides, we need to get the economy started up anyway. The only way to do that is through trade, since we can’t just ‘make’ the magical, indestructible, OP currency. This is basically a starting zone, so there probably isn’t anyone within Michelle’s Prairie who can threaten Luxiana, but that also means they’re poor as fuck. Fortunately~, our adorable ancient nudist…”

“My name is Meihui, and yes, my people would be willing to establish a trading relationship with yours.” The naked six-tailed fox-woman had been following Inari around, so it wasn’t surprising that she would be there as well.

Elina nodded, “I don’t really agree with making them physically fight over the rights to those buildings we stole, but it’s not like they’re ‘forced’ to participate in that nonsense. Why do you care so much about Luxiana?”

Michael sighed, complaining “Do I really seem like such a selfish asshole? I mean, yeah, when you’re poor, it’s normal to take care of yourself first and not give a shit about anyone else. But~, we’ve officially reached the point where we can literally spend a tiny fraction of our fortune and build a small town. Aside from that, it’s also in our self-interest for both Luxiana and umm… er, Foxland? Was it, Whosian something? Whatever, the point is~, I want to be able to go into ‘our’ villages or cities, and freely buy or sell stuff.

“I don’t wanna have ta travel thousands of miles, just to get rid of all the nonsense we seem to collect every single time we leave the house! Seriously, we were technically gone for less than two days and we managed to kill two literal dragons, a giant crab, and loads of other things that I can’t even remember! Who does that?! If everyone did that kinda shit, then I’m pretty sure that there wouldn’t be anything left. Anyway, until the ‘System’ is running properly again, we need to somehow start living a normal-ish life.”

Sarah teleported into her room while he was talking, Jasmine went upstairs to take a ‘slime-bath’, and Alice was already swimming across her lake by the time he finished speaking. Talia gazed towards her room and suggested “Now that we have such a vast fortune, perhaps you should improve our home?”

The Nephilim suddenly removed all one-hundred rank-F, Elite, Human mana-cores out of his inventory and they seemed to vanish into thin air: along with two-thousand gold, from his ‘Currency’ tab. A message appeared “Congratulations on upgrading your Player-Home to rank-F! You may now expand your Residential territory to one-hundred acres. You may also include a secondary village to your Civilian territory. You are currently using 1,110 out of a maximum of 10,000 square meters, would you like to expand your territory or the size of your Player-Home?”

He was immediately forced into his wisp form and sent a kilometer above his house, so that he could view the entire mountain. The total area, including the jungle around it, was roughly six-hundred acres, but he realized the fatal flaw to his plan of ‘buying’ the river: It was part of Luxiana.

“Welp, guess I’ll have to settle for plan-B, huh?” Thus, he decided to just purchase the entire upper-half of the mountain, spending two-thousand, two-hundred and fifty of Inari’s gold. He could hear her barking angrily and felt a sharp pain in his neck, as if a tiny fox was literally gnawing his head off. However, once she started drinking his blood, her state of mind became severely altered and she couldn’t remember why she was angry anymore.

The backdoor of the house suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a four-meter tall arch, which led to a fairly long hallway. Michael added two medium-sized, sixty square-meter rooms on each side; then he had to remove Elina’s balcony, so that he could place an identical hallway and four more rooms upstairs.

Everything was covered by black roof-tiles and the wooden exterior was replaced by what appeared to be white bricks. His reasoning was fairly simple: “Ugh, I fucking suck at colors… and architecture.”

In the end, he spent another two-hundred of Inari’s gold to expand the house. Fortunately, the adorable fox didn’t seem to mind anymore, since he was gently scratching and caressing her tiny body.

Michael thought about turning it into a castle of some sort, but in the end, he figured that it would have been completely pointless. Even if it was only a total of sixteen-hundred square meters, the inside of Alice’s room alone, contained several square miles. In fact, rather than the outward appearances, he was far more interested in the limits of internal space.

After finishing up with that, the wisp returned to his actual body and he noticed that Elina was in the shower, and Meihui left the house to go examine the ‘Spirit Sealing Tomb’. However, Talia was still patiently waiting in front of him.

He smirked at her, “I’m surprised you haven’t said anything to the others yet… Actually, with all the nonsense that happened today, it isn’t really that strange. Hmm~, do you feel any differently? When I lost my virginity, I kinda figured that there would be some sort of mental change, but I… Oh, well, I guess there kinda was, heh-heh~. That was when I realized that I had fallen in love; cause regardless of how awful the sex was, I still wanted to be together with that girl.”

Inari purred, while rolling around in Michael’s bare hands. He had removed all of his equipment, except for those black boxers and the white tank-top; thus, if she had really wanted to, she could have easily escaped from his grasp. The vixen transformed into a mouse and crawled up his left arm, before turning into a two-inch tall fox-girl and rubbing her tiny body against his neck.

Talia smiled wryly, unzipping her leather jacket and whispering “I believe that you requested me to do this, roughly one week ago. Does it appear as enticing as you had hoped?”

“I’m kinda confused… Are you trying to seduce me, or convince me to buy you something? Cause either way, all ya have ta do is ask.” The man was already six inches shorter than the beautiful High-Elf, but he suddenly began shrinking.

“Luxian Innocence Level 2: The caster rapidly reduces the size of their body, compressing their muscles and bones until they appear similar to a child. Facial features become more feminine, voice becomes higher, and genitalia shrink. Interferes with the ‘Identification’ abilities. Reduces Strength, Vitality, and Endurance by 80%. Increases Agility, Intelligence and Wisdom by 20%. Maximum duration is 2 days.”

There was no difference in appearance compared to his previous transformations, but the stat changes were fairly dramatic. Talia scowled at him, “Miguel, te amo, por lo que no necesita tomar esa forma por más tiempo… I am not such a shallow person, that I would require you to-”

“This is your thing though, and I know that you like the way I look right now. Also, your pussy is literally too tight for my normal size. Even if I go shota-vampire form, I’d probably still tear you apart. Anyway, before I forget, here, this is what you’re molesting my face for, right?” He pulled a bright-green bead and shoved it into the tiny fox-girl’s hands.

She jumped down off of his shoulder and grew until she was five-feet tall, before swallowing the mana-core. Her bright-green tails wrapped around her entire lower-body and her skin was suddenly covered by snake-like brown scales. For a moment, it seemed like she was transforming into a Lamia or Naga, but then she forcefully suppressed the evolutionary direction and chose another. Something much simpler and more ‘natural’ to her than anything else.

“You have successfully evolved Inari into a rank­-B, Seven-Tailed Fox. Base stats have increased dramatically: +150 Aura, +40 Agility, +10 Dexterity, +10 Vitality, +10 Endurance, +10 Intelligence, +10 Willpower, +10 Perception, +5 Luck, +5 Willpower.”

The benefits were amazing; while her race didn’t seem particularly impressive on the surface, it was what she wanted. She had originally been a simple kit, but was given fairly random mana-cores by Michael, and she had been far too young to understand ‘what’ she really was.

Inari’s serpentine features vanished and she returned to her brown-skinned fox-girl appearance. Her fur was dark-green, while her eyes were bright-blue and glowing dimly; she had long and curly black hair, but it was all irrelevant, considering that she was a fairly proficient shapeshifter.

Unlike Michael, she didn’t feel any pain as her body shrunk or grew, contorted and deformed. She didn’t have to worry about the same limitations and could change anything that she didn’t like about the way she looked.

However, it was much harder to take the appearance of a specific person or creature, than to simply become the same race. There was also the aspect that unless it was a spell, then anyone with a decent ‘Identification’ ability, would be able to see that she was a ‘Seven-Tailed Fox’.

The naked girl’s body was abruptly covered with green fur and her head transformed into her ‘normal’ vulpine shape. Yet, she chose to stay somewhere between a fox and a humanoid; essentially, she was an anthropomorphic vixen.

Michael sighed, immediately unequipping all of his clothing and turning to Talia, asking “Wanna find out what happens when I use one of these rank-B, Raid-Boss, level forty-two mana-cores to buy a bedroom?”

20 thoughts on “Chapter 212: Expansion

  1. “Wanna find out what happens when I use one of these rank-B, Raid-Boss, level forty-two mana-cores to buy a bedroom?”

    Smooth Michael can’t hear the sounds of bras dropping and painties being creamed on after he said that. lol

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  2. She’s clearly the VERY devoted type considering how long she waited for him. An affectionate Talia is rather nice. Interesting to see what her reactions will be later on once he… loosens her up enough to handle him like Elina and the others.

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    • Can’t really ‘loosen’ up an elf vagina, when she has a decent amount of strength, vitality and endurance. Even if she had her vagina ripped out, it would just grow back in a few minutes lol.


      • Obviously depends on the race and whether or not they have some sort of passives. Stats are involved as well lol. Put it this way, if they ‘wanted’ to become loose or saggy, it would be possible, but if they don’t, then they obviously wouldn’t rofl.


      • Ah, I see. Stumped for a moment. After all Sarah seemed to have a much easier time with him. Great example being her… showing him off and mounting him standing at the start of the Long Dong portion without a bunch of pain.

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      • She actually gained a passive, which she maxed out, that makes her much more flexible than ‘normal’. Similar to how Jasmine has the Slime Body, but Sarah’s is way way way less ridiculous lol.


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