Chapter 211: Southern Luxiana

“Seriously, who the fuck designed this teleportation system?! Shit, there’s plant-juice in my ear! Ugh, why can’t I get it out?! Is it immune to ‘Telekinesis’?! Damn it, well, whatever, I’ll survive somehow…” Michael and the others were covered in a thick green goop, as they unsteadily began standing up.

Sarah screamed “Ow, what the hell?! Gah~! It feels like my skin’s gonna burn off! Ragh~, I can’t Shadow-Step outta here?!” If she wasn’t such a high level, her flesh would have burst into flames from being inside of the Grand Cathedral of Luxiana.

Jasmine and Elina on the other hand, felt as if they were being bathed in the warm and comfortable sunlight. Talia swiftly utilized her ‘Eroding Winds’ spell to clean herself off, and Alice stretched her massive body out, as if she had just woken up from a long nap.

The bright-red fox followed the green one, as they both sprinted out of the building. Michael yelled “Oi, Inari, wait! We still need to go put these buildings somewhere! Damn it, stop running away! I’m not gonna make you give me the seven-thousand gold!”

After hearing that last sentence, the adorable vixen swiftly turned around and returned to the Nephilim’s side. That fern began shrinking rapidly and the missing branches were slowly regenerating.

Michael looked around at the confused cat-people and complained “Why the fuck did Arcana put the teleportation device in the freakin cathedral? This is kinda obvious, but you should all probably avoid touching this plant! At least not until we figure out exactly how it works… Anyway, let’s go!”

He picked up the little Dark-Goblin and carried her towards the exit, followed by his Companions and Meihui. Arnold and Laura quickly left as well, and were joined by everyone else, including a gigantic, ten-meter tall, curious angelic cat-girl golem.

To the south of Luxiana, there was a river, and beyond that was nothing but brown grasslands for miles. Technically, it was all part of the town, they had just never expanded in that direction. Since the east was taken by the ‘Holy Mountain’, the only ‘free’ space was across the southern river.

As they approached the shore, Michael immediately ‘bought’ a huge, wide and incredibly sturdy stone bridge. Luckily, Talia had reminded him “If a ship passes by or the tides rise, there will surely be some issues.” Thus, he had to ‘recycle’ it and created a stone bridge that was at least five meters above the surface of the water.

After they all crossed it, nearly a thousand people, and a giant marble statue, followed them over. Then everyone swiftly split-up and began placing the various buildings around the area, while Michael started creating a gigantic wall around everything. The ramparts on both sides of the western river were connected by a bridge, but near the eastern jungle it was abruptly cut-off. It wasn’t technically part of his territory, though he was planning on purchasing it all in the near future.

He built an eastern, southern and western gateway, with roads running through the entire place. Then he threw the teenage Darkflame Magi out of his prison and walked over to the Apothecary, where he could hear crying and screaming.

It was a relatively small building compared to the gigantic twin Pagodas of Darkness and Light, which she decided to place to each side of the store. There was also a huge ‘Skill-Book Library’ behind the shop, which seemed like it was a giant golden dome.

When the Nephilim entered inside of the place, he telekinetically tossed the black-robed boy into the doorless archway. He looked inside at the terrified old man and his family, while yelling “Welcome ta Luxiana! Damn, dafuck happened ta this place?! Well, whatever, I’m kinda busy so if you guys need help fixing anything, ask someone else!”

Before they had a chance to respond or demand some kind of compensation from the seemingly Human man, he quickly left. Sensing all of the commotion, a certain gigantic Demonic Ultrasaurus nervously approached the ‘tiny’ town.

Of course, Inari’s ‘pack’ had also emerged from the jungle and excitedly greeted their leader with plenty of howling and other animal noises. There were literally hundreds of magical-beasts, but most of them seemed to be canines: foxes, wolves, and coyotes. A certain Giant Mouse-Lemur was among them, and some of the animals were actually just humanoid Druids and Shamans, who were transformed. Those six gargantuan mansions, belonging to the Long Dong Sect’s Elders, were spread out near the southeastern corner of ‘Little Dongton’ or ‘Southern Luxiana’.

Elina had placed the ‘Beautiful Jade Palace’ at the very center of the whole area, facing towards the cathedral. There was an ‘Ancestral Spring of Light Essence’, which looked like a large pond of milky-white liquid, behind the colossal green building. The ‘Heavenly Flower Pavilion’ was an enormous colorful structure that she placed near the western wall. Then the ‘Pristine Herb Garden Tower’ was close to the eastern gateway.

Fortunately, Talia was there to prevent Jasmine from trying to ‘stack’ all of her buildings on top of each-other. However, she still placed ‘Ten-Trillion Swords Pavillion’, ‘Tiny Dragon Armory’, ‘Seven Treasures Bathhouse’, and ‘Spicy Long Dong Butcher Shop’ all clustered together, dangerously close to the river and all facing in different directions.
The High-Elf had to rearrange them, after she finished setting the Long Dong Inner and Outer Sect Dorms near the bridge to Northern Luxiana. Sarah created a ‘nice’ neighborhood, with four beautiful mansions, surrounding the ‘Spirit Sealing Tomb’. On the outside, the mausoleum appeared similar to a graveyard, with jade tombstones and totems spread around, but underneath, it was practically a massive labyrinth.

Michael shouted “Oi, Cunty, stop! Shitballs! Damn it, how is that not ‘Friendly-Fire’?! Ugh, careful! Seriously, you’re too fucking big, stop moving! Just sit down and try not to crush any more stupid people!” The crying four-armed lizard-monster had accidentally stepped on a young cat-girl villager and smashed the lower-half of her body into paste; before screaming and falling into the river, which she had managed to completely clog.

The Nephilim cast ‘Lightening’ and swiftly soared over to the dying woman, casually casting the incredibly painful ‘Guardian’s Sacrifice’ spell and proceeding over to the massive demon. He floated over to her gargantuan reptilian face and dropped a pitch-black mana-core into her wide-open mouth.

Her colossal frame started rapidly contracting and her sexual characteristics began emerging: four rather large but firm breasts, purple nipples, her cloaca separated into a vagina and anus, while her muscles became much more lithe and feminine. However, while her body had shrunk significantly, she was still thirty-meters tall. Thus, she was no longer so large that she was unable to notice ‘normal’ sized humanoids, and hopefully, wouldn’t accidentally step on them any longer.

“You have evolved Cunty into a Rank­­-D, Demonic Shadowy Ultrasaurus-Tribe. Stats have increased: +25 Aura, +10 Agility, +5 Dexterity, +5 Perception +­5 Intelligence, +­5 Wisdom, +5 Charisma.” After that message appeared, her status-screen popped-up before Michael’s eyes.

[Resident Information

Name: Cunty
Titles: Of the Eternal Darkness
Level: 8
Experience: 60/80
Age: Adult
Race: Demonic Shadowy Ultrasaurus-Tribe
Rank: D
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 130/130
Mana: 50/50
Stamina: 65/65
Mana Regen per minute: 100
Health Regen per hour: 130

Strength: 14
Vitality: 13
Endurance: 13
Dexterity: 10
Agility: 11.5
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 10
Perception: 8
Charisma: 6

Willpower: 3
Luck: 3
Aura: 50.2

Attack Rating: 70
Defense Rating: 6.5]

Once she stood up, the water was only able to reach her shins, so she was able to walk to the shore and kneel down before the terrified woman and beg “I’m so, so, sorry… please for-forgive me!” Tears of crimson blood were streaming out of the monstrous woman’s six eyes, and when they landed on the ground, the grass actually burst into flames.

Michael landed next to the black-haired, freckled and chubby cat-girl, telekinetically lifting her off of the ground and asking “Are you really gonna make a big deal out of a ‘mild’ accidental injury? Your name’s Cathy, right? Hmm, how would you like to own a butcher-shop? Great, congratulations, and you, Cunty, stop burning shit! Get up, and don’t cry! Go play by your waterfall and try not to kill anyone who doesn’t deserve it!”

Before the frightened farmer could understand what was happening, the mysterious angelic man had already flown away without even needing wings. He soared up into the sky, next to Talia, and gazed down at the whole southern area of Luxiana.

She smiled wryly, as he announced “Listen up all of you Luxiana-ians! I’m just gonna call you Citizens from now on, cause it’s a lot less ridiculous! Anyway~, as you may have noticed, we’re back! Hahaha~, yeah~, we kinda-sorta did some stuff and broke things, but that’s beside the point! Life is all about adventure… but mostly violence and sex! Do you see all these weird-ass ancient Chinese-styled buildings?! Yeah, they belonged to some douchebags who wanted to kill us and rape our corpses, so they got what was coming to them! Well, most of the bastards just fucked-off when we showed up, but there was this one dragon guy and-”

Michael suddenly stopped talking mid-sentence and gazed off into the distance for a few moments, before continuing “So anyway, don’t kill each-other, but if you wanna loot the buildings, go ahead! Who knows, maybe there’s some kinda super-awesome Epic treasure in there?! Oh hey, Kyle and Julia! The two of you are in charge of the fighting tournament; the top eighteen people get to pick a single building, aside from the ‘Spicy Long Dong Butcher Shop’, and then number nineteen gets whatever everyone else didn’t want! Sounds fun, right?! Yeah, if anyone dies, then Luxiana will just have ta bring em back to life, I guess… Sarah and Alice, you obviously aren’t allowed to participate! Jasmine, stop, don’t shoot anyone! Goddamn it! This is open only to Citizens! Ugh, fuck my life, I don’t care anymore; I’m going home!”

24 thoughts on “Chapter 211: Southern Luxiana

  1. Anyone else notice that the race changes no longer have negatives? Pretty sure all of them did earlier in the series, but in the last couple arcs they don’t anymore.

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      • my niece was watching a show on Disney jr. and this comes up and im like…tiny body…..different colored spots…..and is a sheriff ( looking like a sheriff with her pistols)…. why the fuck is jasmine on Disney

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      • Lulz, well, Jasmine looks closer to a human than a cat. She’s basically a nekomimi with black-hair/fur, golden irises, pale skin, and she’s ‘usually’ a loli with huge tits lol.

        I can’t find a picture of a gunslinging loli nekomimi with black hair, huge tits(No tits when she uses the ‘Titty Terminator’ lol), golden irises, and… well, that’s pretty much all of her discerning features rofl.

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