HCL Chapter 103: Violent Violet Chaotica

Having thousands of Avatars didn’t actually put that much strain on Inari’s soul. Every single body had its own central nervous system and a simple programing which allowed them to function without direct control or orders. Aside from that, she had plenty of practice from when she played around with the jungle in her Soul Realm. Her own genetic memory was enough to allow most of her ‘creations’ to understand how to use her own spells and obviously how to survive. Of course, without a soul of their own, none of those clones possessed the ability to override their instincts. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 16: Camping

Apparently, each of those tiny black beads on Di’s ten bracelets was a separate ‘storage device’, though they couldn’t hold much compared to his ring. There was food, water, iced tea, Herbs, spices and just about everything else. Every bracelet could hold about as much as a large backpack. Continue reading