HCL Chapter 103: Violent Violet Chaotica

Having thousands of Avatars didn’t actually put that much strain on Inari’s soul. Every single body had its own central nervous system and a simple programing which allowed them to function without direct control or orders. Aside from that, she had plenty of practice from when she played around with the jungle in her Soul Realm. Her own genetic memory was enough to allow most of her ‘creations’ to understand how to use her own spells and obviously how to survive. Of course, without a soul of their own, none of those clones possessed the ability to override their instincts.

Each of those little vixens were able to shapeshift, use ‘Devouring Vines’, ‘Acid Bomb’, ‘Venom Bolt’ and even alter their sizes to a certain extent. Of course, everything required mana and that was the crucial factor that prevented her from just having millions or billions of overpowered Avatars.

Most mana is stored in the soul, but it was possible to have subsidiary bodies that purely focused on storing and generating power. In fact, that was exactly what Player Housing and Territories actually were.

However, even if they couldn’t constantly cast spells, Inari’s clones were still incredibly formidable. As Violet was being eaten alive by thousands of little foxes, she was also suffocating and being submerged in an inescapable cloud of fluorescent green fungi. The enormous beast rolled around on the crimson grass, rocks and lava, yet she wasn’t able to remove the vicious parasites from her body. She tried to release a burst of Chaotic aura, but there was something else inhibiting her ability to function properly. A beautiful melody began resonating in her mind. Someone was playing a rather ‘special’ piano and with every note, the ground quaked, the sky thundered, and her blood churned unnaturally.

It was as if a storm was raging within Violet’s mind and a familiar voice was singing “Revenge is a poison~, coursing through my veins~! Forcing my hand~, for all their cries of pain~! Anger’s controlling me~, filling me with hate~! Nothing can stop this rage I feel, so all that’s left is fate~!”

“Miguel, the lyrics to that song have no relevance to this particular situation…” In response to that complaint, the music suddenly stopped. Then it started again, but the melody was completely different.

Then Michael started singing “Anal~, Tali~!” but there was a loud smacking noise, followed by random keys being hit in an awkwardly confusing order. After that, there was a violin being played, along with an acoustic guitar.

Meanwhile, an absurdly large fox had abruptly appeared and bit down onto the Violet’s throat. Without giving the confused and terrified dragon the chance to resist at all, her sharp claws were also tearing apart huge chunks of oily obsidian flesh from the monster’s torso. Those seven serpentine tails tangled up the limbs and even managed to sink their poisonous fangs into some of the more sensitive areas of the beast’s body.

Of course, while Violet’s physical form wasn’t particularly amazing, there was something truly monstrous lurking deep within those serpentine eyes. They started turning pink, then green, after that they became purple and the color continued fluctuating nonstop.

That enormous maw opened up and she roared “No! I won’t go back there! Get off of me! Grah~! Mommy~, save me! Argh~! Hahahahaha~, it feels so good~! Bite me harder~! Fuck you, ya fucking ugly cunt-whore-bitch! Meow~! Awoo~! Michael~! I can see you~! Hyahahahaha~! Umm~, like, don’t take this the wrong way… but I’m going to eat your soul now~!”

“Holy shit!” A relatively tiny black wisp was ripped out of the giant vixen’s forehead and sucked into an orbit around the rat’s enormous neck. Michael had absolutely no control over his own metaphysical body, as he was eventually pulled into the gargantuan mouth and devoured.

However, the moment that he arrived inside of Violet, he suddenly found himself standing in the middle of an endless pink desert. The sky was a total void, without a single light source, yet the ground was glowing so brightly that it didn’t matter.

As he started trudging across the sand, Michael muttered “What the fuck just happened? Ugh, why do I feel so weak? Is the gravity really high or is my body just… Wait, no, this isn’t a real body right? This is just my soul… Then what the hell is going on? Goddamn it, did my soul really get kidnapped so easily?! Well, Chaos is pretty overpowered and super-old, so it wouldn’t be that weird for her soul to be stronger than mine… I guess?”

An adorable purple kitten abruptly appeared before him and started purring softly. The Nephilim sighed dramatically and complained “Why do I have the feeling that things are going to get really-”

“If one, plus one, equals three, then what is the square root of two?” A deep and thunderous voice interjected before he had the chance to finish speaking. Then that oddly colored kitten, split into three: One was blue, another was red and the third was white.

Michael’s mouth remained agape for a few moments, before he asked “Can I skip to a question that makes sense?” Unfortunately, the only response was the sound of quiet ‘mewing’. Thus, he sat down cross-legged and began to ponder.

While looking at the three fluffy Persians, he muttered “Maybe it has something to do with colors? Either that or the colors are just a trick to make me fuck up the answer? Ugh, why couldn’t we just have a hardcore deathmatch?! I’m super bad with these kinds of things…” After what seemed like several minutes, he yelled “Two-point four-four something?!”

There was a deafening ‘Beep~!’ noise and then he heard that voice bellow “Wrong! The correct answer was ‘pickles’! Now you must either fight or fuck the kittens! The next round will begin when you have defeated or impregnated your foes!”

He shouted “Seriously Chaotica?! What the hell is this bullshit?! Just give me back my sword and let me outta your Soul Realm!”

“No! You fuck, fight or die!” Those kittens transformed into anthropomorphic cat-girls. The white furred one was three meters tall, had extremely large muscles and her face resembled that of a Siberian tigress. The blue woman seemed to be rather frail and sickly and was closer to Jasmine’s size. As for the red one, she was around six feet tall, busty, and appeared fairly alluring to the naked man.

Michael frowned, grumbling “The fact that they each have six arms and tits is kinda kinky, but I’m already married! Aside from that, I know that these bitches are actually just you and you’re trying to trick me into having sex with you again! Do you really want me to kill you that much?!” The three felines hissed at him and charged forward.

Although his body was incredibly weak, the Nephilim wasn’t at too much of a disadvantage. Even the giant tigress wasn’t very overpowered. He couldn’t use any sort of magic, so it was just pure violence.

The first move he made was to dodge the biggest and strongest one, yelling “You’re first, Blue-Waffle!” With a simple knee to her cute little face, there wasn’t much suspense when she was knocked unconscious. Those tiny teeth shattered and her snout was crushed into a bloody pulp, spraying purple mucus all over the pink sands.

However, the other two didn’t even seem to care about their comrade being mortally wounded. Michael growled “Fuck-off Whitey!” as he was grabbed from behind and slammed down into the soft ground. It turned out that a muscle-bound, three meter tall, anthropomorphic tigress had a lot more leverage than he did.

All six of those enormous, bulging arms were used to keep him from being able to move his own arms. Then she wrapped those gigantic legs around his and flipped him over, so that he was gazing up towards the endless darkness.

He roared “Goddamn it! I refuse to be raped! If I’m gonna be dominated by someone else, it’s gonna be my girl-frenemy! Chaotica, I’m sorry, but you’re just not my type!”

As the crimson cat-woman grabbed his genitals, Michael’s body suddenly began growing rapidly. In a few moments, he was four meters tall, had four arms, a huge serpentine tail and gazelle horns growing out of his temples. His skin was tan and his veins were pitch-black, while his pupils turned into vertical slits.

He immediately flipped over and plunged his upper-right fist through Whitey’s sternum, before ripping out one of her four hearts. Then he continued to keep pulling out vital organs until she exploded into slimy white paste. That blob proceed to absorb the sickly cat-girl and then the creamy goop was swallowed up by the final ‘kitten’.

The last woman’s frame expanded to around five meters, before it stopped and shrunk to four, in order to match Michael. They were both about the same height, weight and bulk, except that there was a difference of two arms.

That purple-furred tigress growled “Why won’t you love me?!” Then she tackled him onto the ground and straddled around his waist, holding his four wrists, while using the other two hands to strangle his bulging neck.

Even in that sort of situation, he still managed to gurgle out “I… barely… know… you! Also… I have a fetish… for innocence! Like, I don’t… ugh~, wanna, argh~! It’s, really fucking… hard to talk~, when you’re choking me!”

She let go of his throat and allowed him to say “I already have six lovers and I don’t have room in my soul for anymore right now… I’m sorry! That’s just the way it is. I honestly have no idea why you’re so desperate for my love, but it’s not mine to give at the moment. Who knows… If Iris is right, and one day I actually do totally fuse into ‘Minari’, then maybe I’ll feel differently. Right now though, our ages are just too far apart… I’m too young and you’re too old.”

Hearing that, Chaotica started crying loudly and punching Michael in the face, while screaming “I’m not even six billion years old~! Wah~! I want my Mommy~!”

Author’s Note

I think I said this already, but I’ve been writing the ending of “Hardcore Legacies” lately. That’s why I haven’t posted anything or written other stories. I’m on chapter 111 and I think chapter 120 will be the end. So yeah, it’s almost there… And the closer I get, the more I realize that I wouldn’t have been able to write the ending of this story a year ago rofl.

Between TDoE, TDoDK, what I wrote of CC so far and TDD… Each of those stories are intricately connected to HCL in various ways. There aren’t really any spoilers though. It’s more like ‘Easter Eggs’ if you know what I mean? Regardless of what happens, I can promise that the story itself doesn’t end lol.

The events that happen to ‘Minari’ between the end of HCL and the beginning of “OP-ness Returns”, will be talked about in OPR… But if you read some of the other stories I write, you’ll probably be able to notice Minari doing shit on various occasions. His/Her appearance usually prompts some sort of apocalyptic event roflmao.



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