HCL Chapter 104: End-Game Content

Although Chaotica was dominating Michael within her own Soul Realm, the situation on the outside was the complete opposite. The enormous purple dragon-rat was being torn to shreds by the equally large white and red fox.

Inari growled angrily, before ripping the beast’s throat out and roaring “Give him back!” over and over again. Violet was howling and screeching in agony, but still managing to survive somehow.

Within a few minutes, that green smog had managed to spread out in every direction for dozens of miles. However, it also became much thinner. Thus it was getting easier for the upper echelon of Forewarning and the ‘Anti-Bunny Alliance’ to not just stave off the poison, but also make their way towards the two behemoths.

Butter was the first to charge into the deadly duel and Shadow-Step onto the vixen’s colossal forehead. He shouted “Goddamn it Plague! Cut this shit out! Leave Big V alone!” Then he pulled out both of his obsidian Desert Eagles and started firing into Inari’s left eye.

A high-pitched voice screamed “Fuck off, ya ugly cuntbag!” as a raven darted out of that absurdly large pupil. Those bullets weren’t even able to deal any ocular damage, because a terrifying aura of Darkness enveloped and consumed them.

The Dark-Elven Ninja yelled “Plague! This isn’t funny! Shit, Dalthis, get over here and help me convince your crazy brother to stop trying to murder us!”

That furious bird transformed into an angry little girl, covered in pitch-black leather armor. There was an obsidian skull-mask hiding her face and six shadowy tendrils whipping around behind her head. Sarah was only using her ‘trinket’ in the form of an Avatar, but she was still extremely powerful. As soon as a wakizashi appeared in her hands, she teleported behind Butter and swung the blade down with an absurd speed.

He managed to prevent his head from being chopped in half, but his left arm was totally amputated at the shoulder. Without hesitation, he aimed his right pistol towards that ominous mask and pulled the trigger three times in a row. Then he screamed in agony, while kicking off of the ground and soared over to Violet’s blood-soaked neck. An enormous pink flamingo swooped down and landed next to him, before transforming into a two-meter tall, fur, feather and leather covered man.

Adam’s deer-like antlers glowed bright-green and radiated copious amounts of Nature aura. Even though he had the Arcane Seed, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t learn how to manipulate other Elements. He sighed dramatically, pushing both of his hands outwards and clapping his hands together. Then there was an explosion of beautiful red, blue and yellow flowers all around the two of them.

Butter’s stump stopped spraying out putrid black slime and a small grey limb began growing from the wound. Dalthis pouted as he glanced at the little girl, who was rapidly flying towards them. Then he complained “Mike! Are you really gonna kill me?! Do you really believe that there’s some kinda weird video-game afterlife?!”

When Sarah was within ten meters of the tall and muscular man, she suddenly encountered an illusory wall. She crashed into it at several hundred miles per hour and managed to break through, but her mask was cracked apart and there were oozing purple wounds all over her body. That thin armor could barely even protect her from the impact.

A moment later, there was an enormous cutlass that came out of nowhere. It slashed down and instantly bisected the little girl. However, her tiny upper-body still continued going forward. Adam casually moved to the side and avoided the attack, but she wasn’t actually aiming for him since the very beginning. She immediately disappeared inside of a gigantic bite-mark from one of Inari’s canines.

The lower-half of Sarah had exploded in a puff of smoke and followed in after her. Butter shouted “Oh shit! No~! Hang in there Violet! Don’t worry, I’ll kill this fucking asshole and save you!”

He tried to jump past Bunny, but she growled “Where the fuck do you think you’re going!? Hahahaha~! I’ve been waiting a long time for this! I even decided to bring along an old friend!”

A deep and deafening voice roared “Cameron~! This is the end~!” The green fog slowly parted from the sky, down to the ground. Butter immediately unsheathed his katanas and crossed them, aiming upwards with all of his strength. Then there was a massive shockwave, which totally removed all of the smog within several kilometers.

Dalthis turned around and shook his head, muttering “So fucking cliche…” There was a knight in the distance, but the reason that he was so far away, was mainly because of his absurd size. The black-armored giant was over three-hundred meters tall and wielding a monstrous scythe that was just as unreasonably large.

Although Butter was powerful, he wasn’t nearly strong enough to defend against such a ridiculously oppressive sneak-attack. Fortunately, he wasn’t the only one on his ‘team’. Adam had created an enormous illusory tree, filled with an extraordinary amount of Nature mana. The branches were able to relieve some of the pressure, but in the end, a titanic bear-man was forced to intervene.

Chamuel was slightly taller than Cain and his physique was even more impressive. He casually used the jade staff of his guan dao, in order to block the pole of that ghastly scythe. Gabriel landed next to Dalthis and Cameron, while still wearing nothing but his surprisingly clean tuxedo.

The irritated ape glared at Bunny, who smirked while asking “What exactly do you cuntmuffins thing you’re going to accomplish by fighting against Arcana and Plague?”

Adam frowned, answering “Um, I don’t know? Not fucking dying, maybe? Huba-durr~! Mike’s totally insane and trying to destroy the universe, so yeah, we don’t want to be murdered along with everyone else!”

Cain bellowed “Haven’t you idiots figured it out yet?! We’ve already reached the end-game! This is it! This is as powerful as we’re able to possibly get… And it’s still nothing compared to Arcana! She could sneeze and obliterate planets! Arcana is the closest thing to God that exists in this world… So what’s the point in trying to fight her?! No matter what we do, we’re going to die eventually! It’s only a matter of ‘when’ it happens… Maybe you bastards are just too young to understand. Hahahaha~! I’m actually really looking forward to this ‘afterlife’!”

Bunny snickered, flapping her wings and swinging her oversized cutlass downwards. A massive illusory blade shot out and crashed into the left side of Violet’s face. There wasn’t too much damage, but it was enough to make a difference. She yelled “This is just the tutorial! Why the hell are you twats so afraid to start playing the ‘real’ game?!”

Gabriel grumbled “How the fuck did you assholes survive before the apocalypse?! There are plenty of other things to do besides fighting! Aside from that, who cares about power?! Back when we were humans and didn’t have magic, we would have given anything to have these kinds of OP abilities… Now you can’t even be satisfied with being able to fly through space, visit other planets… When will you psychopaths be content?!”

As that titanic scythe was pushed back up into the sky, Cain roared “I was never human! I’ve always been struggling to surpass my limits and become something greater! Until I’m able to become the most powerful being in existence, I’ll never be satisfied!”

Adam muttered “That sounds like a personal problem…”

However, just when they were all about to start killing each other, Violet let out a horrifying screech. Inari’s thousands of clones had all submerged themselves inside of the enormous serpent. Even her main body transformed into a thin, but extremely long, snake and tunneled into one of the gaping holes in the dragon’s neck.

Author’s Note

I’d totally be satisfied with just a tiny bit of immortality… Like, never aging, plus fast regeneration. Even if I wasn’t the only one with powers, it’d still be better than being human rofl.


20 thoughts on “HCL Chapter 104: End-Game Content

  1. Is this a mistake?
    The Dark-Elven Ninja yelled “Plague! This isn’t funny! Shit, Dalthis, get over her and help me convince your crazy brother to stop trying to murder us!”
    Shouldn’t it be:
    The Dark-Elven Ninja yelled “Plague! This isn’t funny! Shit, Dalthis, get over here and help me convince your crazy brother to stop trying to murder us!”

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  2. The problem being if you had that power to live forever and have no worrys from plagues and shit. People who did have powers or even normal people would try to kill your Ass from jealousy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nah, unless you showed off all the time, it’d be easy to trick people into believing that you died eventually lol. Either that or you could just ‘disappear’ for a few years and then have someone else replace you, who looks similar to you. If you can still have kids, it’d be even easier lol.


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