HCL Chapter 105: Chaotic Embrace

“No, means… no~, goddamn it!” While the chaotic conflict was continuing outside, Michael was being tortured by Chaotica in the worst possible way. He yelled “Grah! Why can’t you just rape me?! Agh~, no, I can’t! Urgh~! Stop! Please just stop it!” The Nephilim was in the form of a helpless little boy and trapped in a public restroom stall.

An adorable, crimson-skinned elven girl was waiting outside and giggling. She had glowing blue, serpentine eyes, two small lamb horns jutting out of her forehead, and was wearing a frilly pink dress.

Michael was gagging, while trying not to look at the clogged toilet that he was responsible for cleaning. He contemplated escaping by crawling underneath the stalls, but the floor was totally covered in urine and feces. As for going ‘over’ the walls, there were gigantic purple cockroaches blocking the way.

Chaotica casually played with her fluffy rainbow-colored pigtails, as she mentioned “Ah~, Mikey Mikey Mikey~… What happened to all that willpower from before? Don’t worry~, I’ve got lots and lots of games for you to play after this one~! Next is Hospice Care~, where you get to wash a bunch of old and dying people~! Then I’ll let you be a doctor~… Or maybe you would rather spend a few years paralyzed from the neck down? Oh~, maybe we could be Goblins and live in a quaint village… Mommy did that one time and she said it was kind of fun~.”

The little boy growled “For fuck’s sake! No! I know you’re powerful… but I don’t give a damn! I refuse to believe that my soul is this weak! You can’t force me to plunge a toilet, clean a diaper or eat my own vomit! I won’t! Not even in a horrible nightmarish Soul Realm! Grah~!”

Four beautiful dove-like wings erupted from the naked Nephilim’s back, as his hair turned silver, his eyes became golden and his flesh was totally porcelain. Then he used one of the Light spells that he was most familiar with to totally obliterate everything within a hundred meters of his pure flesh.

That red-skinned elf was pouting with her hands behind her back. As the radiance started to burn away her illusory body, she asked “Do you really hate me so much? Do you really want me to disappear so badly? Am I nothing more than just a weapon to you?”

He sighed dramatically and stopped trying to force his way out of that dark and chaotic void. Michael smiled wryly as he reached out and gently caressed her face with his left hand, while strangling her with his right. His confusing action actually caused Chaotica to grin happily, moving forward and breaking free of his grasp.

The two children were suddenly hugging each other tightly as she whispered “I love you Daddy~…” Her body was abruptly ripped in half down the center, but there was no blood. She latched onto Michael’s shoulders and transformed into crimson slime, which plastered itself onto his arms.

Those pure-white hands were dyed with what seemed like human blood. Within moments they were mutated into demonic claws, which had sharp horns sticking out of the knuckles. There were jagged shark-like teeth from his wrist, all the way to his elbow, while the skin seemed like a hardened carapace. His upper arms and shoulders were protected by enormous metallic black pauldrons, that had plenty of red spines covering them. It almost seemed like they were made out of porcupines.

Michael reached out with his right hand and grabbed the hilt of an excessively large sword. It appeared similar to his original Arcane Siegeblade, but with just a glance, the little boy was able to tell that there was something different about it.

He grumbled “Ugh~, I really wish there was some way to get my ‘UI’ to work… Well, the System doesn’t really exist here, so it’s not that strange. I guess I’ll just need to wait until we get back to Arcana before I can check out the specs on my new Gear.”

As he was reminiscing, a screen appeared before his golden eyes: “Purified Arcane Siegeblade: +600 Attack Rating, +24 Strength, +24 Endurance, +24 Vitality, +12 Intelligence, +12 Wisdom. Deals Arcane damage. Each point of Aura can increase or decrease the weight by one pound. Soulbound to Michael Cinagra. Epic Quality, requires level-40.”

Immediately after that, another hologram appeared: “Chaotic Embrace: +200 Attack Rating, +200 Defense Rating, +100 Strength, +100 Vitality, +100 Endurance, +100 Agility. Causes Chaotic damage when used as a weapon. The wearer may be subjected to visual and auditory hallucinations when out of combat. There are multiple hidden features. Counts as gauntlets and pauldrons. Soulbound to Michael Cinagra. Legendary Quality, requires level-40.”

Then a familiar feminine voice whispered “These are the statistics that these items would have within my world… Are you satisfied or disappointed?”

Michael snickered, turning towards the beautiful porcelain-skinned elven woman. Her eyes were pitch-black, but her flesh was glowing so brightly that it illuminated the massive void that surrounded the two of them.

He answered “Nah~, I’m just kinda meh~, hehehe~… I might not be able to use them once the seven of us separate, but I’m guessing they’re going to get plenty of use between now and then. Besides, I was like level thirty-four, so it won’t take me too long to meet the requirements… Anyway, how the hell do I leave this place? I don’t feel comfortable being away from my Companions. I’m afraid that something might happen to them without my protection… I’m the ‘Tank’ after all.”

Arcana smirked, murmuring “The seven of you are eternally connected… This Soul Realm would never be able to truly trap you as long as there was even a single one of your Companions outside. Although, even if all of you were to find yourselves within a foreign Soul Realm… Hmm, it appears that you will not need to escape on your own after all.”

The Goddess turned into a beam of light and entered the Nephilim’s four fluffy white wings, dying them black. There were trillions of stars and billions of galaxies floating around, creating constantly moving constellations. As he equipped his helmet, breastplate, leg armor and boots, his body started growing rapidly. In a moment, he was six feet tall and all of his equipment was glowing for various reasons.

Those spiny pauldrons on his shoulders would shift and twitch constantly. It was occasionally possible to see tiny pink eyes peering out from within the bristles. His forearms pulsated and his hands clenched around the hilt of that obnoxiously oversized crystalline sword. Unlike the original version, the new siegeblade seemed less like a rubber toy and more like a sun that was shaped like a double-edged blade. The Arcane, Light and Chaotic mana swirled around within the transparent weapon, occasionally leaking out through the edge and creating what seemed like a solarflare.

Michael’s whole face was covered by a simple and ominous obsidian mask, which had no features aside from the reflective glasses that covered his golden eyes. All of his long black hair was condensed onto the back of his head and made the back of the helmet seem rather elongated.

As he was about to try and tear a hole through the void, someone else beat him to it. Two enormous jade paws appeared before him and created a massive portal. As he saw those bright-blue irises and that viridescent fox’s colossal snout, he yelled “Inari~! Daw~! You’re still adorable, even when you’re planet-sized~!”

Then the entire Soul Realm that was trapping him, shattered into trillions of tiny pieces. All around him was a sea of gigantic vixens, who were all sniffing and barking at his absurdly small body. Finally, a titanic serpent’s tongue wrapped around his waist and pulled him into a gargantuan snake-like mouth.


Dalthis shouted “Shit! Bunny, you basic bitch! If we don’t get out of here now, we’re all going to die!” He was still standing on Violet’s neck, but the enormous dragon-rat was spasming violently. The Chaotic aura in its body was growing fiercer every second and it was on the verge of reaching critical mass.

Cain swung down his scythe again, which was parried by Chamuel’s glaive. Each of their clashes created thunderous roars and huge explosions. A Death Knight, wielding a battleaxe and riding on the back of a skeletal Unicorn, was charging up the absurdly large and slimy tail. Cali chuckled, but didn’t actually speak.

In the sky, Bunny was using her outrageous cutlass to send out dozens of illusory blades. Those attacks crashed against Adam’s ‘Arcane Tree Barrier’ spell. Although she wasn’t able to break through it, her goal was merely to delay for as long as possible.

She cackled and madly dove down, slamming her siegeblade against a metallic shield that Gabriel hastily created. Aoi was soaring around through the sky and firing off hundreds of magical arrows per minute, most of which dealt minor damage to Cain.

A six-meter tall Orcish man was wielding two blood-soaked warhammers, as he leaped out in front of Cali and crushed his mount into bonedust. He furiously roared and sent out a pressure wave, crashing against the Death Knight’s obsidian breastplate. Then the two of them engaged in melee combat, using mostly physical attacks and very little magic.

Butter suddenly began laughing hysterically, then he sheathed his swords, falling down onto his knees. He laid down onto Violet’s neck and started weeping loudly, “Don’t worry girl, I won’t leave you to die alone…”


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    • Well, there’s still arc 8, but that’ll be the second half of the 4th and final volume of “Hardcore Legacies”. Hardcore OP-ness will return as “OP-ness Returns” probably lol. Or something like that, I haven’t really decided yet rofl. I’m currently writing chapter 114 of HCL.


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