HCL Chapter 106: Temptation

Just when everyone expected the enormous rat-dragon to explode, it suddenly disappeared. Butter, Dalthis, Gabriel, Cali and Decum all started falling towards the ground, though they quickly utilized various methods to fly.

Michael was hovering where Violet’s head had been. He was six feet tall and holding a blindingly bright sword, which had huge arcs of purple lightning and what appeared to be solar flares randomly shooting out of the weapon’s surface. That siegeblade was only three meters long, but it seemed more oppressive than Cain’s colossal scythe or Chamuel’s gargantuan guan dao.

More terrifying than his Epic sword, were those four wings that were spread out behind his back. When casually gazing into that darkness or staring at those celestial bodies, most people would feel as if their soul was being ripped out. On the other hand, the group that was gathered around the Nephilim were all powerful enough to fight against that intense ‘gravity’. However, they still began hearing the voices and seeing the images of their long-lost loved ones, beckoning them to come join them.

For lunatics like Cain and Bunny, their hallucinations were of a vast and wonderful reality, where they could finally ‘enjoy’ themselves properly. Butter saw a vision of an adorable little purple rat, squeaking and running around in a field filled with terrifying demonic monstrosities. In fact, he fell so deeply into the illusion that he shouted “Hang in there Big V! Don’t worry, I’ll come save you!”

Adam yelled “Fuck! Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you assholes?! Snap outta it! Mike! Why are you doing this?!”

Michael sighed dramatically, complaining “This isn’t some kinda trick… Just trust me, okay? It’s better if you don’t fight this. The more you struggle, the more your soul will weaken and the worse-off you’ll be in Arcana.”

Butter’s body suddenly transformed into a shadowy fog, which was immediately sucked into those gigantic wings. Aoi slowly flew down from the sky and caressed the upper-left wing, while murmuring “Belle… I’m finally going to be able to see you again.” Then she was directly absorbed into the pitch-black feathers.

After that, Decum exploded into a torrent of crimson blood and was sucked into the lower-left wing. Bunny cackled hysterically as she charged into the upper-right, alongside Cyber, Cali and Toxic. Of course, their physical bodies and all the ‘Artifacts’ that they had on them, were all disintegrated instantly. Thus, from Adam’s perspective, they had simply been manipulated into committing suicide.

Cain’s colossal body began rapidly shrinking, until he was only three meters tall. Then two enormous bat-like wings burst out of the back of his black armor and he swooped down, diving towards Michael’s chest. He swung his sinister scythe down, while bellowing “Come on! Show me what a real God looks like! Hahahaha~!”

The Nephilim was still wearing his obsidian helmet, so it was impossible for anyone to see his facial expression. However, his hysterical laughter was ringing out and reverberating for dozens of miles.

“Don’t worry! Where you’re going, I’m sure you’ll be able to find out!” Michael’s gigantic Purified Arcane Siegeblade stabbed outwards and easily blasted the head of that scythe into tiny pieces, which were immediately obliterated by the incredible scorching heat. Then his left hand shot outwards and the demonic crimson claw pierced through Cain’s breastplate.

The giant knight didn’t even have the chance to groan, before his bulky body vanished into thin air. There was a tiny black pearl in the Nephilim’s left hand, which he played with for a few moments before sending it into his Soul Realm for safe storage. Chamuel roared “If you want to take me, you’re going to have to work for it!”

Michael sighed, glancing at the gargantuan bear-man in bright-blue runic armor, who was swimming down a colossal guan dao. He loudly retorted “Well, when you put it that way, I’m not sure if I want to anymore!”

The glaive slashed down and crashed against the flat side of that Purified Arcane Siegeblade, creating an enormous, fiery explosion. Adam used that moment to grab Gabriel’s left arm and teleport the two of them hundreds of miles away.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for them to take Chamuel along for the ride, so he was left to fend for himself. That three-hundred meter tall anthropomorphic grizzly suddenly swept the bottom of his staff across the river of lava and let out a deafening roar. Then thousands of relatively large crimson serpents started soaring up towards the Nephilim.

Michael reached out his left demonic gauntlet and muttered “Ally, I guess it’s your turn. Don’t worry Sarah, you’ll get to come out in a little bit. Although, technically, Tali gets to fight next… Well, we can just play it by ear I guess?” All of those snakes wrapped around his body and the ground was torn asunder. There was a cataclysmic volcanic eruption, which swiftly consumed the startled bear-man.

However, after the ground was spewing molten rock and metal into the sky for a few minutes, it abruptly stopped. Then all of that bright-orange and crimson liquid congealed into the shape of a three-mile tall dragon-girl.

That supermassive golem was so big that every step it took, caused an impact crater. Not only that, but it seemed as if it were a magnet that attracted all sorts of comets, meteors and asteroids. They came within a few hundred of it’s head and shoulders, before crashing down into the ground.

It didn’t seem to be moving very quickly, but each casual step had a stride of over a mile. Every two seconds, it was able to traverse an entire mile. Since Mars had about the same atmospheric density as Earth used to, there should have been far too much wind resistance for the golem to travel more than twice the speed of sound. However, there was an oppressive aura of Wind that surrounded the entire monstrosity, preventing it from being slowed down at all.

Oddly enough, that colossal dragoness was actually breathing. Every time it inhaled, all of the mana and atmosphere within several miles would be consumed. Each exhale created terrifying sandstorms, violent lightning clouds and poisonous smog. All of the beautiful green plants and animals that were created by Inari’s aura, were either incinerated by the constant explosions or died from suffocation and mana-deprivation.

Fortunately, most of the creatures were able to flee far away. They scoured the planet, devouring all of the ‘native’ magical-beasts, demons and plant-life. Their purpose was simply to strip away every biological resource that was on the surface.

Meanwhile, the enormous golem was mainly concerned with ‘drinking’ and ‘eating’ the flesh and bone of Mars. Alice swiftly gave up chasing Adam and Gabriel, because there was no way for them to escape regardless of where they went.


After two weeks, Michael and his Companions were all playing around in their little white room. The only one who wasn’t there, was a certain dragon-girl. At a certain point, the lava-golem just lazed around all the time and used erupting volcanoes as bongs. She would roll around and pick up chunks of metal, dirt, sand or even random gigantic magical-beasts, then throw it all into her serpentine mouth.

Sarah shouted “Hey Mike, come over here for a second! I wanna test this new weapon I created!”

The Nephilim was on a large fluffy mattress with an angelic cat-girl and a huge dryadic woman. He lifted his face away from Elina’s furry groin and glanced over at the naked little Death-Elf, who was in the corner of the room. After a few seconds, he complained “That’s a goddamn potato peeler…”

She snickered, proudly explained “Yeah, I know, right? Not only can ya shiv someone with it really easily, but it can also peel their flesh off pretty nicely! Ah, imagine using one of these fuckers on someone’s dick! Even if ya shoved it up someone’s ass, it’d still be pretty painful… Oh, I bet you could probably rip a clit off too… Hey, Elly, let me try this out on you for a second.”

Elina screamed “No~! What is wrong with you?! No, don’t answer that, I already know! Michael, don’t you dare let her use that on me!”

“Nyah~! Mikey~! Lookie~, lookie~! I made a Super-Duper Pooter Shooter!” Jasmine jumped onto the bed, holding what appeared to be a squirming purple slug-monster. There was a slimy pink pistol-grip on the bottom, but the moment she pulled the trigger, it instantly exploded.

Author’s Note

I’m currently writing chapter 117 and it feels like the closer I get to the end, the harder it is to write lol. I think I’m starting to understand how those xianxia protagonists feel when they’re reaching a bottleneck and trying to break through to the next stage of their cultivation rofl. That’s probably what those stories are really about… The authors struggling to write stories that are like hundreds or thousands of chapters long :P.


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  1. aw man i hope we get a weird sex scene before this book ends. maybe they just were not part of this HCOP legacies pre/se-quel , but hopefully in the next book when we get back to arcana there will be lots of weird but fun sex and crazy porn the whole world of arcana can watch (similar to the first book/s). lol i mean the name has penis in it and that shit was fun to read.

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