Chapter 291: Yin-Yang Fusion Technique

“Hahaha~, I feel so fucking amazing right now! It’s like I’m starving to death, but aside from that, I know that I could beat the shit outta you right now Mike!” The giant vixen bared a much stronger resemblance to Inari, but it was easy for the others to tell that the one in control was actually Sarah. Continue reading

Chapter 289: Mutual Trust

“Ain’t this kinda rushed? I mean, it’s like midnight… I figured when you said a week, it was gonna be seven whole days.” After complaining, Michael yawned obnoxiously. Continue reading

Chapter 288: Auspicious Names

“Congratulations! Your ‘Mystery Cat Egg’ has hatched!” Michael and Elina both received the message at the same time, but it didn’t specify exactly ‘what’ emerged or the number of offspring. Thus, Adam was able to teleport on top of the floating cube and press the button that led to the roof. From there he used ‘Rainbow Jump’ a few more times to escape as far away as possible. Continue reading

Chapter 278: An Ominous Patch

Michael felt a little dizzy, then he was engulfed in a blinding light and reached level thirty-three. All of the nausea and discomfort was instantly quelled and he invested all four stat-points into Intelligence. Continue reading

Chapter 277: Pretty Professional

There were many ways to become more powerful, but intensive training and life-threatening combat were the most common and ‘cheapest’ methods to gain experience, while raising stats. However, the world was much more complicated than a simple ‘video-game’, and not everyone would be willing to risk their lives killing others in order to gain strength. Continue reading

Chapter 231: Complex Relationships

“The question is… where should I stick my penis in first? I mean, you hate giving blowjobs, so there are really only three options: vaginal, anal or the mysterious silk-hole?” The moment that Michael finished urinating, he teleported into the Necropolis and began fondling the relatively small spider-girl’s body. Continue reading

Chapter 227: Alice’s OP Alchemy

Alice finished concocting a bubbling, pitch-black, inky potion, which emitted toxic fumes constantly. It was so unstable that the first three tries had resulted in Chaotic explosions, even before she had a chance to try it out. Continue reading

Chapter 225: All In a Day’s Work

“Ugh~, killing people is so exhausting… It’s pretty much over with now, right? I wanna go home, take a long hot bath in Talia’s room, then have a relaxing orgy, before finally going to sleep.” Michael was casually glancing around at the tens of thousands of corpses that were spread out around him. Obviously, there were quite a few casualties on his side as well: three-hundred giant wasps, five-hundred colossal cockroaches, one-thousand massive ants and plenty of other miscellaneous magical-beasts that he honestly didn’t care about. Continue reading

Chapter 223: The Climax of the Crusade

Alice quickly hit the ‘exit’ button on the touchscreen and teleported into the living-room, then she rushed into the bathroom and sat down onto the ‘Light-Toilet’. Although, considering her ridiculous body-size, she could barely fit onto the seat, but the most important areas were properly ‘connected’. Continue reading

Chapter 222: Alchemical Experimentation

“Nyah~, Ally~, I’m so~ bored~! Stop making drugs and play~ with~ me~!” Jasmine was currently building a snowman, out of pure-white sand. However, after infusing it with her own blood and mana for a few hours, it actually transformed into a level-one, rank-G ‘Demonic Earth Slime’. Continue reading