Chapter 224: The End… Of the Luxian Crusade

Unfortunately, there was no way for Michael to actually ‘show’ his Quest to Nazriel, and even if he could, the Crusader obviously wouldn’t have believed it was really from Lux. Thus, their duel continued with a furious shout: “Die heretic!” Continue reading

Chapter 223: The Climax of the Crusade

Alice quickly hit the ‘exit’ button on the touchscreen and teleported into the living-room, then she rushed into the bathroom and sat down onto the ‘Light-Toilet’. Although, considering her ridiculous body-size, she could barely fit onto the seat, but the most important areas were properly ‘connected’. Continue reading

Chapter 221: Death Isn’t Such a Big Deal

“Goddess of Light, I call upon your divine grace and supreme benevolence! Please, grant me the power to return these innocent souls and restore their broken bodies! Mass Resurrection!” A gigantic beam of solar radiation fell from the sun, landing upon rows of Rabbit-Tribe corpses. Continue reading

Chapter 219: Karma?

“The Romans, Huns, Spartans, Nazis, Vikings, Conquistadors, British, Imperial Japan, Han Dynasty, seriously, the list of fucked-up evil assholes from my world is literally endless… but they all had something in common, which no organization in this world is capable of: rape and slavery. Sure, these Holy Cuntian Bastards can crucify ya and massacre entire villages for happy-fun-times, but there ain’t nothing stopping you morons from just ‘mass ressing’ the corpses and doing the same to them, right? It feels like you’re making a much bigger deal outta this than it really is… Where the hell do they live anyway? I doubt that they’re based in the same zone as you guys are living.” Once he remembered that he wasn’t on Earth anymore, Michael actually saw the situation as a great opportunity for Elina to learn a new spell. Continue reading