HCOP Book 2, Chapter 100: Chaos

Earth and Mars were closer than they used to be, but they were still over a hundred million miles apart. It was incredibly difficult to pass messages from one planet to the other, especially because there was so much ‘noise’ in the atmosphere. The best method was simply traveling through the portal, but even that required plenty of time. Thus, several hours after Iris died, Gabriel still had no idea that Minari had even woken up. Continue reading

Chapter 224: The End… Of the Luxian Crusade

Unfortunately, there was no way for Michael to actually ‘show’ his Quest to Nazriel, and even if he could, the Crusader obviously wouldn’t have believed it was really from Lux. Thus, their duel continued with a furious shout: “Die heretic!” Continue reading

Chapter 164: Angelic Massacre

“Commander Seraphiel, Level-29 Angel Guardian, Rank-D, Boss,” was a three-meter tall, extremely muscular woman, with a face that was similar to just about every other angel. Continue reading