HCOP Book 2, Chapter 100: Chaos

Earth and Mars were closer than they used to be, but they were still over a hundred million miles apart. It was incredibly difficult to pass messages from one planet to the other, especially because there was so much ‘noise’ in the atmosphere. The best method was simply traveling through the portal, but even that required plenty of time. Thus, several hours after Iris died, Gabriel still had no idea that Minari had even woken up. Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 99: War

A brown-skinned fox-girl was casually walking across a beautiful crimson meadow. The sky was red and it was possible to see a constant stream of explosions on every horizon. However, for the most part, that patch of land was a ‘safe-zone’. Continue reading

TDD V1, Chapter 5: The Battle of Salmon Creek

Author’s Note

Since this chapter is relatively short and my laziness is extremely high, I’m just gonna put it all in a single post. To thank me, you should white-list my site for adblock :P. Anyway, enjoy the feast of blood and souls or some such bullshit.

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TDoE V2 Chapter 7: Conscription

When you spend enough time with another person, you either end up hating them… or loving them. Now, I’m not saying that you need to have sex with them or that sexual desire even has anything to do with it. That fondness that builds up can even be felt for inanimate objects. I definitely had an emotional connection to my computer in my last life, even though I knew that it couldn’t love me back. Continue reading