HCOP Book 2, Chapter 100: Chaos

Earth and Mars were closer than they used to be, but they were still over a hundred million miles apart. It was incredibly difficult to pass messages from one planet to the other, especially because there was so much ‘noise’ in the atmosphere. The best method was simply traveling through the portal, but even that required plenty of time. Thus, several hours after Iris died, Gabriel still had no idea that Minari had even woken up.

If they had teleported anywhere on Luna or Venus, then they would have been found rather swiftly, but Mars was just too far away. It was certainly fortunate for Inari, but extremely disconcerting for Beatrix, Luke and everyone else who was desperately searching for the carefree vixen.

As the gorilla and bear-man were standing across from each other and preparing for their duel, an enormous galleon suddenly emerged from the thick and dark clouds in the sky. Purple lightning rained down upon it, but there was no damage to the infrastructure of that pirate ship. On the mast, there was a huge rainbow-colored muffin and a beautiful white unicorn was casually standing upon the deck. Riding atop that steed, was a gorgeous blonde-haired and blue-eyed fairy.

“Well, if it isn’t Furry Gape and Chamoomoo! What a coincidence, running into you two here!” The huge black and pink butterfly wings on her back fluttered a bit and her ship started diving down towards the ground like a meteor. She was wearing a skimpy bikini, made out of magically enhanced, elastic steel.

There was a large white tricorn hat on her head, which had a writhing purple tentacle embroidered along the sides. Even though she was only around five feet tall, her weapon of choice was a thick and gigantic siegeblade. It was shaped like a three-meter long obsidian cutlass, with a golden guard and pommel. Upon the excessively wide flat of the blade, there was a silver etching of several dozen names.

“Son of a bitch! Well, it’s been nice seeing you again Chamuel, but I guess we’re going to have to postpone that whole duel thing! Bye!” Gabriel pulled out a magical golden scroll and swiftly opened it, before yelling “Hurry and get me the fuck outta here!” There was an explosion of Light aura and an instant later, the giant ape-man was nowhere to be seen.

“Bunny~, hey Bunny~… He didn’t really teleport away. Gapey is actually tunnelling underground…” A creepy, high-pitched, semi-masculine voice emanated from that sentient flying galleon, as it continued descending rapidly.

The furious fairy immediately screamed “Shut your whore mouth Ceda! Nobody loves you!” Then she glared at the blood-red dirt and roared “Furry Gape, you fucking moley piece of garbage! Get out here right now! Where the hell do you think you’re going anyway, you fucking fuck?! Ceda, why the fuck aren’t you shooting?! Shoot them! Kill them all! Stop being such a fucking pussy and start shooting your gimpy cannons!”

That unicorn let out a long sigh and shook its head, before complaining “Alex, you really need to calm down… Just because you’re on your period, doesn’t mean you can just go around committing mass murder. Besides, remember why we actually came here…”

Ceda whined and moaned, before turning sharply and revealing hundreds of magical cannons along his left side. Then he quietly said “I’m sorry, but Bunny wants me to shoot you…” as he fired off a salvo into the army of tiny and defenseless Goblins.

Most of those small red bodies were shredded to pieces, splattering blue blood and gore everywhere. However, one of them transformed into a muscular, two-meter tall purple-skinned elven man. He had antler-like horns coming out of his head and was wearing all sorts of leaves and fur.

That magical flying pirate ship immediately shouted “Oh hai Dalthis~! I didn’t see you there!”

“Shut the fuck up Ceda! I hate you!” A large, intricately carved wooden staff appeared in the man’s right hand and he immediately launched several hundred orbs of glowing white light into the sky. Those balls of Arcane aura detonated once they reached the deck and side of that galleon, killing dozens of random low-ranked members of Forewarning. They were mostly Gnomes and Dwarves who weren’t very powerful or important, so the Guild Master, Bunny, and her Officers, didn’t even seem to care.

Chamuel roared “I know you guys hate each other, but I don’t think these assholes really give a shit about that! Aoi, Bloodfucker, I think the two of you should either take your people and flee or join together to fight these crazy bastards!”

At the back of the army of Scarlet Knights, was a relatively short High Elven Huntress. She was six feet tall, had blonde hair and green irises, while being dressed up in a tight-fitting red-leather outfit. There was a hood that covered her long ears and ponytail and a large cape that fluttered around behind her back, as her lithe body shot up into the air. There were several curved daggers stored across her legs and waist, while two straight and thin short-swords were sheathed across her lower back. However, her main weapons were the small automatic crossbows in each of her hands. They were made out of a crystalline material that was nearly transparent and had pistol-grips. Since they were Legacies, it was obvious that they operated mainly utilizing mana.

As she began rapidly firing dozens of Wind-Bolts per second at the approaching pirate ship, she growled “Fine with me! Everybody listen up! Kill as many of Bunny’s little bitches as you can! If we survive this battle, then we can worry about wiping out those ugly Orcish cocksuckers! Odds are that they’ll all be dead by then anyway though! Hahahaha~!”

The ground between the two armies abruptly erupted like a volcano, as an enormous gorilla-shaped obsidian golem emerged. Lava spewed from its ears, eyes and mouth, while it punched up towards the galleon. Behind the three-hundred meter tall ape was the head of a colossal purple-furred rat-dragon, which shot up into the sky and swiftly tore through Ceda’s mast.

Without its main source of propulsion, the ship was unable to dodge the incoming fist. The cannons on the left side managed to fire off a salvo, greatly damaging that pitch-black hand, but it wasn’t enough to deflect the attack. Thus, a gigantic hole was ripped through the galleon and nearly broke the vessel in half.

Ceda wailed and whined in agony, but Bunny just screamed “Shut the fuck up! Nobody cares! You’re so fucking useless! Just die already!”

Then she growled “What the hell are you assholes waiting for?! Go down there and start DPSing the mobs! Odin, go do something, I don’t care! Toxic, Cyber, Shitwagon, just don’t let anyone important die! Cali, you need to tank Chamoomoo and I’ll do the rest, cause you’re all terribad anyway!”

The unicorn kicked off of the deck and landed onto the giant gorilla golem’s head, before the angry fairy flapped her wings and soared up into the dark clouds. Then she dove down and slashed her huge cutlass down onto the rock-monster’s left shoulder, totally severing the creature’s arm. With another swipe, its fifty-meter long head was removed from its body.

As the gargantuan ape went limp and started falling down onto the battlefield, Gabriel burst out of its back and began hovering in the air. He was standing on a giant reflective disk and casually floating hundreds of feet above the ground. Without bothering to taunt his already raging enemy, he called down an actual meteor from Mars’ first ring. The gigantic rock was traveling at several thousand miles per hour, so it didn’t take long for it to break through the atmosphere and break apart. At least twenty small fragments survived and one of them managed to smash into Bunny’s lower back.

However, even though there was a deafening explosion, the impact only left a light bruise. Of course, she still screamed “Shit! You sneaky cunt!” With a swing of her blade, thousands of illusory waves of Arcane aura rippled through the skies and slashed into a bronze shield that was instantly created from Gabriel’s Earth mana.

That dragon-rat fell from the clouds and crashed into the the heavily damaged flying pirate ship, breaking it in half. All of the weaker crew that couldn’t make it out in time, were either killed instantly or trapped inside the plummeting wreckage.

Chamuel was fighting a fierce battle on a piece of metal that was floating along a flowing river of lava. His enemy was a four-meter tall skeletal Death-Knight, who was wearing obsidian armor and wielding a huge halberd. Their polearms clashed against each other constantly, creating massive waves of green flames and lustrous blue water.

There was a huge cybernetically enhanced Dwarven Paladin, wearing silver platemail and using a jetpack to soar above the warzone. He deflected bullets, arrows and magical projectiles with the crimson tower shield in his left hand and cast healing spells with the golden scepter in his right.

A masculine Seraphim wearing priestly vestments and holding a glowing green scimitar in each hand, was also flying around. He occasionally sent waves of Nature aura down towards Cali, the Death-Knight, but mostly hacked and slashed at Violet’s enormous body.

As Odin charged into the ranks of Orcish soldiers, a shadowy figure suddenly appeared on his back. With an obsidian katana in each hand, it stabbed down into the steed’s thick neck and attempted to decapitate him. However, the unicorn released a blinding Light aura and swiftly teleported in front of a huge ogre. After impaling the heavily armored giant in the groin, it fired off a horrifyingly powerful purple lightning, which jumped to several other nearby enemies.

That Dark-Elven Ninja reappeared on the magical horse’s back and cackled, asking “Hey Odin, why are you running away from me~? Aren’t we old friends? Hahahaha~, I’m just kidding! Not even your dominatrix really gives a shit about you! Ah~, don’t worry~, I won’t really kill you~… I’m actually just here because Cain is going to arrive soon~.”

*Author’s Note*

Yes, this Forewarning is the same one that was in Harem Reaper lol. Not sure if anyone remembers that anymore, but… Forewarning shows up in a few of my other stories too, here and there. Honestly, I spend a lot of time wondering who certain characters are… Like, ‘Belial’ from “Immortal Soul” and “Tower Defense Deities”. Belial is most likely Bunny, but I can’t really be sure rofl. I feel like I should know these things, since I’m the author, however… I just don’t.

I mean, technically, they’re all descendants or fragments of the Original Seven Souls: Michael, Helel, Gabriel, Raphael, Azrael, Uriel and Sariel. In this mythos, they’re kind of like the titans in a sense lol. They were originally the most powerful, but as they created more offspring, they became weaker. Hence, some of them started to literally and metaphorically eat their own children(soul fragments) in order to regain their lost power, but it was impossible to keep up with the growth.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that the biggest mistake of any Godlike entity is when they decide to start reproducing… It’s all downhill from there lol. Also, the main reason why it’s practically impossible to keep up with the expansion is that every single soul is capable of creating entire universes on a lower plane than theirs. For example, look at me rofl. How many worlds have I written into existence? Technically, I’ve created universes and plenty of other people are out there doing the same. Then within those universes, there are characters who are creating their own universes(stories). Within those stories, there should be more characters creating stories and so on…

It’s kind of like how when you break down an atom, it creates smaller and smaller particles, but there is not ‘end’. There’s no way to tell right now, with our current technology, but I’m willing to bet that our entire universe is likely just one of many. Not just that, but our whole universe is probably only a tiny cell in the body of some ‘deity’ from our perspective. They might be living a life very similar to ours and could be totally ignorant of anything that’s happening to us. Every cell in their bodies could be like an entire universe…

Okay, I’ll stop rambling on now lol. This is the kinda shit that I think about when I’m tired… You’re welcome.

In other news, I’ve started editing HCOP. I think that the next book I publish will be the beginning of HCOP… Not sure how many chapters it will be yet though. My goal is to keep the HCOP books ‘short’, so there might be like 7 to 10 of them by the time I’m done. As for Hardcore Legacies(This series.), HCL will probably only be 3 volumes lol.

If you’re wondering why I want to make the books so ‘short’, it’s because they cost money to print. With TDoDK, it ended up being 512 pages long and costing 7 dollars for the fucking printing cost, which was taken out of my 60%, hence why I have to charge like 15 dollars in order to make only 2 dollars in royalties.

I’ll probably have a thing that’s like… The normal price of the Ebook will be a dollar, but if you buy the paperback, the ebook will be free? Some kinda marketing scam like that lol. Well, not that it’s a scam…

Okay, I’m going to sleep now. Too tired to think about all these complicated things anymore today! Goodnight!

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  1. Hi mike, i am bassically one of your reader.. and i was just thinkinh of rereading HCOP, but, book one of HCOP TOC page is gone… or is it only me? Please check it~

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    • Shit, I’m glad you told me about that lol. No, it isn’t gone, it’s still there… It’s just that the link is broken lol. I’ll fix it now, but you can also access it through the drop-down menu when you hover over Hardcore OP-ness.


  2. i was expecting our conglomerate of main characters to assassinate a seed holder and gtfo/fuckshitup then leave but noooo the target teleports out and a giant clusterfuck of a war happens instead.

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      • well i guess i didn’t expect an mc on ice for a long time or this prepping earth to be eaten to last more than a few chapters and run like a sidestory before he went back to the other world either. i should stop trying to predict the plot by looking at what happens in different other world stories. :d

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      • I alway wonder Is the genre of this Novel shifted from games element to just fantasy sometime after book 1? or did he return to earth

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      • Honestly, I was still a novice when it came to this kinda shit back then. But rather than book 1 and book 2, it was more like 2 different series. They take place in different universes, but the main characters are basically the same and from the main characters’ point of view, it happens directly after the first series.

        I mean, what kinda book is 295 chapters long? lol


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