OCDT V1, Chapter 8: Old House

“Phew~! Finally made it.” Michael let out a long sigh as he arrived at the destination: Dusty Jame’s old house. He was ambushed by two more toddler skeletons on the way, both of which were only level-1 and almost gave Jasmine enough experience to reach Level-2. Continue reading

OCDT, V1, Prologue: Cachimon Eternal

I could’ve sworn I posted this already, but I guess it didn’t go through. It really pisses me off because I wrote this whole thing about… You know what, fuck it. I’m too lazy to try and rewrite that shit. Here’s the Prologue.


Continue reading

OCDT, V1, Chapter 5: Preparations

Michael was an author. The number of characters he created and named was… A lot. Too much for him to even remember them all. Hence why he often named his characters in various games, after the more memorable characters in the stories he wrote. Aside from being a kitten, the Sand Cat Demon was actually very close to the color ‘jasmine’ as well. While it had jade-green eyes. Most of them did. Continue reading

OCDT, V1, Chapter 4: Breeder

[Breeding Talent: Contracted Demons become more fertile, are able to reproduce more quickly and produce stronger offspring. Baby Demons will gain 50% increased experience in combat. Demons of the opposite Sex of you can be Captured more easily. Family Bonds increases experience by 50% and increases Happiness more quickly. Wild Baby Demons will trust you more easily. Other special skills have yet to be unlocked.] Continue reading

OCDT, V1, Chapter 3: Trainee

“I didn’t catch this guy in a ring by the way.” As Michael handed over the Honey Badger, Dusty pulled out a small red rubber vial. There was a little lid on the end, which he took off, and an eyedropper nipple was revealed. Inserting it into the tiny critter’s mouth, he slowly squeezed out the entire contents. Continue reading

OCDT, V1, Chapter 2: Dusty

Before the chirping creature could even land on the ground, a large human hand grabbed onto its stubby black tail. Then it was whipped around and tossed a dozen meters away, smacking into a random boulder that was laying along the dirt path. With some loud cracking noises, the little animal coughed up blood and passed out onto the dirt. Continue reading

OCDT, V1, Chapter 1: Aurora Mountain

Here’s a link to the Prologue in case you haven’t read it yet. The post didn’t go through the first time, so I had to redo it and so people might read this first, thinking it was the start of the story lol. Don’t, it’s not the kinda prologue that you can skip.


“I just had the weirdest fucking dream…” When Michael opened his eyes the next day, he murmured to himself: “Version 25 came out right when I was about to finish the game, and I had to start over from scratch… Then I think I gave birth to a squid?” Continue reading