Chapter 57: Solitude

“Michael, where are you? I miss you so~ much… JJ, you’re out there somewhere too, right? When are you going to come and see me? Ally, I thought you said that we would be together forever… How is this ‘together’?! Where is everyone?!” A beautiful and angelic woman was sitting upon the branch of an enormous, pure-white, leafless oak tree. Her golden feline irises glowed with a blinding radiance and illuminated the entire beach that she was gazing upon. The Moon in the sky appeared more like a crimson serpentine eyeball and the pupil constricted as it stared at her pristine, flawless, lithe and porcelain feminine body.

Those breasts were large, but firm and perky, as if they weren’t physically possible for a human to obtain. Then there was the long and fluffy white cat-tail which wagged around behind her ample buttocks. That perfectly straight and metallic silver hair wasn’t hiding any ears, because those triangular objects were actually on the top of her head and twitching around.

She wasn’t ‘naked’, but her silken robe was practically transparent; the golden sandals didn’t hide those small and almost child-like feet, both her finger and toenails were long and as reflective as glass mirrors. A simple and unadorned marriage band was on her left-hand’s ring-finger, while there was no other jewelry on her entire body. Those frowning lips and proportionally large nipples were golden and if there wasn’t so much fluffy white fur covering it, her other ‘genitals’ would be the same color. Essentially, she seemed closer to an android than an organic lifeform, though ‘angelic’ was the typical terminology to describe her appearance.

Elina let out a long sigh and a thick, glowing, hard-covered book appeared in her hands. She opened up to the five-hundredth page and started quietly singing “Michael~, I know you’re out~ there~ somewhere~… Jasmine~, please come and take me away~ from here~. I miss you both~, and I can’t stand this emptiness in my heart~; when I think of you~, and I want you to~, be here~…”

Her golden eyes gazed up at the horizon and the trillions of sparkling stars in the sky, as she continued in a much louder voice: “It’s been far~ too long~! I’ve waited night and day~! This island of mine~, is much too far away~! Where have you been~? What have you done~? It seems like our story has ended~, before it’s truly even~ begun~!”

Then she stared up at the glowing red eye-like Moon and sang “Ally~, I know you’re watching me~… Just what is it that you want to see~? I miss your voice~, your smooth and tender scales~… The way that you touch me~, and especially your flexible tail~! Why aren’t you here~?! Where are you now~?! If you can see me~, then why don’t you just~, come~, down~! Be with me~, and let me see~, your~ face~!”

The book disappear and she flapped her enormous dove-like wings, soaring up into the starry, cloudless skies. Flying through the air, she did a few flips and twirls, when the sound of an angelic harp started reverberating throughout her entire Soul Realm. She stopped and started smiling cheerfully, as a soft, yet powerful, feminine voice resonated throughout that strange world. “Miguel~, it has been far too long~! I have been waiting~, to finally hear your song~! Without you~, my life is meaningless~! Without you~, there is an emptiness in my chest~! Why~ do you have~ to go~ away~?! Why~, could you not~ just~, take~ me~ away~?! From this frigid cold~, this broken soul~, I just wanted you~ to~ stay~!”

“Meow meow~, meow-meow-meow-meow meow meow~! Meow~, nyah~ nya-nyah~! Meow meow~, meow meow me-ow~ me-ow~! Nyah~ nyah nya-nya-nyah~! Meow~ meow~, mew-mow-me-ow~, nya-ha-ah-ha-ah~!” Elina accompanied the melody of the angelic harp, with her own beautiful feline falsetto.

“I’ve been around the world~, from Baltimore… to Kansas~? To be completely honest~, I’ve got no fucking~ clue where I am~! But I miss you~, and I love you two~! And I’m sorry~, for leaving~, but I’ve been here all along~! We’re always together~, now and forever~! We’re literally goddamn soul-mates~, so what do you expect~?!” A naked Nephilim fell from the sky, while belting out some random lines and suddenly embracing the grinning cat-girl from behind.

Michael smiled, “I’m sorry for ruining your music video moment, but I just couldn’t help myself…”

The harp abruptly stopped playing and Talia immediately asked “Miguel, why have you not summoned me in so long?! It has been years!”

“Wait what? No it hasn’t… probably? Hmmm~, I mean, it’s only been a few days for me? Although, I did lose consciousness several times and wake up in weird places, hehehe~… Oh shit, now that I think about it, what the fuck happened to me?! How did I get here?! The last thing I remember, I was… Ah, I was lost in some kinda icy hellscape and probably passed out.” The Nephilim frowned as he casually stood in midair, while holding the angelic woman in his arms.

Elina had tears in her golden eyes as she turned around and pressed her lips against his. She hugged him tightly and only stopped kissing him after an entire minute. Then she started crying and complained “Michael! It really has been at least eight or nine years for me! It wasn’t that bad at first, because I had some ‘friends’ here… but they just randomly disappeared a few months later! Wah~, you know how bad I am with loneliness! How could you do this to me?!”

He sighed dramatically and Talia grumbled “It was at least a few decades for me, but the solitude was not so terrible… I had two students to train for a while, but then they similarly vanished without warning. However, I have been able to contact the others occasionally.”

Michael glanced around at the endless ocean and saw the strange island with golden sands and silver trees. Then he looked up at the Moon and yelled “Holy fucking shitballs! The hell is that?!”

Suddenly a deafening bellow erupted from the darkened skies, as the head of a super-massive crimson dragon became visible. That incredibly deep voice roared “Finally~! I was wondering how much longer it would take for you to get here and stabilize things! Hurry up and pull us into your own Soul Realm!”

The naked man frowned, wondering “And how exactly am I supposed to do that? Well whatever, I’m sure it can’t be that hard… Maybe if I just imagine something, like a really iconic place in the depths of my consciousness. Oh, I know!”

Everything around Michael and Elina instantly warped, transforming into an enormous jungle. All of the trees and plants were glowing either red, blue, green or yellow and bestial roars echoed throughout the skies nonstop.

“Michael… isn’t this?” A mountain sprung up from the previously level ground and from one of the many caverns, a flood of water started spraying out. Within a few seconds, it had turned into a waterfall. Afterwards, there was an eerily familiar wooden cabin. It appeared exactly the same as the original Player Home, before all of the expansions and other nonsense.

The two of them floated down and landed on the eastern balcony, overlooking a steep cliff. He smiled wryly, holding her tightly against his chest and whispering “I love you, so much… You have no idea how fucking depressed I was when I thought that you weren’t real.”

“What do you mean you thought I wasn’t real? What happened?” Michael snickered, as he carried the angelic beauty bridal-style into the empty ‘bedroom’. In a few moments, it seemed like they entered some sort of horrible, demon-infested hell-zone. There were plenty of slithering pink tentacles reaching up from the floor and attempting to penetrate deeply into any orifice they could find.

Elina screamed “What is this disgusting place?!” as she saw a giant flower-like creature, which was made entirely out of female genitalia. Along the walls were somewhat ‘familiar’ humanoid faces, which followed the two of them with their furious and lust-filled gazes. Some were men, but most were women and all of them were moaning or groaning from pain and pleasure.

The Nephilim smirked, shrugging his shoulders and complaining “This is kinda-sorta what my ‘room’ looked like, but I don’t know who the fuck all those assholes are… not the literal anuses; those are supposed to be there.”

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  2. when some one says “not the literal anuses; those are supposed to be there.” and it takes you a couple minutes to realize that something might be wrong with that statement… that is immersion. Now the question is, what am I immersed in and why does it taste funny?

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  3. you know i really like this story but the only problem is that my computer has a stroke on the chapters and every thing else works fine so if have to do other shit wile it slowly scrolls down and its only the one tab that will not work

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    • It was only quarter Meows! A singular paragraph! Meows are a limited currency! We have to preserve them with the ridiculous rate JJ burns through them! It costs like 2-3 times as much to convert a Meow into a Nyan FFS! We don’t have the infrastructure to support JJ’s excessive spending!

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