Chapter 165: The Spoils of War

The death-toll of villagers, pilgrims, and adventurers wasn’t very high, but their contribution towards the battle was equally insignificant. Fortunately, Michael’s group didn’t have to share their experience with any of them.

A few people did happen to level-up, but it was nothing compared to the seven ‘brave’ warriors who protected Luxiana from the ‘evil’ angels. Over three-hundred Lesser Angels had been killed, but the majority of them were below level-ten.

Alice obviously received the most benefits, since she had only been level-ten at the start of the battle. Roughly two-hundred enemies with an average of level-seven and at rank-G, had turned into around fourteen-hundred experience points.

Unfortunately, five-sixths of that was simply lost, because the other members of her team couldn’t use it. Of the other hundred, fifty were rank-F and level-ten to fifteen, while the rest of them consisted of Elites, Super-Elites, and Ultra-Elites, which were worth more than all the others combined.

In the end, the Draconic Fairy managed to reach level-fifteen, and placed all fifteen of her stat-points into Intelligence. Her badly battered and bloodied body was swiftly recovered to full-strength by that mysterious blinding light. Unfortunately, her brand new red robe was covered in holes, golden blood and her left breast was completely hanging out. If she wasn’t a nudist, she probably would have been embarrassed.

The second-weakest of the party, Jasmine and Elina, had both reached level-seventeen. Three of their points went to Intelligence, while the other half were placed into Wisdom. However, the angelic cat-girl also made some other gains from the battle. First was a new Passive: “Holy Wrath Level 1: Increases the damage of Light-Magic by 5% and reduces the mana-cost by 5%, when exposed to Sunlight or Moonlight.”

Aside from that, the ‘AoE’ spell that she was constantly using, had become much more powerful: “Solar Flare Level 3: Creates a huge beam of solar radiation, which ignites the atmosphere and burns all enemies within its path. Twice as effective against enemies of the Darkness Affinity. Deals 6 damage per Aura point. The radius of the attack is 3 meters, and the maximum range is 300 meters. Costs 30 mana points to cast.”

No one else leveled-up, but everyone did gain a decent amount of proficiency in their skills and abilities. In fact, since she slaughtered so many enemies of the Light Affinity, Sarah actually managed to make it to ‘Intermediate Darkness Affinity Level 1’. Also, her Aura stat increased by seventy-five in a single battle, because of her ‘Aura of Darkness’ Passive.

Michael barely had any improvements, since he didn’t really do much of anything the entire time. Inari was on ‘cleanup’ duty, and was responsible for ‘collecting’ all of the corpses; though she also devoured any mana-cores that were below rank-E and possible for her to gain experience from.

Michael painfully removed that silver blade from his skull and ‘Scanned’ it with irritation: “Silver Scimitar: +150 Attack Rating, +5 Strength, +5 Vitality, +5 Endurance, +5 Agility. Deals 50% more damage to enemies of the Darkness Affinity. Rare Quality, requires level-25 to wield.”

He suddenly looked down at the corpses of those two Crusaders and yelled “Fucking shitballs! Goddamn it, why the hell did I do that?!” They were both using ‘sell-able’ Rare Quality weapons, and armor, but the most expensive pieces had been chopped apart by his siegeblade. In fact, as he glanced around at all the ice-sculptures, and completely obliterated items, he was extremely annoyed.

Fortunately, the most valuable things had been preserved, and as he picked up that woman’s severed forearm, he couldn’t help but chuckle. As a humanoid gains additional mana-cores and becomes an Elite, the second one will be in their heart; the third will usually be within the abdomen, while the fourth and fifth were typically in the hands or feet. Of course, it was also possible for all of them to be located in the brain, but it all depended on how the person trained.

Thus, he send his aura inside of the palm and telekinetically tore the pure-white bead out of the relatively durable flesh. Elina was gazing at the carnage with a complex expression, but the moment that she saw the rank-D angelic mana-core flying towards her face, she quickly grabbed it.

Michael told her “Congratu-fucking-lations! Now, when you get to level-twenty, you should be able to evolve pretty quickly~.” It was taken from a ‘Tank’, but from what he could tell, it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference in the long run: especially once they started taking elixirs.

In fact, the most excited person out of the seven of them was obviously Alice. As she gazed around at all of those precious ‘materials’, she began using her ‘Water Manipulation’ on the copious amounts of silver and golden liquid. All of those juices were swiftly sucked into her palms and sent into her inventory, “At least a couple hundred gallons, maybe more… Hmm, I wonder though, if I mixed some of this shit, with… It might be a little dangerous, but there’s no reason for me to test it on myself, right? Hmmm, there sure are a lot of people here… I bet they would be interested in ‘helping’ me, hehe~.”

As the flying High-Elf gracefully landed in front of him, Michael asked “You know you’re wearing a skirt, right? Well, whatever, it doesn’t really matter…” Suddenly, he turned around and yelled “Oi Sarah, goddamn it, the fight’s over! Don’t attack them!” He used Arcane Pull, to keep the little Dark-Goblin from continuing her killing-spree in the town.

When the golden-blood covered girl smacked into his chest, she immediately complained “Fine, but cut that shit out! Grah~, did we at least get some decent drops?” Jasmine had wandered off into the distance and was constantly shooting her pistols at random animals, and Elina was busy talking to some old friends and acquaintances who were in Luxiana. The only ones who were able to ‘Scan’ were himself and the giggling Huntress.

Talia bent down next to the two Crusaders and picked up some blood-soaked items. She smiled at the two of them, “These are Soulbound to me, so I shall make good use of them.”

He grumbled “I killed the bastards, but they didn’t even drop a single thing for me…” The chance to receive items typically depended on the amount of difficulty there was in fighting the battle, combined with the Luck stat of the entire party.

The huntress quickly ‘unequipped’ the two pieces of armor, and then used Aerial-Step to fly across the river. Once she found a large tree to hide behind, she took off her skirt and panties, before ‘equipping’ her new gear.

“Natural Fur Undergarments of the Huntress: +12 Defense Rating, +10 Charisma, +8 Agility, +5 Dexterity, +5 Perception. Produces pheromones that can attract or repel magical-beasts. Soulbound to Talia Aeris Ramirez. Epic Quality, requires level-20 to wear.” The first item was essentially a dark-green thong, which was covered in mysterious, but incredibly soft animal hair: likely from a rabbit.

After that, her legs were suddenly covered by a thick gray mist, which completely obscured everything below her waist. However, after it oscillated around for a few seconds, she ‘deactivated’ it, and it turned into an incredibly short mini-skirt.

With nothing but a thought, the color immediately changed to dark-green. She muttered “Thank you Goddesses, for your generosity and benevolence…” while gazing up at the cloudy sky.

“Misty Skirt of the Huntress: +24 Defense Rating, +15 Agility, +15 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence, +5 Wisdom. Reduces the mana-cost of Aerial-Step by 50%. Counts as thigh, knee, and shin armor. Soulbound to Talia Aeris Ramirez. Epic Quality, requires level-20 to wear.”

Her weight had been reduced to the point, where she didn’t even need Aerial-Step to fly anymore. Completely forgetting about the clothing that she had discarded, the two-meter tall High-Elf kicked off of the ground and began soaring into the sky.

By using ‘Air Manipulation’, she was able to levitate or fly with relative ease. Of course, ‘Aerial-Step’ also had the benefit of reducing physical damage severely. Her speed would obviously be a lot faster if she was completely buoyant, because she wouldn’t need to apply downward thrust or worry about air-resistance.

Even a miscellaneous unranked sparrow would be capable of flight, so it wasn’t a particularly amazing feat. However, it was certainly a crucial ability for anyone of the Wind Affinity to possess. Thus, Talia was giggling happily, as she twirled around and performed acrobatic maneuvers above the small farming village of Luxiana.

Meanwhile, Inari had finally collected all the corpses and managed to reach level-eighteen and placed all of her stats into Charisma. Since there was a surplus of mana-cores, Michael decided to finally start expanding his Companions’ bag-spaces.

The first two slots required rank-G, the second two needed rank-F, and the third two took rank-E. However, it was definitely worth it, considering how much every single slot could hold. The adorable, tiny vixen, hopped up onto the Nephilim’s left shoulder and purred quietly, while nuzzling against his neck.

After unequipping everything except for his Arcane tank-top, white-pants, boxers, and shoes, he whispered to the tiny critter “You know I can see that three-hundred and eighty-five gold you picked up from the corpses, right?”

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  1. Might I suggest replacing “enemies of the Darkness Affinity” with “enemies with the Darkness Affinity”? Right now the sentences can be interpreted as “the enemies of Darkness”.

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    • Well, they’re ‘of the Darkness Affinity’ lol. What’s the rest of the sentence? Rather than changing that part, I could probably put ‘who are’ in there. “Enemies who are of the Darkness Affinity.” Well, if I wanna change it though… ugh, I don’t even know how many times I’ve written it like that 😦


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