Chapter 166: Moving into the Neighborhood

“Just like in most wholesome video-games, the best way to earn money… is to kill people! Hahahaha~!” Michael was particularly excited about the fact that the net-worth of his party was finally over two-thousand gold. He snickered, muttering “I wonder if Talia thinks that her fortune is some kinda secret? Hehe~, with that seven-hundred, plus everything else that we have… Hmm, do I have enough mana-cores though? Oh yeah, I definitely do, hahaha~… Holy shit, I can’t believe I forgot about those fucking boars; wasn’t that like two or three days ago?”

The Nephilim’s amputated wing had long since grew back, so he was able to furiously flap those massive wings a few times, and fly up into the air. He yelled “Oi, Blondie~! Quit flipping around and come here for a second!”

Hearing that, she casually floated over to him, while he had to constantly struggle just to keep from falling. There was a cheerful smile on the High-Elf’s face, as she asked “Do you require my assistance with something?”

He sighed, looking around below him in every direction, “Yeah, I was thinking of placing the ‘house’ somewhere close to town… but where should I put it exactly? There’s a river there, which is important, since we have a fucking waterfall. Most of the fields are still on fire, but I assume that they’ll probably plant more shit soon, so we shouldn’t put it there. Hmm~, there aren’t any mountains anywhere around here, cause it’s a prairie…”

Talia had a serious expression, as she also gazed around at the terrain, muttering “Indeed, Ariel’s Meadow is only a few miles to the north, but with the beasts fleeing from the Forbidden Forest, perhaps the greatest danger is from the west. We could use our territory as a protective barrier for the town…”

Then he snickered, telling her “Yeah, I’m planning on buying the land that the village and farms are located on. That way, we wouldn’t even have to worry about them getting attacked again. Hmmm~, the question is~, what would be better? Probably, yeah, most of the fields are to the west and north of Luxiana, so if I place the mountain and waterfall on the east… Okay, I’m gonna do it that way… now~!”

The ground began rumbling violently, suddenly a huge swath of land had completely vanished a few hundred meters to the east of that relatively small farming town. Since the sun was rising, a huge shadow was suddenly cast upon the whole village and Talia complained “I was about to tell you… It would have been best to avoid placing it too close.”

Michael muttered “Ah, yeah… I forgot about that, huh? Heh-heh~, well, whatever, I can always move it again next week. Oh, wait, maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea? Like, wouldn’t there be a big-ass hole in the ground if I did that? Hmmm~, although, it would probably turn into a lake eventually.”

Fortunately, the highest point of the mountain was actually farther away than the waterfall, because he had placed the house facing the west. That river to the south of the village, curved around between the eastern edge of town, which had a bunch of docks and fishing boats, then headed north for a few miles.

Thus, once the waterfall was introduced, all of the buildings that were too close to the shore, were flooded or destroyed. Watching that unfold, Talia groaned and Michael laughed wryly.

Everyone was either gathered in the huge church at the center of town, where Elina was giving a sermon, or out in the fields, putting out the fires. Luckily, there were no injuries or fatalities, but a decent amount of houses had collapsed from that mysterious earthquake.

A deafening roar resounded from next to the cliff, but the source was a colossal, one-hundred meter tall, four-armed, Demonic Ultrasaurus. Talia immediately shouted “What in Aeris’ name is that monstrosity?!”

Suddenly, the little girl in Michael’s arms complained “It’s too fuckin bright out here! Let go uh me!” as she struggled out of his grip. Sarah immediately ‘Shadow-Stepped’ three times in a row and was able to quickly return to her ‘lair’.

The tiny fox started to hear her ‘pack’ howling and making other miscellaneous animal calls, so she licked the Nephilim’s left cheek and then jumped off his shoulder. Her body inflated like a balloon and slowly floated down towards the mountainside jungle.

Flapping his wings furiously, Michael sighed dramatically, as he casually began gliding down towards the church. He yelled “Talia, if you don’t have anything better to do, then go help Alice put out those fucking fires! Also, go catch Jasmine before she does something ridiculous… Ah, like that!”

Before he could even land, the angelic man had to teleport a few miles to the west. The little girl had obviously become rather arrogant, after her little killing-spree, and eventually came across a herd of rhinoceroses.

They were only level-fifteen and rank-G, so she was able to hurt them pretty badly, but there were hundreds. After slaughtering three or four of the beasts, she managed to infuriate them into chasing her… and the Gunslinger was running towards Luxiana.

She screamed “Nyah~! Mikey~, save me from the evil monsters~!” as Jasmine holstered her pistols and jumped into the Nephilim’s arms, while crying loudly.

Michael grumbled “Seriously… Ugh, do you have any bullets left? Cause this will probably take a while.” Then he sent a telepathic message to Alice: “Oi, get your scaly ass over here and let me power-level you!”

His body was suddenly covered in armor, as he put the little girl down, and immediately withdrew his gigantic, bright-blue, Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos. It was only a matter of seconds before the herd of rhinoceroses reached the two of them.

The Guardian began ‘activating’ the saw-teeth on his colossal sword and was able to easily split one of the giant animals in half. Obviously, he was utilizing his telekinesis to create an invisible barrier around his body.

It wasn’t strong enough to block attacks, but its main purpose was simply preventing all the blood and gore from splashing all over him. The little Gunslinger hiding behind his left leg, was also protected… Though her white t-shirt and blue-jean shorts were both already dyed silver and gold from the battle earlier.

Feeling a sense of security, Jasmine regained her composure and shouted “Nyahahaha~! JJ wins~! Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-meow~, beams~!” Thus, she began randomly firing her pistols at the horde of thick-skinned animals and killing them slowly.

Since they could no longer charge at him, the enraged rhinos crowded around the Nephilim and tried to beat him to death with their horns. If he utilized his ‘Intimidation’, it would have been easy to scare them away, but as long as he used ‘Taunt’, they simply didn’t have the Willpower to resist the urge to kill him.

Eventually, Michael received a reply from Alice: “Hey, I’m here, but I can’t get to you… There’s too many of these things. Umm, should I just start roasting them? They seem to be pretty pissed off at you right now…”

He told her “Yeah, go ahead, they can’t actually hurt me, and if I start massacring them too quickly, the ones that are too far away from me will escape. It’s better if you and Jasmine just do it slowly, and I’ll keep their attention focused on me.”

Then the Guardian roared “Hahahahaha~, yes~, hit me harder you bastards! Why don’t I sing you a song~?!”
Churches of Lux were typically built with a gothic design: All grey or white stones, generally very tall, with a large bell tower. The inside was surprisingly spacious, and the ceilings were made especially high, so that angelic beings could fly around.

Of course, under normal circumstances, there would never be any Angels willing to come to such a remote location. Also, ‘Warbeasts’ were generally disdained, and treated as if they were less than Human.

However, Cat-Tribe legends told of an ancient feline race, and there were even murals and stained-glass pictures of such majestic and holy beings all throughout the inside of their places of worship. In fact, the beautiful marble statue of Lux within that particular church, was eerily similar to the woman who was standing in front of it.

Their faces were almost identical, both were holding an unadorned ‘battlestaff’, they had unnecessarily large breasts, and were wearing thin Priestess robes. The only real difference was the amount of wings; Elina had two, but the figure behind her actually had twelve.

She smiled warmly, as she gazed upon the three-hundred Cat-Tribe Pilgrims, each from various Clans, and then at her own people. They had black fur on their ears and tails, but their skin was usually rather pale. Unfortunately, the color of their hair had typically associated them with the Darkness Affinity, and they were often treated as such.

The angelic woman’s aura had completely enveloped the entire room, and was bathing everyone in a comfortable illumination. Thus, she began her speech: “As many of you already know… my name is Elina Jacobs, and Laura is my mother. I apologize for her sudden disappearance, but I can promise that she will be returning to you soon. I’m sure that you all understand what it means that I became the way I am now… I have consumed the mana-core of a Lesser Angel and evolved!”

Hearing that, many became shocked, some were appalled, while others weren’t surprised at all. Many of the children in the audience didn’t seem to comprehend, but most of the elderly were dismayed.

A old man suddenly yelled out “So it was your fault that we were attacked by those ‘Human’ angels!”

While a haggard woman shouted “Goddess forgive us for spawning such a heretical fool!”

However, there was also a female adventurer who screamed at them “So what if she took a mana-core?! She’s obviously a divine being now! Who gives a shit how she got that way?!”

For a few seconds, the whole crowd broke out in a furious argument, until Elina shouted “Quiet!” and the earth began rumbling violently. Behind that giant statue, a huge mountain appeared out of thin air and the sun was completely obscured.

Seeing something so ridiculous, everyone was terrified and completely confused, but at least they were silent. However, even though it became dark throughout the town outside, it only made that angelic cat-girl seem more blindingly bright.

Her whole body, clothing, and even that staff were glowing with an overwhelming radiance, which stupefied the pilgrims and villagers. Then she softly spoke: “Our Goddess, Lux, does not condemn us for wanting to become something greater. In fact, if it wasn’t for her guidance, I would have never met ‘Him’, and we would have never been able to protect Luxiana.”

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