Series 2: Hardcore Legacies

Table of Contents

Arc 1: Charm City Infestation

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 2: Insatiable Hunger
Chapter 3: Pestilence
Chapter 4: Astral Projection
Chapter 5: Losing Touche with Reality
Chapter 6: The ‘Good-Guys’
Chapter 7: Denial
Chapter 8: Acceptance
Chapter 9: Impending Doom
Chapter 10: Apathy
Chapter 11: Pandemic
Chapter 12: Exodus
Chapter 13: Taking a Late-Night Stroll
Chapter 14: The Chaos Magnet
Chapter 15: The Key to Salvation and Damnation

Arc 2: Atlantis Be Damned

Chapter 16: Hospitalization
Chapter 17: The Brain-Dead Immortal
Chapter 18: Miami Mayhem
Chapter 19: Evacuation
Chapter 20: Entering Atlantis
Chapter 21: The Garden of Eden
Chapter 22: Awakening
Chapter 23: Undead Eden
Chapter 24: The Only Way Out
Chapter 25: Salvation
Chapter 26: Soul Realms
Chapter 27: Clinical Trials
Chapter 28: Storytime
Chapter 29: Unwanted Popularity
Chapter 30: Intermission

Arc 3: There’s No Place Like Post-Apocalyptic Kansas

Chapter 31: Sharing a Body
Chapter 32: The Other Way Out
Chapter 33: A Simple Decision
Chapter 34: One of Those Days
Chapter 35: Friendship
Chapter 36: Learning How to Use Magic Again
Chapter 37: A Defensive Battle
Chapter 38: Emetophobia
Chapter 39: A Long Briefing
Chapter 40: Gambling with Arcana
Chapter 41: A Haircut
Chapter 42: Arcana’s Pre-Game
Chapter 43: Dinner
Chapter 44: The Mission
Chapter 45: Soulbound Equipment

Arc 4: Rising OP-ness

Chapter 46: Sword Chasing
Chapter 47: Topeka
Chapter 48: An Immortal Walks Into Another Bar
Chapter 49: Butter
Chapter 50: Anger Issues
Chapter 51: Ally
Chapter 52: Recruitment
Chapter 53: Manual Magic
Chapter 54: Humanity
Chapter 55: Bounty-Hunting
Chapter 56: Be Careful What You Eat
Chapter 57: Solitude
Chapter 58: A Reunion of Souls
Chapter 59: Three-Way
Chapter 60: Secrets

Arc 5: Antarctic Vacation

Chapter 61: The Forces of Darkness
Chapter 62: Three Seeds
Chapter 63: Antarctic Wildlife
Chapter 64: The Last of Humanity
Chapter 65: Decontamination
Chapter 66: Companions Share Everything
Chapter 67: Mana-Deprivation
Chapter 68: New Tokyo
Chapter 69: Driving Home
Chapter 70: Jasmine’s Birthday
Chapter 71: Taking Turns
Chapter 72: Fun
Chapter 73: Unstable Elements
Chapter 74: The Guardians
Chapter 75: The Chaotic Three-Way… Battle

Arc 6: From New Tokyo to the Abyss

Chapter 76: Helping Out Some Old Friends
Chapter 77: Another Draw
Chapter 78: Experimentation
Chapter 79: Morality
Chapter 80: Having Fun
Chapter 81: Criminals
Chapter 82: Azriel
Chapter 83: A New Body
Chapter 84: Uncontrollable
Chapter 85: The Abysmal Pit
Chapter 86: Elly Drama
Chapter 87: Incest Is Relative
Chapter 88: Soul Degradation Syndrome
Chapter 89: Little Chao-Chao
Chapter 90: Oneness

Arc 7: Harvest Season

Chapter 91: Insanity
Chapter 92: Cultivation
Chapter 93: Seventeen Years
Chapter 94: Emergence
Chapter 95: Anael
Chapter 96: The Hard Way
Chapter 97: A Meeting of MCs
Chapter 98: Rated PG
Chapter 99: War
Chapter 100: Chaos
Chapter 101: Conjoined Souls
Chapter 102: Minari Against the World
Chapter 103: Violent Violet Chaotica
Chapter 104: End-Game Content
Chapter 105: Chaotic Embrace

Arc 8: 

Chapter 106: Temptation
Chapter 107: Familiar Faces
Chapter 108: Deus Ex Machinations
Chapter 109: Eternal Deities
Chapter 110: Unease
Chapter 111: The Eternal Graveyard
Chapter 112: Karmic Void
Chapter 113: Seeking Perfection
Chapter 114: The Worldly Tribulation
Chapter 115: The MC
Chapter 116: Minari’s Fancy Cape
Chapter 117: Pride
Chapter 118: A Deal Between Devils
Chapter 119: Bounty
Chapter 120: Unwanted Salvation
Chapter 121: The Plot-Armor Thickens

Epilogue 1: The Troll Paradox Continues
Epilogue 2: Save the Worst for Last

10 thoughts on “Series 2: Hardcore Legacies

  1. hello… umm about your’e story of HCL i’m still reading the first one at where their on a house n stuff but that was a year ago and i don’t find my self re reading to get back to it. So will this story need to be read after 1st or is it stand alone. or is it need to be read after first to be under stood? and if not would it spoil 1st because i at one point would like to go back to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s definitely ‘different’ in a lot of ways. In a sense, it kinda takes place ‘before’ the events of the first story… But from the perspective of Michael and the other main characters, it takes place after the epilogue of the first story.

      If you’ve read up to chapter 150 of HCOP, then I’d say that there shouldn’t be too many spoilers for most of HCL. However, the later arcs of HCL will have major spoilers from the first one.

      In other news, “Tower Defense Deities”, “Chaotica’s Coliseum” and “The Diary of Destiny King” all take place after the events of Hardcore Legacies lol. But you don’t need to read HCL to read those three. It’s just like… If you read them, you’ll be like “Oh hey, this was happening at the same time as that!” or “So that’s where they went!”

      Hardcore Legacies is kinda like an interlude in the story of HCOP, which connects all of my stories together.

      Liked by 1 person

      • lol thats… fine. ok so i dont know what story of yours to pickup so can you give me a suggestion of which to read first to last ? thanks ps just so you know this pictire icon and the one on tapas like wow. nice beard … does it get hard to eat without a mess on your beard? i plan to grow it out but dont know if i should.

        Liked by 2 people

      • It’s a lot shorter now than when I took that beard pic lol. I don’t shave, but I use scissors to trim it all down really short every month or so…

        Anyway, umm… It all depends on what you like? The chronology of most of my stories is irrelevant lol. By that, I mean… Many of them take place simultaneously chronologically, but you can start reading any of them and not have to worry about not knowing what’s going on. Even Hardcore Legacies starts off in a way that makes it so that you don’t need to read Hardcore OP-ness to understand lol.

        What kinda story do you like best? TDoE is a first person xianxia-style story, which involves cultivation etcetra… Though I obviously put my own spin on it.

        Liked by 1 person

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