Chapter 61: The Forces of Darkness

An enormous serpentine dragon with fluffy violet fur, was snoring as it slumbered upon a bed of thousands of human skeletons. The bones were charred black and most of them were barely intact, but the number was still incredibly vast. Its head appeared oddly similar to that of a rat, while its body was closer to that of a snake. Most of it was covered with hair, but the feet, claws and tail were all protected by thick obsidian scales.

The beast was at the center of an enormous football stadium. Most of the bleachers were totally ruined, but all of the ones that were intact, were taken by zombies. Those mangled and rotting undead humans were mindlessly sitting there, bathing in the thick and potent aura of Darkness that permeated the area.

Black snow fell from the skies, as a three-meter tall giant man appeared from one of the player entrances. His entire body was obscured by obsidian armor and only his glowing crimson eyes were visible. In his hands was a massive ebony scythe, which had bright-red runic symbols etched into the staff and blade; they radiated light as his violent mana coursed through the metal.

“Fuck off Cain! We don’t wanna join your shitty Vampire Alliance! Unless you want us to kick your ass again, ya better get the hell outta here, now!” A loud and relatively high-pitched, masculine voice came from the side of that snoring rat-dragon, as the figure of a six-foot tall person suddenly materialized. They were wearing a white hoodie, dark-blue skinny-jeans, neon orange sneakers, had a red bandanna covering the lower half of his face and had his hands in his pockets.

His skin was grey, his irises were red and his eyebrows were white, along with his hair that reached down to his chin on the left side. On his hips were two black fifty-caliber revolvers and across his back were a pair of katanas that constantly released copious amounts of Darkness aura.

“I’m not here to recruit you, Cameron! Who would even want you to join their organization anyway?! You’ve already been kicked out of Zombies United, The Guardians, Forewarning, Demon Lords, Angelic Rebellion… The only person who can even tolerate your presence is that idiotic monster over there! No, I’m here to finally kill the two of you!” As the giant man was furiously shouting, he continued walking forward onto the field. Hundreds of people emerged from both sides of the stadium; they wore black clothing or armor and carried anything from knives and spears to machine-guns.

However, instead of getting worried, ‘Butter’ just casually patted the enormous furry dragon’s neck and whispered “Violet~, wake up~, there’s lots of tasty snacks for you to nom on~…” The colossal beast abruptly opened its eyes and sniffed the air, glancing around at all of the vampires who were entering her territory.

Then she lifted her head to the darkened sky and roared “Cunt-bitch-whore-twat-shitty fuck your asshole! I’m gonna cum down your throat, you nasty cocks!” Thunder rumbled in the sky as the black snow began falling even faster.

It seemed like the two of them were vastly outnumbered, regardless of the fact that one of them was a hundred meter long dragon-rat. “Wakey~ wakey~, time to eat~!” The moment that Butter shouted, those thousands of mindless zombies leapt out of their seats and started sprinting or jumping from the bleachers, into the stadium.

Some of the undead were gigantic monstrosities, while others looked like scrawny little children. Although they couldn’t use weapons and most of them were barely clothed or naked, they were still incredibly dangerous. Not to mention the fact that the vampires were vastly outnumbered as well.

Violet, the giant rat-dragon, swept its barbed tail around and crushed or impaled anything that was in the way, including the zombies that were on her side. Then she focused on devouring the ‘softest’ targets first: The men and women who had guns and very little armor protecting their bodies.

Meanwhile, Butter pulled out both revolvers and ‘Shadow Stepped’ a few dozen meters above the scythe-wielding giant. He yelled “You’ve gotten a lot more arrogant since you found that shitty weapon, Jojo!”

“My name’s Joseph, you asshole!” Cain leapt off of the ground and swung the pitch-black blade towards the distant target. A powerful bolt of Darkness mana condensed into the shape of a skull and soared out; the bullets passed through the illusory attack and exploded upon the obsidian armor, leaving dents and causing an excruciating amount of pain.

The floating gunslinger holstered his pistols and unsheathed his two katanas. They were swung down into the swirling skull and he was actually pushed a hundred meters into the air, before he could finally cut through the spell.

Butter laughed hysterically, as he teleported behind Joseph and stabbed him three times in the back, side-stepping a scythe-swipe and getting grazed by a stray bullet in his left shoulder. He shouted “Ow, fucking bastards!”

Ignoring Cain for a moment, Cameron Shadow-Stepped behind the tall and beautiful vampiric woman who had accidentally shot him. Her head flew up into the air and he kicked it like a soccer ball, into the mouth of a huge zombified lizard-man.

Then Butter teleported back over to Joseph, swinging both of his katanas down and being parried by the edge of that ominous scythe. Each time the three blades scraped against each other, there was a horrible banshee-screech that emanated throughout the entire stadium.

Vampiric blood and putrid rotting flesh drenched the field, as screams and growls rang out constantly for several hours. There were no tanks, helicopters or jets, because that would have just drawn the ire of various ‘neutral’ forces within the ruins of Baltimore City.

By the end of the battle, Cain, Butter and even Violet were covered in horrible wounds. Everyone else was already dead, included the thousands of zombies.

Cameron held his left side and coughed out a mouthful of pitch-black goop, complaining “Fucking cheater… That scythe is definitely, ugh, not fair!”

Joseph laughed hysterically, as the tip of his curved blade plunged into the ground and started sucking the mana from the entire area. His armor that had hundreds of bullet holes and slashes on it, suddenly started repairing itself and even the flesh underneath was rapidly regenerated.

He yelled “I honestly have to thank you, Butter! The Vampire Alliance never would have allowed me to bring such a ridiculously large amount of forces to deal with you, if you weren’t such an obnoxious asshole! Hahahaha~! But now… ah~! The aura of death is so thick in this shithole! So much power~! I have to admit though, the best part of all, is that I finally get to kill you and your stupid dragon too!”

After vomiting out half a gallon of putrid inky liquid, Cameron knelt down and shouted “Oh yeah~?! Well, guess what?! I-um, this was all a trap! Obviously I was just sent here by the uh, Justice Guild, to draw you out! Ha, hahahah~, any moment now, a whole army of OP Angels are going to come and save me~! Yep… any~ moment now~… Please?! Someone?! Anyone?!”

Cain ignored his bluff and continued draining mana from the stadium and sky, causing his body and even his Legacy armor set to begin bulking up and growing larger. Within minutes, he was five meters tall and the scythe was finally pulled out of the ground. The dark clouds were gone and replaced by a blindingly bright sun right above them.

However, upon seeing that, Butter took out his cellphone and muttered “What the fuck? It should be midnight right now…” Then he looked up and screamed “Oh god! Shitballs! Violet, we gotta go now!” He jumped on the neck of the blue-blood drenched, bullet-ridden dragon-rat and it suddenly dove down into the earth. It tore through the dirt, then the concrete and just about anything else that got in its way, before reaching the sewers within seconds.

They vanished so quickly that Joseph didn’t even have the chance to stop them. Plus, he was also concerned about those two brightly glowing ‘suns’ that were slowly landing a few dozen meters in front of him.

One of them was a pregnant elven woman holding a crimson staff, which had a gigantic ruby on the top end. Her hair seemed to be made out of flames and there were six enormous fiery wings spread out behind her back. She wore a large and loose orange mage’s robe, that almost concealed that she was ‘with child’. Aside from that, she had golden sandals and a blank bronze mask that covered her face.

She was only about five feet tall, while the man that stood to her left was nearly two meters. He had silver knight-like armor over his entire body, with a ‘simple’, pure-white cross-shaped long-sword in his right hand. There was a huge unadorned ivory tower-shield covering his left side, from his shin to his shoulder. From his back were twelve metal-plated mirror-like angelic wings, which sounded like fingernails scraping across chalkboards.

In fact, the moment they landed, the pregnant fiery elf yelled “For fuck’s sake Luke! Either use some goddamn oil, or I’m gonna rip those shitty things off your back! They’re totally meaningless! You don’t even use them to fly!”

26 thoughts on “Chapter 61: The Forces of Darkness

  1. Are you planning on doing a character sheet ? Like their name, job or relation to our MC and his group, etc. Just the few important characters and some side characters.
    That would be nice, because now i´m reading like 20 novels ( but your´s is in the top 😀 ) and I have a really big memory problem remembering names 😦
    ( for example in this chapter: i have no f*cking idea who Luke is and now I will have to go back a few chapters and try to find who he is and what his relation with our MC is )

    Thank you for any response

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      • I would love you to death if you did. 😀 ( no homo )
        Well, I had to ask but thank you, and by any chance can someone tell me who the two angels were ?
        Iris is the daughter of Mike and Elina, right ?
        and Luke is ..

        Oh and how did they get there, weren´t they on planet Arcana ?

        Right now i must sound like an idiot but I just have to ask 😀

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      • What’s happening now is prologue to what happened in the first book, but not really… It’s already been established that Minari made it back to Arcana, but ended up 77 years before the epilogue of book 1. So yeah..

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      • I´m still mind f*cked from the ending of the 1st book, I got that Minari got back and than they split right after.
        I´m still lost in all that time travel shit, maybe I should reread the ending but i doubt that will help xD

        And this sentence: “What’s happening now is prologue to what happened in the first book, but not really”
        really threw me off so i hope you will explain in detail what happened in the story 😀

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      • Past is prologue when someone goes back in time. Meaning that the 77 years before Minari split, she was out there doing shit. Everything that’s happening now and everything that will happen in the future, will be prologue to the first book. However, for the characters themselves, it’s epilogue.

        Anyway, I have no idea if I can or should make arc 8 the last…. I mean, I’m on chapter 93 and ugh, it’s just like, there’s way~ too much that needs to happen. I don’t wanna rush it like a pussy, just because I have other shit to work on. I mean, I’d never be able to pull an IET, where he just crams a bunch of random bullshit into a single chapter that had absolutely no prior notice, then write an author’s note saying “Yada Yada Yada, wham shazam, I don’t give a fuck anymore, so you can all suck a dick!” Then he says CD, ST and DE are all connected, right? But what the fucking fuck?! I’ve read 16 volumes of ST and there has barely been any mention of anything regarding CD, except maybe the Grandmist bullshit, but that’s it. No Godeater Rats showing up, no Beirut, no other 500 random characters that he could have easily thrown in… Totally just dumped it all and said “Hahahahaha Fuck you all, you thought there would be a connection?! Hahahaha keep reading! Read more you pussies! What, you didn’t see it yet?! Hahahaha Fuck you sloppy cunts!” At least that’s how I imagine people like IET feel when they read the raging comments and death threats they receive lol.

        I mean, I’m nice enough to make real connections between the stories. Anyone who read IS would know that Iris, Luke, Lucy, Helel, Beatrix, and probably a few other characters are fairly important figures. Well, Beatrix has her own chapter in IS, but Iris… Let’s just say that she might be the most important character in IS, depending on your point of view :P. She’s in every single volume of IS so far(If you know what I mean roflmao). Also, Luke, Lucy, and Helel… I don’t wanna give spoilers, but let’s just say that they’re extremely important and in the grand scheme of things, potentially as powerful as Arcana.

        Also, I did imply it several times in both stories… but Michael(HCOP) is definitely in Immortal Soul. He hasn’t been truly revealed yet, but if you’ve read it and think about what’s happened so far in this second book, there are enough clues to figure it out. By the end of Book 2, it might be totally revealed. Hmmm, just think about that cape lol. The description on Michael’s super-OP cape is suspicious as fuck. Then there’s the fact that it’s pretty obvious the ‘Michael’ from Immortal Soul is in HCOP. In fact, ISMike could potentially be a bunch of different characters that have been revealed so far, but there is a single character that he definitely is. Actually, if you’ve read IS, there is a scene where Luke talks about something that’s going to happen towards the end of HCOP Book 2.

        Okay now I just wasted like 30 minutes writing this, which basically just says “Read IS, then try to figure out the connections.” roflmao

        Also, Questing reveals loads of secrets pretty overtly.

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      • You just fried my brain … xD
        I didn’t know IS and HCOP wete connected, what is probably why I’m the only one who is asking whe stupid and for everyone obvious questions. 😀
        I wanted to finish hcop before i started reading another one of your novels but it seems i have no choice.
        btw i have no idea what 3/4 of your comment meant ( or were imlying to ) because i have not read IS ..
        So i will start reading soon in hopes to inderstand this time travel shenanigans between your novels …
        and if i remember i will come back to your last comment in hopes i will be able to unserstand

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      • Unfortunately, the first two volumes of IS are pretty rough… I mean, they aren’t terribad, but for ‘me’ to edit them properly, it literally takes about a day or two to totally fix-up a single chapter lol. Also, the chapters become progressively longer from 1-19… Starting at about 3k, ending at 16k rofl. The third volume is only about 66k words total. The fourth volume is 80-90k total. Questing is only about 50k words so far(10 chapters). In total though, IS + Questing is almost as long as all of HCOP book 1.

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  2. Violet returns!!! JoJo JOESTAR!? And let us not forget, Did Luke get someone pregnant? If so, Lux gonna be really maaaaaaaaaaaaaad right? RIGHT?! Tell me there’s some drama in the future. I miss (was it) Rachel Q_Q I want my little Lamia back!

    Thanks for the chapter~ Butters, the dude with the most horrifying curse of all time! Arcana, you’re so cruel Q_Q

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