Chapter 96: The Quests Are Piling Up

Opening her bright-green eyes, Talia looked around and muttered “I can’t believe how childish I’ve become lately…” It was the second time that week that she had fainted; at least the first was because of Arcana’s ridiculously powerful aura.

After sitting up, she saw a strangely ‘romantic’ scene of a man lovingly holding a small elven girl in his arms. Sarah was snoring and Michael was grimacing, while groaning in pain.

When the Huntress approached closer, she saw that the Dark-Goblin’s worm-like tail was latched onto a certain part of his body, and seemed to be trying to actually devour it. The Nephilim mumbled “Seriously… you’re a very attractive man… but stop sucking my dick… Gabriel.”

Hearing that, the woman scowled, complaining “Even in his dreams, this ‘Immortal’ is truly despicable.” As she took a step backwards, she tripped over a skeletal leg and if it wasn’t for her ridiculously light body and high reflexes, she certainly would have fallen.

However, she still screamed “Ah~!” when she looked down at the remains. Even if she was relatively old, it didn’t mean that she was ‘experienced.’

Talia hadn’t had time to think about it before, but it was clear to her that the two of them were actually performing some sort of Necromantic ritual. Sarah opened her eyes slowly and yelled “Shut the hell up and fuck off, ya noisy bitch!” before glaring at the High-Elf.

Michael immediately woke up, shouting “Dafuck are you screaming at me for?! Ow, don’t bite my nipple!”

Then the Huntress quickly announced “My Goddess has a request for you!”

A few seconds of awkward silence passed, before he asked “Okay… are you gonna tell me, or just stand there like an idiot? Ah, ouch, seriously Sarah, I already came, you can stop tail-sucking me now!”

For a few moments, Talia just scowled at him, and eventually she admitted “I don’t… actually know what she wanted me to tell you. Goddess Aeris mentioned something about you not possessing any Companions of her Affinity, and talked about this strange gigantic blue lizard-woman… She also mentioned that The United Elven States were having a civil war. I’m not quite sure what message I was supposed to deliver though.”

As she was speaking, a series of notifications appeared for Michael: “New Quest: It is important for a Player to have access to all nine Elements. Obviously, they cannot achieve this feat on their own, but with the help of Companions, it is possible to obtain Quests directly from all of the Goddesses. You are currently missing Chaos, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water. Reward: Two-hundred Favor-points for each Element.”

“New Quest: Alice is an Elementalist, yet she only possesses Affinities for Fire and Water; her next target is Wind, but without a proper mana-core, she won’t be able to achieve her goal. Aeris wishes for you to not only convince her to become one of your Companions, but also help her to evolve. Reward: Two-hundred Wind-Favor and fifty gold coins.”

“New Quest: The United Elven States have become divided into four factions: The Ignis Alliance, The Aeris Theocracy, The Terra Democracy and The Republic of Aqua. The Goddess of Wind wishes for you to participate in ten Battlegrounds on the side of The Aeris Theocracy. Warning: It is recommended that you are at least level-twenty before undertaking this request. Reward: One thousand Wind Favor, and a Gateway of Wind which may be placed within your Territory.”

After reading all of that, Michael smirked, and told the disgusted High-Elf “Yeah, I got the messages… Anyway~, there’s a bunch of soaps in the downstairs bathroom that we don’t really need, so you should take them over to… I don’t know, do Angels need to bathe? Well, that giant ogre bitch and her little pussy most likely need it the most; I think she has a kid too. Those three doggies probably don’t give a fuck about cleanliness. I’ve got no clue what happened to that rat-cunt…

“Fuck-it, the point is, go away; I kinda~ doubt that you wanna see what we’re about to do.” Talia nodded as she quickly sprinted out of the incredibly uncomfortable Necropolis, and left the two alone together: with the skeletal golem.

Sarah looked up at him and complained “I have ta take a shit, so stop squeezing me so fuckin hard.” Once he released her, the little girl ‘Shadow-Stepped’ ten meters away and nonchalantly squatted down.

Michael sighed, trying not to think about what his ‘girl-frenemy’ was doing, because it brought back disturbing memories of the night before. The two of them had slept for at least eight hours, so their Stamina had completely replenished.

He muttered “Ugh, my Quests are starting to pile up… Is this what it feels like to have a job? Nah~, I should probably get a bit stronger before playing around in the Battlegrounds. Alice… I need to find her a mana-core that can reduce her size, more than anything else. Then I can carry her to level-ten and get her the Earth Affinity. Meanwhile, I should probably try ‘making’ a Chaotic Companion, since it might take a while for me to reach level-twenty… assuming that I even want to pick that crazy three-eyed bitch as my third Element.”

Then he pulled out the blindingly bright scroll from his inventory, and was surprised that it actually worked in such a terrible environment. The name of that ‘skill-book’ was “Protectors of Light.” It contained several hundred video-files, which were separated into six categories: Paladins, Crusaders, Holy Knights, Monks, Warrior Clerics, and Guardians.

Obviously, he was most curious about his own Class. Thus he played the short introductory video, which explained the basics.

The first thing that he saw, was an extremely tall and bulky Human, wearing a full set of illustrious, golden, full-plate armor. In his right hand was a huge silver greatsword, and the left was holding a massive rectangular tower-shield.

In a deep and masculine voice, he explained “The role of a Guardian is primarily to act as a Tank. You must be willing to sacrifice your life, if necessary, to protect your comrades. Our very existence will infuriate our enemies, and in a large-scale conflict… we are usually the first to fall.”

As he quickly skipped through the boring parts, Michael muttered “Hmmm~, basically, the only difference between this and a Pally, is that they use heavier armor and larger weapons? Well, I guess unlike most games, ya can’t just pick up any type of weapon your Class uses and automatically know how to wield it. There probably isn’t a huge difference between any of these six Classes. They can all Tank and DPS pretty well, Warrior Clerics and Monks are the best at Healing, but the others aren’t that bad at it either.”

Essentially, for those without the aid of ‘skill-books’ or powerful instructors, their Class would determine what spells that they would be ‘given’ by the Goddesses. Each had a set of special passives and techniques that were unique, but there wasn’t a huge difference.

If he wanted to learn unarmed martial arts from the Monk videos, it was feasible. He could watch the Crusaders dual-wielding longswords, and assuming that he had a pair of his own, it would be possible to practice those techniques.

Warrior Clerics mostly used shields and one-handed maces, flails or hammers, while casting Healing spells on their allies. Holy Knights focused on mounted combat, with lances or spears, so just watching them riding around on horses was making Michael nauseous.

While he was scanning through those videos, Sarah had finished what she was doing, and used ‘Devouring Shadow’ to clean-up the putrid mess. At some point, she had returned and began casually riding on top of him.

The irritated Dark-Goblin complained “What is that shit? It’s annoying as fuck, so turn it off and let’s get back to work!” All she could hear was white-noise and a blank scroll.

He smirked at her and said “Fine~, but I honestly never thought that I would meet a girl who had a sex-drive that could keep up with me, hehehe~.” as he sent it into his extra-dimensional bag. Then he gazed into her bright-blue eyes, murmuring “I think I might actually love-” but he was interrupted by a thick, obsidian tentacle.

Sarah scowled, “Shut your whore-mouth and stop being such a lazy cunt!” Their relationship was still slightly antagonistic…

62 thoughts on “Chapter 96: The Quests Are Piling Up

    • Lmfao, that’d be way too easy. The Goddesses would never just give them an OP Passive like that, unless it was super painful or uncomfortable? Plus, they need to actually level it, by forcing themselves to experience the discomfort of ‘needing’ to shit and piss, for hours and hours, until it gets slowly turned into mana lol.


  1. It seriously seems like he’s going to be a one girl type of guy. But there’s that occasional moment when it seems like JUST MAYBE the cat girl would would be his second lover after all.

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      • Haha, well there’s been a couple but that was the big one. However more than once he’s mentioned not wanting to share Sarah and her unwillingness to share him it more so gives the impression of leaning towards him being a one girl guy. Playful but a one girl guy. Though I suppose Sarah could get over her, considering no matter how much she kills her she’ll respawn. Though the deaths she could put her through… yeah I just don’t see it happening, at least anytime soon.

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  2. Mike help
    Confused here a bit

    First it says “Alice is an Elementalist, yet she only possesses Affinities for Fire and Water; her next target is Wind, but without a proper mana-core, she won’t be able to achieve her goal.”

    But later on u wrote “Alice… I need to find her a mana-core that can reduce her size, more than anything else. Then I can carry her to level-ten and get her the Earth Affinity.”
    The 2nd time isnt it suppose to be Wind Affinity also rather than earth…..?????

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      • I’m prone to agree with Izana a bit. How many chapters has it been now that are mostly sex? Or sex, followed by furniture, and immediately followed by sex again? It feels like the story has begun to stagnate a bit. It’s funny and entertaining, but not as much as it was two or so days ago.


      • Calm your tits, for fuck’s sake, it hasn’t even been two weeks in the story yet lol. There was no sex in chapter 95. It’s been like one day since Michael and Sarah started their Necromancy ritual nonsense. It just seems longer, cause Talia was doing some stuff, and Elina did some stuff, Michael furnished his house because why the fuck not? Goddamn it, fucking cuntbags bitching about the stupidest shit. Wah~, there’s not enough killing~, wah~, why isn’t there more sex~, wah~, why doesn’t he furnish his house~, wah~, why does he keep furnishing his house~!

        Meanwhile, I’m 25+ chapters ahead and wondering what the hell everyone’s talking about, cause plenty of shit happened and it’s a pretty damn good pace.

        Ugh, okay, ranting is finished~… Hmm, there’s no particular ‘formula’ to this story. They can’t just keep fighting or fucking nonstop for very long, so even if it does seem like that, you’re wrong lol. There’s a lot of sex, because people have sex, it’s a thing that people do.

        Anyway~, I need to get back to writing now and stop getting distracted by people complaining…

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      • I’m pretty sure it isn’t ‘natural’ for humans to eat each other during sex. And if conflicting opinions freak you out so much you have to rant as hard as you did, why even have comments? Flipping out because some of your readers think the current story is going slow probably isn’t a good sign (it was this bad because TWO of us thought the sex focus was going on too long?).
        I get it, though. Any opinions conflicting with the writer are ‘bad’… Doesn’t stop them from happening, though.
        I like the mc so far (though I swear he’s getting more and more skeevey. seems to sum him up COMPLETELY). I’m annoyed by the cat girl, Sarah makes me laugh (but only in a ‘shock value’ humor type of way). I really hope the new elf tries to use the chaos toilet so maybe she’ll mellow out, because uptight anal is the cat’s job, for now.

        These are opinions. If you don’t agree, then you don’t. Simple. I don’t have enough of an issue with it to actually stop reading, though. And you shouldn’t let a few people’s opinions bug you as bad as they apparently seem to. Does a few people disagreeing with you harm you or change anything about the way you want to write the story? Yeesh.
        The only thing that bugs me a bit is the sheer amount of ‘shit’s’ and ‘fuck’s’. I say them often enough that they’ve just become part of my vocabulary, but Sarah and the mc speak them so often that it feels a bit disjointed. Like they’re forcefully being written in when the two speak, even when they don’t need to be. I’m beginning to think Sarj has tourettes, but in an aura,. Because it seems to have an effect on the mc, who doesn’t speak so badly to anyone else. He curses, but when he’s with Sarah it feels like almost every sentence is cursing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, because Sarah curses so much, it influences the way the MC speaks lol. Sometimes, I write a sentence where Sarah doesn’t curse, and it just feels wrong rofl, but there are a few times when it happens. Also, I drank like 1 once of wine last night, and got tipsy because my alcohol tolerance is apparently -100… so I might have been a little strung out and overreacted.

        Anyway~, I’m not pissed off because ppl are complaining about the slow pace, I’m just irritated that no matter how many times I tell them “Oh hey, don’t worry about the slow pace, cause the actions coming up soon.” they still complain. Aside from that, it’s annoying when there’s a bunch of people complaining to me about opposing things. There were a ton of people who kept asking me when the MC will have sex with Elina or Sarah, and other similar things, now ppl complain about too much sexual nonsense. Rather than just having sex for the sake of having sex, they’re mostly doing it so that they can make skeletal golems atm.

        I try to use more cunts, bitches, bastards, dicks, cocks… wait, I feel like I don’t use cock or pussy enough… Well, whatever rofl. Maybe I’ll just randomly start using British curse-words?


  3. God DAMN! Seriously, I think we need a way to deal with the gross elements of this series. Well, guess beyond gaining an immunity by rereading this its practically impossible. ALSO, GOD DAMN THOSE UPCOMING CLIFFHANGERS

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    • It increases your Willpower stat 😛 lol. I remember a bunch of times when I complained about slavery or rape in regards to stories like ‘Re: Monster’ People would say that the world isn’t full of rainbows and sunshine or some such shit… Seriously, there’s plenty of goddamn rainbows and sunshine motherfucker!(Is what I didn’t say, because I was actually trying to explain why rape and slavery are wrong and the other guy was a total cunt-whore piece of shit who hopefully died a horrible painful death…)

      Anyway, life is filled with all kinds of gross and disgusting nonsense, which most authors like to leave out for whatever reason. For example, why don’t people have to shit or piss in most fantasy stories? Especially those xianxia, where the dude meditates in a closed in room for like 2 years… he still eats and drinks stuff, but never pisses or shits?! They don’t even try to explain that.

      Also, sex is awesome, but extremely messy, even when you aren’t having hardcore bondage and attempting to literally devour your partner’s entrails. Yet, they’re usually just like… time skip. lol

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      • The funny thing is that they ‘kinda’ do explain the waste thing in wuxia/xianxia. It’s usually that disgusting, stinky, black gunk that comes out of their pores as they meditate. ‘Pure’ impurity.
        At least, that’s how I’ve always understood it.
        Also, a lot of them don’t seem to NEED to eat when doing closed door training (or it is just ignored). I guess it is something like the monk coma that makes their bodies go through their nutrients at a sluggish rate? Like the MC in ‘Onegai Teacher’ when he ‘stops’. They explained it just a bit near the end when he ‘stops’ for the last time.

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      • Personaly, I like your work… everything.
        I wouldn’t read only such thing.. and at least, as you said, there is no rape, no pedophilia, no slavery, no “I kill you because FACE and because I just want to do it and I’m stronger”… so while “dirty”, it’s morally refreshing.

        re-sex: here is one saying I read somewhere…. and that rings pretty right:
        “during sex, if it’s not messy and dirty, it’s that you an’t doing it right.”

        not as dirty as your series, but still…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lmfao, yeah, there are definitely people in the story who kill for much less than ‘face,’ but the MC doesn’t really have any ‘face,’lol. I’ve always believed that respect needed to be earned, and it isn’t something that everyone deserves. If people are assholes, I’ll treat them like assholes, if they’re nice, then I’ll try not to be as much of an asshole roflmao.

        Of course, in the story, Sarah would literally kill someone, just because they looked at her in an annoying way lol. Talia typically treats everyone with a decent amount of respect, even if they don’t deserve it, but well, she isn’t a robot :P. Elina is ‘nice,’ but not too nice lol. Inari is a mystery fox, who likes food, playing with friends, and tearing people’s throats out with her teeth? Jasmine is an adorable psychopath, who might be acting like a kitten one second, and going on a homicidal rampage the next, but usually just acts like a spoiled little girl. Alice… lol, well, I can’t really talk about her yet, cause that’d be a spoiler… but let’s just say, she’s just as morally ambiguous as the rest of them.

        I believe rape and slavery are the worst things that a person can possibly do. Murder is bad, but not nearly as bad as taking away a person’s freedom and innocence. Everything else…. well, shit happens lol.


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