Chapter 95: A Terrifying Request

Without eating or sleeping properly, Elina had continued to read “The Teachings of Lux” all day and night. After meeting Michael, she had completely forgotten one of the most important rules of adventuring: “Never overexert yourself after returning from a hunting trip.”

The Nephilim had been killed twice since he returned from the jungle, but she was still very much alive. Thus, she was able to fully experience what was possibly the most dangerous and unpleasant part of her former job.

When she started coughing violently, the angelic cat-girl realized that she hadn’t drank anything since she evolved. Placing the ‘skill-book’ into her first inventory slot, the Priestess pressed on her temples, and whispered “Holy Cure” in a hoarse voice.

Unfortunately, her headache, fever and stuffy nose didn’t seem to go away. She stood up and started slowly walking towards the door, as a message popped-up: “Angelic Body has reached level two.”

Elina muttered “Need… food… have to pee~.” as she completely ignored the mysterious glass door and headed towards the downstairs bathroom. Her bowels had still been completely empty, since she hadn’t eaten anything for a long time, but her kidneys were still functioning properly.

As she was urinating, “Hmm~, that’s odd, is it supposed to be silver like that?” The Priestess knew very little about her newly acquired biology.

After relieving herself, she took a quick shower in the beam of blinding light, and walked into the kitchen while coughing so hard that her head felt like it was going to explode. She cried “Wah~, I’m so stupid! How could I forget about something so important!?”

One of the main reasons that adventurers usually take years to increase their levels significantly, was to allow their passive immune system boosting techniques to safely rise. The Player-Home didn’t cure diseases; it merely prevented the symptoms from causing physical harm to the infected person.

Essentially, because Michael contracted vicious flesh-eating bacteria, neurotoxic chemicals and hemorrhagic viruses from Sarah, he was able to gain some assistance. Once his ‘Immune System Boost’ had reached level-five, the non-lethal pathogens that she was carrying, couldn’t possibly affect him.

Of course, contamination between magical-beasts and humanoids had a much lower probability, and Elina didn’t actually have physical contact with those pigs or the raptor. However, she did manage to pick-up a few uninvited microscopic guests, while riding on top of Inari’s back and she breathed in plenty of the contaminated air around those monsters.

As she opened her clouded golden-eyes, the cat-girl screamed “W-what is all of this?!” Her ‘Scan’ couldn’t pick up information about anything, but most importantly, she had expected to be walking into a room with a few bags stacked in the corner.

She had anticipated finding a couple apples laying around somewhere; not a fully-furnished kitchen, with beautiful crystalline… everything. The Priestess obviously recognized the sink and even the stove, though they were far beyond the dingy kind that she remembered from the Convent; however, she had only had a vague idea of what the two strange boxes on the left were.

The curious cat-girl quickly walked over to the two-meter tall rectangular doors, and then opened the one on the right. What she saw inside, were three types of fruit and nothing else, but she yelled “Ah! It’s so cold~…” while grabbing the grapefruit. Yet, the moment that she took it out, another one instantly replaced it; thus, she decided to take a few more.

Next, she finally understood why Michael told her that he didn’t want to always have giant wings coming out of his back. When she tried to sit down, the back of the chair was too high and smacked against the base of her wings.

Elina screamed “Ow~! Ah, a-hu-hu~!” as she managed to keep from crying over the horrible and tingling pain. It was at least twenty times worse than when she smacked the back of her elbow into something.

She had to pull the chair out and turn it sideways, so that she could sit down: though it was still uncomfortable. Rather than peeling the fruit by manipulating her bag-space, the coughing cat-girl just used her sharp, silver fingernails.

Sniffling loudly, she mumbled “I never knew that Lady Helel had suffered through so much… She was murdered so many times out of jealousy, but fortunately, the Goddess of Light always brought her back to life. Still… I’ve only been reading for a day, and I’ve already learned how to use ‘Holy Shield.’ Hmph, those stupid Priests always told us that it was impossible for a Healing Priestess to learn Barrier Magic… Speaking of which, I should probably call Mom again.”

When Elina opened her contacts, she bit her lip fiercely, while staring at two names that shouldn’t have been there: Richard Jacobs and Lily Jacobs. There were red dots next to them, and when she tried to call, it just said “Out of range.”

Her mother had a yellow dot, which indicated that she was sleeping. Jasmine Jade was even farther away from her than her brother and sister, so it was obvious that she wouldn’t be able to talk… assuming that her old lover would even want to speak with her again.

The cat-girl started complacently eating the slices of grapefruit, as she read that Michael, Sarah and Talia were all unconscious as well. She looked out the window and realized that it was nighttime, though that didn’t necessarily mean that they wouldn’t be awake.

Then she noticed a vaguely familiar name on her list: Lucy. Elina furrowed her brows, as golden mucus leaked out of her left nostril, then she muttered “No way…”

It was the name of her childhood friend, who was also supposed to be imaginary. For a moment, she hesitated, but her curiosity got the better of her. However, even though there was a green dot, she received the message: “Telepathic call has been rejected.” A notification suddenly appeared after that: “Lucy has removed herself from your Contacts.”

She frowned, wondering “Maybe I’m just hallucinating because of my fever?” Then she felt as if the temperature of the room dropped significantly, and even the lighting of the walls became dim.

“Heh-heh-heh~, even after all these eons, my sister is still such a childish little brat.” A raspy, feminine voice permeated throughout the room, causing Elina to squeal in terror, before choking on a grapefruit-slice.

Across the table from her was an obsidian-skinned woman, who had bright-purple irises, but every other part of her body and clothes was pitch-black. She smirked, “Normally, as someone who worships that foolish girl, you would never be able to meet with me…”

The Priestess screamed “Ah~! Goddess please protect me! Michael, help~!” before coughing violently, and crying loudly.

Umbra chuckled deeply and told her “Calm yourself, I’m not here to hurt you. I’ve actually come with a request.”

A message appeared in front of Elina’s eyes, which caused her to immediately stop panicking: “New Quest: The Goddess of Darkness has come to personally ask for your assistance. Travel across the Archean River to the ruins of the old Goblin Empire and search for an Undead Hobgoblin named Jonathan Carelia. Reward: Five-hundred experience points and two-hundred gold coins.”

She coughed violently, as she continued to shove more grapefruit into her mouth; then the obsidian woman snickered quietly. Umbra explained “Unlike Lux and Arcana, the rest of us ‘play-around’ with mortals quite often. The avatars that we create aren’t always as powerful as this one… In fact, a few years ago I chose to ‘play’ as a Hobgoblin woman. It was interesting, and I even found a cute boy who fell in love with me; we had a daughter… I’m sure you should understand now, why I want your assistance. Sarah still blames her father for my avatar’s death, but even if she hates him, I don’t. Heh-heh~, those damn Humans in Carrabelle City thought that they were so fucking important. Did they really think that my sister would give two shits about their little lives?! Hahaha~…”

Once Umbra had finished speaking, the lighting in the room returned to normal and the shadowy figure vanished mysteriously. Elina started choking again, and finally yelled “Michael, where are you?!”

Obviously, he wouldn’t be able to hear her cries, so she eventually managed to calm down and groaned, “This is probably all just a really weird dream, it has to be… Since the first time we met, all kinds of unreasonable and ridiculous things have been happening! There’s no way I would let a man do ‘that’ to me, and I wouldn’t be able to become an awesome Angel; my brother and sister are probably sleeping next to me in the wilderness! Un~, no, I need to stop going into denial about everything. This is my life now; all kinds of strange and impossible nonsense is going to keep happening every day, so I can’t freak-out about every little thing… I need to pee again, then I should just go sleep off this cold.”

With a headache, fever, cough, and stuffy nose, the tired cat-girl didn’t have the energy or reason to stay awake any longer. Even if she had wanted to keep reading, she could barely keep her eyes open, so it would have been pointless.


58 thoughts on “Chapter 95: A Terrifying Request

  1. Am I the only one who really thought Sarah was Umbra’s daughter after the necro something event..? Like I didn’t thought it was only a title? I am hella confused why we should’ve been surprised by Umbra’s sudden request ;w;
    I guess dumbness is great sometimes..?

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  2. well well now this one was this s why darkness army attacked that stupid city first.this goddess s quite the peculiar fellow i like her well at least thousands times better then loli lux.dtx for chap mike

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    • If Arcana wanted to, she could probably destroy the entire universe lol. The other Goddesses… not so much. In fact, it’s more like, as long as Arcana is there, no one else in the universe could ever become as powerful as she currently is, because the power comes from her in the first place? lol

      I wonder if that was a spoiler or not? Probably not… right?


      • If arcana actually did destroy the universe, what would happen to all the souls there, would they ejected to another universe, or some kind of void between worlds, or just reincarnate?

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      • Well, what’s keeping them in a semi-phyiscal form is definitely mana, so that would be partially true. However, if the universe was gone, then Arcana would basically be ‘dead.’


      • Hope Mc can find a spell that can restrain their astral bodies so Kitt can get payback. Or Mc could just do something ero. Bet Chaos would have that kind of fetish. Would be funny if Lux was a closet M. XD

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      • Lmao, no comment… except this one? Well, the only way the MC could do anything to the Goddesses, is with the assistance of the other goddesses or Arcana(Since she’s way more powerful than the other 8). There is a hierarchy of power too… basically the order that they were created, is their actual power over each-other lol.


      • Though I bet Arcana will turn it into a Game Quest.

        Love Conquest
        Arcana has given you quest of capturing
        the heart of the other 8 goddesses as one of
        most difficult game she can imagine with your
        limited Intelligent Stat.

        Rewards- 500 million EXP / 40 billion gold / 8000 arcane favor points / Secret Forbidden Arcane book personaly written by Arcana / unlock concubines menu (slightly similar to companion menu but will not be able to help you in your battles unless all companions are dead and you have only 5% health and mana. Can help in battle for only 30 secs but can not be resummon to a battle for 2 years or 50 deaths in battle. has 9 concubine slots. )

        Time-limit – when you have 100 deaths after recieving quest
        Failure- if you earn wrath of goddess you are targeting

        Rank- SXX (lol)

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      • Lmao, the MC still wouldn’t do it though. Goddesses aren’t his type :P. They’re too jaded and experienced… he likes em naive and innocent lol.


      • Easy to fix. have goddesses create bodies that contain a small part of them without any knowledge beside every day life like they had normal life. So they can develop different personalities compared to the main personality that will not influence them in any way beside mana affinity. This would make it interesting since it would be completely random of who is the goddess hidden avatar in the world. Ranging from pheasants to princesses to even one of girls living on Mc property.They just wouldnt know that they are part of the god they worship.

        Like this you can easily incorporate it into your story without having to worry about it messing with your story and Mc wouldnt even realize it if he met or his companions are the goddess avatars since even they dont know it.

        They will be goddesses but at same time only mortals with normal experience so they will be niave and inexperienced/innocent.

        This would be an awesome twist to your story. Heck I wouldnt be surprised if you have something like this planned.

        what you think?

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      • I think that, I already wrote a comment like that yesterday… plus, isn’t that what I’m implying in this chapter? Now, they probably die all the time, so it isn’t such a big deal, but if they really liked that life and someone fucked it all up… Obviously they would get pretty pissed lol. The whole apocalyptic world war nonsense was most likely incited by Umbra, cause she was pissed off at the Goblin Empire and the Humans in the borderlands, etc. Well, the Player showing up probably had something to do with the timing though :P.


      • Yo Mike, i could help out doing edits stuff for/with ya, you should totally give me access to all the unedited n unreleased stuff.

        P.S. I’m an editor for CSG(Chaotic Sword God) and LLS (Long Live Summons) both of which are not on your list of “Stories i follow”

        Anyway, im really enjoying your story its one of the things i stay up late for to read before i go to bed in a good mood. xD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Could’ve sworn I had those two on my list…. Anyway, there isn’t really much to ‘edit’ in the sense that you’re thinking. I just go through and check that everything is the way I wan’t it to be and doesn’t conflict with future events, etc. Besides, even if you became my editor, I would still have to edit the story rofl.


      • I know 😛 I’ve been scheduling the chapters lately so I don’t update the ToC every day anymore. I’ll be doing it later though, when I post chapter 96.


      • Don’t read your comments? You just said you hadn’t gotten around to editing it, yet. You didn’t say whether it would come out or not.
        If there is another comment you’re referring to, I don’t see it.

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      • Could’ve sworn I said I’d post it in a while, but whatever, I gotta do some stuff, so it’ll probably be at least an hour or so from now…


      • I did just notice that the times on the comments are a little less than 7 hours farther than where I am. This one was typed at 5:49 pm.
        What time zone do you use?

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