Chapter 76: There’s a First Time for Everything

Michael grabbed the girl’s worm-like tail with his left hand and yanked her off of his back, wrapping his right around her throat. After slamming her into the smooth, stone wall, in complete darkness, he gazed into her glowing, bright-blue irises and asked “Are you really willing to have sex with someone you hate, just to entertain your perverted Goddess?”

She sneered, “Why the hell do you care?! You went through all that effort trying to fuck that dumb cat-bitch, and it just ended with you having to jerk off!”

He snickered, and then roughly slid his hand up her slimy tail, stopping on the most sensitive region of her relatively tiny body. However, even as his fingers entered inside of her, her expression didn’t change, so he said “Hmmm, I figured as much… You can’t even feel this, can you?”

Sarah complained “Of course I can! Why wouldn’t I be able to feel it? Did you expect me to be like that pussy upstairs?” Her tail wrapped around behind him and she used her calves to press herself against his navel, using her hands to pull his fingers out of her and shove something else inside.

Michael sighed, and muttered “I guess I’ve finally lost my re-virginity… Well, whatever, I knew that this was gonna happen eventually.” as he used all of his considerable Strength, to tear her apart: literally and metaphorically. She screamed in pain for a moment, before biting down into the left side of his neck and using her newly acquired fingernails to scratch apart his lower and upper back.

Then he felt something sharp and barbed enter inside of him, causing considerable damage to his sphincter and rectum. He yelled “Ow~! Ouch, ugh, no wonder you couldn’t get-off on my fingers! You even stole my anal virginity! Actually, at this point, isn’t it more like intestinal?! Gah, my first colonoscopy too!”

She stopped sucking his blood and shouted “Shut up and fuck me harder!” Staring at the two of them from the other side of the room were two glowing violet orbs, belonging to an obsidian-skinned Human woman.

Umbra was smirking, while watching the entertaining show and was abruptly joined by another figure. Those three eyes seemed to change color constantly, sometimes stopping on crimson for a few seconds.

Neither Michael nor Sarah could perceive the Goddesses, as they casually chatted. Chaos giggled for a moment, before growling “I want him.”

Her body started glowing blue, as the figure of a two-meter tall, extremely muscular, four-armed woman appeared. For a moment, her skin seemed to disappear, and then it came back as her face spasmed violently.

The strange woman teleported behind Michael and almost touched his skin, when a pair of translucent, ethereal hands suddenly grabbed her right wrists. Then another pair of blindingly bright, childlike hands appeared to bind her left wrists, lifting the avatar’s body off the ground and pulling her away.

Chaos moaned loudly, to the combination of that girl’s screams of pain and pleasure. The three-eyed, skinless female was giggling cheerfully, then roared “No! Ragh! I want to taste them!”

She tore her own arms out of their sockets and teleported to the ground between the man’s legs, pressing her bright-blue cheek against the floor and sticking out her serpentine tongue. Her body transformed into that of a small black wolf-pup, as she lapped up the blood and other juices in ecstasy.

However, Arcana appeared and wrapped her translucent hands around Chaos’ tiny body, before pulling her to the back of the room. A little girl, with porcelain skin and a pure-white sundress, suddenly appeared next to Umbra and sighed.

The Human child complained “Why do mortals always succumb to lust so easily? I just don’t understand…” Hearing that, the nearly invisible feminine figure started giggling as she appeared, holding the whimpering puppy in her arms.

Umbra’s deep and raspy voice whispered “You’re still upset because that little boy left you eons ago. Besides, it’s not always about ‘lust,’ look at them embracing each-other so passionately… He obviously loves her, and she doesn’t really know how she feels about him.”

Arcana snickered, then asked “Don’t you feel a little awkward watching your own daughter have sex?” Hearing that, the puppy started barking angrily and then growled, before whimpering.

Lux sighed dramatically, while muttering “Luke was the first and last person that I will ever ‘love’ in that way… What we had was true-love though, this is clearly just two horny children fornicating for their own perverse enjoyment.”

Umbra chuckled and quietly said “Love isn’t permanent; it can take a thousand years to slowly appear, only to vanish in an instant. Sometimes love can happen in an instant, then last for eons, but it always ends eventually. In this moment, the two of them are certainly ‘in love’ with each-other… the question is merely how long that will last. Heh-heh-heh~, for now at least, they are certainly bound together.”

The translucent woman complained “Why are you ignoring me?” while tightly crushing the puppy into a meaty paste. Then her eyes glowed brightly, and the space around the three of them warped, causing them to suddenly vanish from the room.

A pitch-black orb was hovering in the middle of the room and had been there the entire time, yet the four Goddesses hadn’t seemed to notice it at all. Michael was casually watching himself violently thrusting into Sarah, from a third-person perspective.

He snickered, then muttered “Interesting… I kinda assumed it already, but even the Goddesses can’t actually see my wisp-form unless I want them to. Yet, somehow, this little brat can? Very strange… Unless they were just ignoring me? Well, there’s no way to know for now. Anyway~, I wonder if I really am in love with her though? Wouldn’t it be love at first decapitation?”

Sarah yelled “Stop talking to yourself and fuck me harder!” as she pulled on his hair, and nearly ripped it out.

Michael used ‘Stat-Boost’ and raised his Strength up to nine, then yanked her off and out of him, before slamming her body into the floor. She screamed “Ow, what the hell are you doing!?” as he grabbed the back of her neck and the base of her tail, squeezing so tightly that he would have caused serious damage if not for being inside of the Player-House.

Then he thrust into her from behind while biting down into her left shoulder, and complaining “This is about as hard as I can go for fuck’s sake! I don’t do ass to mouth, so don’t even try to ask me for a goddamn tail-blowjob!”

Her chilled, light-purple blood entered his mouth and burned his throat, but he simply thought “Holy shit, it feels like I’m drinking hot-sauce… Like a mix of vinegar and jalapenos? Hmmm, I wonder if I can bottle some and use it as a condiment later?”

Between the screaming, yelling, shouting and moaning, it was amazing that neither Talia on the first floor, or Elina on the second had woken up. However, that was because the basement was sealed shut and soundproof.

There was a square door on the side of the staircase, which could be opened up and had a ladder which led to the basement: similar to how many attics were designed. Thus, when it was closed, no one would be able to hear anything that was happening down there; even if they had amazing auditory senses, like a Wind Affinity High-Elf or cat-girl, there was a barrier preventing the sound from transferring through the floor.

It was a very convenient function, which Michael had to pay five extra gold for, since he knew how much Sarah hated noise. Of course, the more important feature was that it could prevent odors from spreading out of the basement and into the rest of the house.

Over the course of two hours of ‘lovemaking,’ he had managed to strangely raise his aura by a whole point. However, the less surprising advancements were in his resistances, ‘Immune System Boost’ and ‘Superior Regeneration.’

Once everything was finally over, Michael was laying on his back, in a puddle of their combined blood and other fluids. The exhausted Dark-Goblin was resting on his chest and panting loudly, and eventually said “My Aura increased by more than a point, and even my Affinity leveled-up… Next time you want to masturbate, fuck me instead.”

He snickered and told her “What about when you’re sleeping? I’m good for another hour probably, but then you’ll definitely be passed out, and I’ll be horny. Heh~, I think you highly underestimate my sex-drive. The good thing about jerking off, is that I can finish really quickly and be done with it. Hell, it’s practically like pissing, but this… I only came like three times.”

Then a notification popped up between the two of them: “Insemination complete; would you like to impregnate Sarah Carelia? Cross-Racial breeding has a very low probability of success and the chance of producing humanoid offspring will depend on the combination of Luck between both parents.”

Reading that, she immediately screamed “Don’t you fucking dare!” Obviously, she wasn’t planning on bearing any children in the foreseeable future.

The red-eyed man sighed and immediately said “No, definitely don’t want to do that.”

However, when that screen vanished, a different one appeared in its place: “Insemination complete; would you like to impregnate Michael C******? Cross-Racial breeding has a very low probability of success and the chance of producing humanoid offspring will depend on the combination of Luck between both parents.”

The moment that he saw her smile, he shook his head and yelled “Nope, so~ much nope! I refuse, Sarah, please don’t knock me up… If you want kids, then fine, we can have them later! Like seriously, I die at least once a fucking day! Just wait until-”

She sneered and told him “Fine, but just remember, if you ever say yes, then so will I.” Suddenly, a small carnival wheel appeared and had three segments: White for Human, Green for Goblin, and Red for Random.

Michael groaned, and even the Sarah yelled “Wait, no, I don’t want to impregnate him!” as the wheel began spinning. Unfortunately, none of the options were failure, because their combined Luck was simply far too high.

After a few seconds of spinning, he muttered “It’s fine, I’m just glad that Human and Goblin are too small to possibly get picked, because I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to give birth to either anyway.”

Unsurprisingly, the needle eventually landed on Random, and a message appeared “A cluster of Darkness mana-cores have started to grow within your bladder.”

86 thoughts on “Chapter 76: There’s a First Time for Everything

  1. Omg i am REALLY glad she didnt get pregnant, like seriously, the main reason i stopped reading coiling dragon FUCKING HALF WAY is because he got children -_- for some reason its off putting and it was such a great series too…

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  2. Could it be Michael actually went to sleep at a decent hour!!!? It’s midnight in Texas and he hasn’t posted yet… That’s late for him.. The only other possibilities are aliens… Or he was magically teleported from his shower.

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  3. Am I to assume those mana stones will be used as a power up? Get devoured, change into a dantian or anything along those lines? It will it just cause him some pain?

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    • I don’t actually know what a dantian is, even after reading so many xianxia roflmao… but if he managed to create mana-cores inside of his bladder like that, they would probably only be level-1 and rank-G.


      • 😉

        Or to put it simply, think of it as a battery just below someones navel. Training accumulates energy in the battery, using attacks uses that energy or something along those lines.
        Well, I thought our favorite blood worm had some more leeway seeing as she’s basically fetish incarnate. But I guess her offspring doesn’t necessarily have to be powerful. Idk, while the dantian itself doesn’t seems like something that’d fit here as is, using those cores as a power up would fit so well in this depraved insanity of a story that you’re writing. Then again, it is not so much a tale of things we don’t expect as much as just gory fantasy we do expect.

        In any case, I’m enjoying it. But I do want Sarah pregnant 😉

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      • Lmfao, well, It’ll probably happen eventually. Also, when people or magical-beasts become elites, they gain a second mana-core inside of their heart or whatever the equivalent for that creature is… Super-Elites gain one in the naval region if they’re humanoid… so I guess Super-Elites have a Dantian of sorts? lol


    • Nah, I didn’t wanna give spoilers though 😛 I wrote this chapter like 13 or 14 days ago lol. Thus, every time someone asked me “When is Michael going to have sex with Elina?” or other similar questions, I had to sigh dramatically and wasn’t allowed to answer “Well, in like 20 chapters, he’s gonna fuck the slimy little girl.” lol


    • It doesn’t happen for regular ‘breeding’ though. NPCs have it rough lol, randomly getting preggers with a monster-baby after having sex with a tentacle would be unfortunate…


      • lol but still lets try asking santa or shaggy for the system this christmas(let there be hope,i still believe in santalol),speaking of christmas r u gonna add festival type special event usually seen in mmo’s?it would be even cool when Mc gets pissed cz of the events

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      • Ah, yeah, there probably will be? I mean, every religion, race, culture, and country would probably have them… but at the moment, with all the chaotic wide-spread war, I don’t think that there will be much of that in the near future lol.


      • maybe.well i think a giant slime as santa in the middle of battlefield both sides try to fight but cant do anything then try to erase santa but cant damage it battles end up in stand still till christmas end d be hilarious.both armies looking each other in the field while between them a slime santa gigling nonstop with small slimes like santa hats trying to attach themselves at every soldier.what a sight to be seen it d be 😀

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  4. By the way, there is I want to suggest you. Please don’t upload the release on the same time. Give time range. How about 4 hour apart. So we can comment every release that you give to us. Because i saw the previous release is not many comment

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      • It doesn’t really matter if there aren’t a ton of comments every chapter, and if I didn’t post this one right away, there would be like 50 comments asking me what was gonna happen in the next chapter, complaining about the cliffhanger, or just whining about when the next chapter was gonna come out rofl


      • That the male can be impregnated. Oh well, it’s kind a cool. Please don’t follow re:monster pattern.
        I beat monster >> I eat it
        I beat monster >> I eat it >> i had sex
        I beat monster >> I eat it
        I beat monster >> I eat it
        I beat monster >> I eat it
        I beat monster >> I eat it >> i had sex

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    • Ugh, she’d probably give herself a Wakizashi abortion lol He’s also not that much of an asshole :P. Besides, there’s like a 99% chance of it being some kinda weird animal or mutated creature lol.

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      • lol never know~ she might have SOMe maternal instinct left in that ‘i hate everything’ persona~ then again he prob wouldn’t get laid again any time soon if he did say yes XD

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      • Lmao, well, I don’t think that she would stop fucking him just because he got her pregnant… but it’s nice that they don’t have to worry about ‘accidentally’ impregnating each-other lol. Cause each time they have sex, it would ask them if they wanted to attempt to make babies :P.


      • Of course, the house would probably protect the fetus… but if she really wanted to get rid of it, she could just wander into the jungle and let herself get killed by something :P.


  5. wait… A cluster of darkness mana cores in his bladder….?

    Does that basically mean he’s got a bunch of darkness “kidney stones” that he’s gonna have to pass? ’cause ugh… I’m cringing just thinking about it

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  6. What happens between two consenting adults is their own buisness, especially when both of them are immortal and capable of resurrection.

    I am a little horrified by their impending children though… Hopefully they can hatch from his corpse?

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      • Retroactive consent? He certainly didn’t consent to anal before she did it. Also that anything fine line sounds like something a pedo would use.

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      • Lmao, it’s not like he has to verbally say, “Please shove your tail up my ass.” for it to be consensual :P. Also, once two people are already having sex with each-other willingly, they’re already consenting lol. Now, if one of them decided half way through that they didn’t want to do it anymore, ect. then the system would intervene :P. The system prevents pedophilia, in the sense that adults can’t have sex with adolescents or children, children can’t have sex, adolescents can have sex with each-other, and ‘Adult’ is based on physical maturity rather than age… because there’s all kinds of fucking weird-ass races out there, and most of them have different life-spans lol. By the time a normal Goblin reaches 20 years old, they die of old age rofl.

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      • When a straight guy consents to sex with a woman he’s generally consenting to having oral sex and vaginal intercourse. Having a large object anally penetrate him is not in the stock package so would need separate consent. Basically consenting to sex isn’t consenting to whatever kind of sex they can think of.

        I’m just saying the way you put that so generally had bad implications. The restriction between adolescents/adults sex while teens can have sex with each other doesn’t really seem like it makes sense in your world. The reason why in our world teens having sex with each other is tolerated is because there’s no practical way to stop them and we don’t want to throw kids in jail. I’d think that if it could be prevented altogether then young teens wouldn’t be allowed to have sex at all and would be lumped in with the children. 1-15 year olds being kids while 16+ would be considered adults or something like that.

        Also while on the subject preventing rape seems like it would cause problems as well since necrophilia is allowed. Instead of raping people/kids just kill them and rape the corpse. Is that really better? I’m one who doesn’t see a huge moral difference between rape and brutally torturing someone. Why would rape be outlawed but not forcing someone to become a monster or skinning them alive? If we look at rape as a form of torture then everything on that same rank and above should probably get the same banned treatment.

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      • Lmao, true, there is a fine line between fucked up shit that’s allowed and fucked up shit that isn’t lol. Also, adolescents doesn’t mean teenagers, it isn’t a numerical age, but a level of physical maturity :P. Most humans become sexually active during adolescence… at least in our world. Theirs is different. They have different cultures and it’s hard to balance ‘Freedom’ with ‘Order.’ If two adolescents want to have sex with each-other, they can… if one of them doesn’t, then they can’t.

        Also, I think we’ve already established that the MC is into some pretty kinky shit lol. If a ‘normal’ straight guy was consenting to sex with a girl who has a worm-like tentacle-tail, which doubles as a reproductive organ, and she tried to shove it up his ass abruptly… then maybe the magical tenta-cock-blocker would appear… but the MC didn’t even stop as his intestines were being torn apart by sharp barbs and poisoned spines, lol.

        Let’s see~, as far as killing children and then fucking their corpses goes…. the system might not interfere, but the Goddess of Light might obliterate the person herself lol. There’s a reason why people just don’t do certain things, even though they physically could rofl.

        Hell, if there were omnipotent beings who could obliterate you at any moment for pissing them off… wouldn’t you be a little more careful about ‘testing’ whether or not you could do something? Plus, various countries, cultures, and religions have their own senses of morality, even in that other world. The worshipers of Chaos are mostly psychotic to a certain degree, but even they have their own rules ect.

        Torture is possible, but limited to a certain extent. Most of the people who are ‘tortured’ want to be tortured roflmao. In the beginning, when the first people were summoned, there probably weren’t any laws or rules… anyway, I need to shut-up now, or I might give spoilers that aren’t even spoilers yet? lol


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