Death is Only an Illusion

This is a song I wrote a year or two ago, can’t really remember when… However, I’m pretty sure I’ve used parts of it in a few chapters of various series already. I just couldn’t remember which ones or what chapters, so I decided to make a post. Continue reading

Mass Release

Don’t expect a hundred chapters or anything ridiculous like that lol.  However, there will be about ten posts in a row. Continue reading

A Re-Post of Sorts

Okay, so I’m mainly re-posting this because of the anniversary of Steve Irwin’s death, but also because the last post was a really long time ago and the first half of it was about stuff that was happening back then.

This is the ‘left?’ side of the shed.  Pretty sure that top window isn’t real, but I’m not 100% sure lol.  In the bottom picture, it’s the real window and door of the shed.  She painted this back when ‘Steve Irwin‘ died… so 10 years ago.  Sigh, I miss that guy :(.

Old house paintings 2

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New Computer

After all this time, I’ve finally gotten a new computer!  I seriously agonized over getting a new computer for so long that I thought “Maybe this is it?  Maybe I’ll never get something new until this old thing literally falls apart?” Continue reading


I’m not really sure why I waited until now to do this, but I finally made a Facebook Page lol.  Not really sure what else to say in this post though…

TDoE V2 Chapter 11: Shopping

“Rank-F3 Demonic Thunder-Fish Oil: 35 CP.” An ointment that could treat electrical burns for Apprentices. It was also used in various Cultivation Methods that involved tempering a person’s flesh with lightning. There were only three-ounces in the tiny spray-bottle. Continue reading

Hardcore Info-Dump

So someone asked if there would be a Hardcore Info-Dump for the stats, gear, and all that nonsense.  Well, there kinda was a long time ago… But I can see now that I didn’t make it very easy to access, I guess? Continue reading