TDoE Disclaimer

Chapter 27 is probably the first serious sex scene in “The Dao of Eros”.  Well, by sex, I mean it’s sexual, but… I mean, I’m not gonna give spoilers.

I’ve written a decent amount of sex scenes in the past 2 years and even before I started posting shit on the internet.  This chapter… I haven’t written a first person sex scene like this in a very long time.  The stuff I wrote before I started posting stuff… I didn’t censor myself at all lol.  It seemed like every chapter was either filled with sex or brutal fight scenes.

When I started reading actual stories and posting stuff on RRL, people freaked out at the vulgarity, violence and sexual content in “Immortal Soul”.  Yeah, I know, what the fuck?  Anyway, that’s why I had toned down “Immortal Soul” so much.  Then, when I wrote book 3 of IS… People lost their shit!  Their vanilla hearts were shattered as the read a first person story from the perspective of a ‘woman’!  I know, how dare I write about someone with a vagina!  Sigh, well anyway, I wrote a few sex scenes from Raelin’s perspective.

Now, I’m not trying to insensate that Raelin is Mei… I mean, if you were trying to make connections, I would go with Maeleth=Hua Mei=Meihui or something like that roflmao.  That’s definitely not a confirmation though.  I still haven’t decided ‘who’ Mei is or if she’s even in other stories… :P, for all I know, she might be Bunny?  Who knows?  Maybe I do know and I’m just trying to give misdirection?  Nobody knows!

Maybe in like 10 years, there will be entire websites devoted to figuring out who the fuck all the characters in my stories are in relation to each other roflmao.  Either that or no one will even remember who I was… Okay, enough depressing shit.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you kiddies out there lol.  Chapter 27 is definitely going to be one of the sexiest and maybe offensive chapters in volume 1 of “The Dao of Eros”!  Good luck!

Shield your Vanilla Heart!  Embrace The Dao of Eros!

4 thoughts on “TDoE Disclaimer

  1. ..well if they are reading on this site and still have a shred of sanity left then they did a very good job of shielding their minds if not then they will not really care how extreme your stories get since they will go “ohh posted another mind blowing chapter let read it now” while all them small minded people will have long since taken a hike off Mr. Cliff Hanger.

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