TDoE V1 Chapter 27: Happy Beginning

I was pretty tired already, so I didn’t bother checking out any of the stores in the mall. Hell, I didn’t even say anything to Di, cause I was afraid that he would make me run the stall for him. Besides, I wasn’t a hundred-percent sure where my room was.

There were literally fifty different doors in the area that I remembered the old man abducting me from. It took me twenty minutes to go through and check them all. I basically just knocked and either no one was home or the people inside would yell at me to more or less “fuck off”.

“Ugh, finally!” My room number was thirty-three. It would have been super-easy to memorize if I had seen it on my way out.

“Oh, you’re back! I was starting to get a little worried that you wouldn’t return…” Hua Mei was wearing a thin white silk bathrobe, which barely even covered her ass. After I closed the door behind me, I immediately took my dirty robe off and walked over towards the bathroom.

“Yeah, I’m sure that Di will pull me outta here again in a few hours, so I’m going to rest up while I can. First I’m going to take a shower… When I get out, I guess it’s time for you to do your job, hehehe~.”


After I came out of the bathroom, there was a massage table next to the bed. Hua Mei was still wearing that skimpy bathrobe, which showed a massive amount of cleavage. She smiled at me and explained “Aside from collecting your ‘seed’, I’m supposed to help you train your skin. Your master gave me this Rank-F Herbal Oil to use… I’m sorry, but this probably won’t be very pleasant for you.”

I snickered, drying myself off with a white towel and throwing it across the room, into a bin. Then I laid down naked onto the table and asked “If that’s the case, then are you going to give me a happy beginning first?”

She smiled wryly, causing her entire hands to become grey and covered in shark-scales. Her fingernails seemed to disappear in the process. Honestly, I might have acted confident and casual, but I was actually really fucking nervous. Aside from going to the doctor to get a checkup or that one time that Bitch Queen squeezed my balls, I had never had another person touch my body like that before.

Mei was standing to my left, so she started on that side. Those palms and fingers made me feel like eels were sliding along my shoulder and arm. It was kind of weird at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. She didn’t just tickle me though, she was already starting the full body massage.

“Before I begin the skin durability treatment… I’m going to make you feel good, because I don’t think you’ll be in the mood for this later.” Well, that was ominous, but I was too horny to worry about what happened in the future.

I sighed dramatically, muttering “Sorry you have to do this… My mental age is way higher than my physical one, so don’t think of yourself as a pedophile.” Even though her hands were super-small, she could fit my entire penis inside either one.

“Don’t worry about me, it’s just been awhile since I did something like this. It’s kinda fun though, hehe~. And don’t call me that! It’s not like I’m having sex with you or anything, I’m only ‘milking’ you. It’s practically a medical procedure… This may seem a little weird at first, but I promise you’ll like it.” While she was stroking me with her right hand, her left middle finger suddenly entered my asshole.

“Hehehe~, it’s so funny watching you squirm around.” She was smiling and laughing the entire time she ‘played’ with me. Of course, I was so nervous and embarrassed that I didn’t talk that much. Since her hands secreted some kind of slimy lubricant on their own, she didn’t even need to use lotion or saliva.

Eventually, I asked “Um, this might be awkward, but can you take your robe off?” She giggled and threw it onto the bed without hesitation. Her nipples were hard and surprisingly small compared to the size of her breasts. However, my attention was totally focused on her furry pussy. I mean, even if I was a virgin, I had already seen copious amounts of porn in my life. Probably hundreds of thousands of vaginas and asses, maybe even millions of tits.

She kept stroking me with her left hand and bent over, placing her lips behind my left ear and whispering “If you want to play with them, you can~…” Those heavy mammaries were laying on my arm, but it didn’t really do much for me.

I smirked, murmuring “You should sit on my chest.” Hearing that, she pouted, then grabbed her own breasts and pressed them into my face. There was this special musky scent that I couldn’t quite put a name to, not sweat, more like pheromones. The moment I breathed it in, I unconsciously started jerking myself off a bit.

However, she immediately smacked my hand away and complained “You aren’t allowed to touch yourself!” Then she hopped up onto the table and got down on all fours, slowly lowering her ass until her hairy mound was pressing down onto my chest. Now, if I was a normal Human child, I probably would have been having trouble breathing. Fortunately, I was an Apprentice, so her hundred and twenty pound body wouldn’t have been heavy, even if all of her weight was focused on one spot. Her right hand was stroking my penis, while the left was squeezing my butt and fingering me. I was literally mesmerized by her tiny anus.

When my hands reached up and started caressing her asscheeks, she giggled and asked “Is this the first time you’ve seen a girl’s butt before? You can play with my holes if you want, but be gentle… They’re really sensitive.”

I obviously accepted her offer and used my right index and middle finger to feel around inside of her pussy. There were lots of bumps and ridges, while everything was constantly throbbing. My hands were pretty small, so I couldn’t go too deep inside, but I was still able to find the spot that made her moan and tremble. Then I used my left thumb to massage her clitoris and she yelled “You naughty brat! How many women have you toyed with so far?!”

“None, why? How many little boys have you played with, huh? Oh wow…” Both of her hands suddenly grabbed my ass cheeks and I felt an intense suction on my entire dick, while a soft and slimy object was swirling around randomly. I snickered, shouting “I can do that too, ya know?!”

Without thinking about it too much, I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy directly onto my mouth. Then I began sucking and tongue-massaging her clitoris to the best of my ability. It wasn’t exactly something that I had experience with, but there wasn’t much to it either.

My right hand fingered her asshole and the left focused on her g-spot as much as possible. We were both squirming around a lot and it was almost as if we were having an intense ‘spar’, in the sense that we were each trying to defeat the other.

“Levi, do you want me to zap her? I think that if the two of us team up, we can definitely beat this stupid woman!” I agreed, but only allowed her to use the tiniest amount of electricity. It wasn’t enough to cause any damage, though each time Xiaotong shocked Mei’s asshole or pussy, there would be a garbled scream.

There were at least three times where a clear liquid sprayed into my eyes or up my nose. Then I finally managed to cum in her mouth, though she kept sucking on me for at least five minutes afterwards. At first it felt really good, a little sensitive, but still nice. However, I eventually had to tell her “Okay, stop, I have to piss really bad!”

I heard a loud popping noise as the suction was broken, then she sat up and struggled to crawl off of the massage table. Mei jumped onto the bed and bounced a few times, before laying on her back and letting out a long sigh. Meanwhile, I stood up and walked over towards the bathroom, my face, chest and groin were totally drenched with various juices.

“Ah, oops, I accidentally swallowed it…” That’s what I heard as I closed the door behind me. Basically, that entire sixty-nining session was totally pointless. Okay, that’s a lie, it was definitely awesome. There was something else I noticed though… Compared to my usual breathing exercises, getting a blowjob was much more effective at gathering, refining and condensing my Qi.


9 thoughts on “TDoE V1 Chapter 27: Happy Beginning

  1. the only thing i can say is go wild with the sex even feel free to go in depth with mike and Sarah he always just passes out and goes to play with the others while she plays with him these are your stories from your imagination don’t let nonconstructive criticism guide you when you let the fans control what happens the stories are lessened in quality so go as wild as you want otherwise whats the point in writing it in the first place

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  2. ….so tame… tame enough that i had to re-read to see if i was missing something …

    well i guess since he is still only 9 there is still room to get freaky right plz say i am right plz plzz (Error breakdown detected fixing in progress… fixed) ..
    plz do not mind the haters go as wild as you like it your story and we just latching on for the ride them losers that can not handle the mind blowing wildness can just let go and let us hear some screams while we continue to ride this coaster.

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    • Well, it’s more about the profanity and vulgarity? Idk, for me, this sex scene was much more intense than anything in Hardcore OP-ness. Also, yeah, of course there will be plenty of weird shit lol. It’s a matter of perspective rather than the actual things that are happening? Like, him and Mei have a pretty ‘normal’ relationship at the moment. But don’t worry, it gets much weirder as time goes on roflmao. I’m already writing chapter 7 of volume 3, so I’m like a whole volume ahead of where the posted story is…


  3. This chapter is really tame. I don’t know why you put a disclaimer. I have to say that the strange sex that you write can be a little disturbing but sometimes it’s sexy as hell. Well, I have to admit that I worry a little about you because, you know, you think about all that stuff. Continue writing your great stuff and don’t censor you to much.

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    • Well, people always bitch and moan when I write sex scenes lol. Either it’s not sexy enough or it’s too sexy for them to handle… In HCOP the Narrator is really ‘vanilla’. It never curses and the way it explains things is very mechanical and what I would consider ‘tame’ lol. It’s never as vulgar as the characters it narrates about rofl.

      Levi curses all the fucking time and everything he says is vulgar, so his narrator is similarly vulgar and filled with profanity. Idk, it’s a lot different when someone says “His penis was inserted into the woman’s vagina.” compared to “I stuck my cock into her pussy.”

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  4. I HAVE CAUGHT UP! (By that I mean the release is up to where I read up to) NOW PEOPLE CAN FINALLY STOP SAYING THAT THIS IS ME! Cause we all know I’d sleep all day and never leave my bed, let alone do sexy times! I’m too pure for that!

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