TDoE V1 Chapter 28: Fleshly Cultivation

As I left the bathroom, I saw Hua Mei bending over and using a towel to clean up her own vaginal excretions. She was wearing her thin and white, silk robe, but it didn’t cover her ass at all. The moment I witnessed that amazing scene, I immediately became aroused again. Since she wasn’t able to acquire any of my semen from the blowjob, I decided to help her out.

While she was wiping up the floor, I took the opportunity to mastubate really quickly. Honestly, compared to the forty minutes we had spent ‘playing’ with each other, it was much faster when I did it myself.

I picked up glass jar off of the table, placed it down between her legs and then said “Hold that position for a while, this won’t take very long.” Then I knelt down behind her, fingering her pussy a bit and using the juices as lube. With my free hand, I focused on fondling her butt and rubbing either her clit or anus.

Once she finished cleaning up her mess, she scooted backwards and my tiny dick nearly went inside of her asshole. However, a red spark jumped off the tip of my penis and shocked her. She yelped, complaining “Don’t do that! You’re going to make me squirt again!”

Less than three minutes and I was able to cum into that glass jar. There was only a few milliliters and most of it was clear, but that wasn’t strange. It didn’t look much different from the ejaculate that I would produce in my former, twenty-year old body.

“Okay~, I’m done now…” After hearing that, she turned around and picked up the transparent container. There was a small metal refrigerator near the door, which was specifically meant for my jizz collection. I didn’t see any wires anywhere; it had a bunch of weird magical symbols that absorbed mana from the room and transformed it into ‘Yin’ Qi. The reason I knew that was because Di had something similar, although his seemed a bit more complicated and expensive.

Mei put the jar in there and then walked back over to me, picking me up by my armpits and lifting me a few inches off of the ground. It wasn’t some superhuman feat though, cause I only weighed eighty or ninety pounds. She casually carried me over to the massage table and laid me down onto my back.

“I’m sorry Levi, but the fun part is over now… Don’t fight this, alright? I know it sucks… Your master told me that you didn’t have a bloodline or a cultivation technique that you could use to improve your skin’s durability, so this was the only way. Don’t worry, level-one isn’t too bad.”

Her hands became covered in grey scales, but this time they didn’t have any of that slimy lubricant on them. She started ‘massaging’ my abs, though it felt more like she was rubbing them with sandpaper. I yelled “Ow~! Wait, I thought you were going to use that magic lotion or whatever?!”

She sighed, continuing to scrape off layers of my flesh. Then she explained “No, that happens later… For now, I need to hurt you. Afterwards, I’ll be able to apply the Herbal Oils to help your body heal faster and become stronger than it was before. I’m really sorry Levi… Please don’t hate me.”

I snickered, staring at the bloody wound on my stomach. “Do what you gotta do… I have a pretty high pain threshold so don’t wor-iagh~! Motherfucking cuntsucking bitchtwat asshole monkeysauce!”

Yeah, so apparently that whole ‘skin durability’ thing included… everything. My nipples, penis, scrotum, anus, even my goddamn eyelids! She ripped my hair out by the roots and continued to tear the shit out of my scalp. There wasn’t really that much damage, but it was certainly one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. At least up to that point, because the next part was definitely ten times more agonizingly painful.

“Hang in there Levi, it’s only going to take a few more minutes…” That’s what she said as her slimy hands were rubbing that magical green lotion all over my crimson dick and balls. I couldn’t even clench my fists or scream, since that would have only made me suffer longer. Nope, I wasn’t being tortured or interrogated… I was ‘cultivating’ my flesh.

That’s what it’s called when you allow someone to rip your skin off and then knead sulfuric acid into the wounds. Well, it felt like that, but the reason it hurt so much was related to the fact that my injuries were healing at an absurdly quick pace. When she finally said “Okay, I’m done~, now you can go take a shower.” I wasn’t even bleeding anymore.

There were at least ten times when Xiaotong started crying. She couldn’t stand watching me go through that and wanted to help me ‘escape’. However, the pain and suffering allowed me to appreciate the pleasure that came afterwards a lot more.

As I came out of the bathroom, Hua Mei grabbed me by my armpits again and sat me down on the end of the bed. Then she knelt down and smiled up at me, “I have to do that to you every day… But, I’ll make sure to collect your baby-juice as often as possible to make up for it, hehe~.”

Both of us were naked but unfortunately, I was only able to see her breasts from that angle. Of course, once she started sucking on my penis, I didn’t really need too much visual stimulation. She made sure to massage my prostate with her slimy right middle finger and used her other hand to play with herself. Her tongue was constantly swirling around and while I was pretty small, so were her lips. She bobbed her head a little bit, but my dick was almost always completely inside her mouth.

Right when I was about to cum, the door flew open and I saw a two-meter tall, bald-headed old man. Di glared at me and yelled “Ya lazy freakin brat!” My boner was instantly killed and Mei screamed in shock, as an invisible green palm smacked her across the room. She crashed into the wall and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

I shouted “For fuck’s sake! Is it really too hard for you to let me enjoy myself for a little while!?” Of course, his response was a giant literal slap to the left side of my face.

Then he growled “Cultivation ain’t bout blowjobs and sex, ya horny bastard! Put on some clothes and follow me, damn it! We got important shit ta do!” He was wearing those huge prayer beads around his neck again, that golden-feathered kilt and those bear-like shoes. With a wave of his left hand, a pair of boxers, a white undershirt and brown shorts flew out of his ring and landed on my head.

As I was getting dressed, he explained “Listen up! Until now, you’ve been mooching off uh me way too much! The reason was obviously cause ya were bout ta meet the deadline, but ya don’t got that problem no more! From now on… I’m gonna make ya work for yer resources! And I don’t mean selling yer sperm or becoming a whore! Ya gotta get a real job! Don’t worry Kid, I won’t make ya waste yer time neither! Yer talent is too precious ta spend doing anything but training! All day, everyday! Until ya at least become an Immortal… At that point, well, I’ll be dead by then anyway. But even after I die, I don’t want ya screwin floozies!”

“Ugh, seriously, calm the fuck down… I hate to break it to you, but I don’t really have any super-useful skills. Unless you want me to become a musician or artist, there isn’t that much else I can do. Also, for your information, my Cultivation Method is all about desires. Like, when I was getting a blowjob earlier, I was absorbing and condensing Qi way faster than normal! Besides that, I totally saw you selling crappy fast food for outrageous prices, so I don’t want you lecturing me about making money honestly!” I followed him out of the room and he made at least twenty turns, before finally reaching a section of the city that was called ‘The Medical District’.

There was everything from acupuncturists, acupressurists, herbalists and massage therapists to magical surgeons and counselors who focus on treating mental illnesses. I mean, there was a wide variety of Witchdoctors as well. Each of them had their own offices and there was a decent amount of traffic that came through the area, so the hallway was closer to a huge plaza.

It was similar to the mall and palace in design, though it was much smaller. Basically just a large open space, with a circular glass ceiling. There was a fairly large office with “Gentle Di’s Shamanic Services” etched into the door.

When we went inside, the old man said “Unlike most uh the other parts uh Hua Jiang Palace, people from all over the place are allowed ta come down here. The reason is cause lots uh them other asshats are like me, are either roamers or unaffiliated to any Families, Clans or Sects. They definitely ain’t named ‘Hua’, heh-heh-heh~!

“Anyway, yer already a Shaman, or have ya forgotten bout that already? Druidry is only my secondary profession, I mainly focus on dealing with Spirits. People get possessed, infected with crazy incurable diseases, have strange disorders, all kinds uh weird shit happens when yer dealin with ghosts and apparitions. They usually don’t even realize they’re sick or they know there’s something wrong, but they just can’t figure it out. The reason is almost always Spirits or Devils! We’re kinda like Exorcists, except we ain’t overzealous lunatics! Our job is ta capture, seal, heal and reveal… If it really comes down to it though, we do destroy Devils and consume evil Spirits.”


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  1. I’d like to thank the weird author of this marvelous fucked up story. Truly cheers mate. In addition, I literally binged this whole thing then immediately signed up to get notified and then bam. Here we are.

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