PS V2, Chapter 1: The Solar System, Part 1

After checking out his two new packs of Arcana’s Games cards and designing a deck, Matt was just sitting blankly at his virtual computer desk and contemplating his next step. Suddenly he asked “Providence… How the hell do games this big render? I mean, not just the Earth, but all the other planets were constantly ‘there’ too, right?” Continue reading

PS V2, Prologue 4: Choices

*Author’s Note*

Okay, I was just going to edit and post this last Prologue and Chapter 1… But then I realized that for some ridiculous reason I decided to write a 13 page long first chapter?! I was just gonna go through and edit it all, but I eventually gave up and decided to just chop it up into multiple chapter parts. Otherwise I’d probably just give up half-way through and end up not posting anything. Continue reading

PS V2, Prologue 3: More Cards


*Author’s Note*

I kinda-sorta got distracted again. Do you ever just accidentally start writing a novel? Well, I did that, and then I almost missed an Immortal Soul deadline and then I started binge watching some shows… And binge reading again. Yeah, I have problems, but don’t we all? I might edit and post some chapters of the new story I’m working on, if anyone is interested in that. It’s called “Apocalypse Shop”. Aside from that, for those of you who have access to my Google Drive, most of the unedited chapters of Private Server v2 are in there now.



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I’m Back, Probably?

Yeah, I didn’t really go anywhere. I was always just here. I… Started reading a few stories, that I hardcore binged. I’m binge-ing a few hundred chapters of RTW atm, even though I already read them in LNMTL a year or so ago. I got caught up with Ultimate Evolution, and that one, yeah, I started at chapter 160 or so… When I caught up the current chapter was 880.

Aside from that, i started playing “Heroes of the Storm” a few weeks ago. I got like 4 stimpacks in a row and my OCD wouldn’t let me stop playing until they finally ended 2 weeks after I got the first one lol.

I was hardcore writing “Private Server”, but then I almost missed my weekly quota for “Immortal Soul”, so I went back to writing that one. Now I’m still writing “Immortal Soul”, but I decided to edit and post “Private Server” again.

Also, I decided to level a Wizard this season in Diablo 3, but I’m kinda half-assing that. Umm… That’s about it.

Started reading this story and then got to chapter 30, before realizing it was a super ‘new’ story :(. It’s really good though lol.

PS V1, Epilogue: Results

Throughout the course of my ‘life’, I spent a whole lot of time doing things that were inevitably… pointless. Twenty-five years, and I basically accomplished nothing. Just a lot of disappointment and depression. Yet I continued to struggle, because I believed that this was ‘it’. I was an Atheist, even though I was raised as a Christian. Continue reading

PS V1, Chapter 41: Rolling the Dice

*Author’s Note*

I’m just gonna put this here ahead of time because I know that there will be people, like me, who got annoyed when I used Dice for singular and plural… However, I do use Die sometimes for singular too, it’s just that Dice works better in certain situations. It kind of pissed me off at first, but technically, modern use of Dice can be for singular and plural. And sometimes it’s the best way for people to understand that you’re talking about dice instead of death… Anyway, enjoy 😛


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PS V1, Chapter 40: Protagonist Aura

After they decided to abandon ship, Matt spent the next twenty minutes trying to help Michael put on the pitch black armor. Of course, they eventually gave up because it was just far too complicated. Aside from that, they would be trekking through the desert, so he probably would have died from heat stroke or exhaustion. Continue reading