PS V2, Prologue 4: Choices

*Author’s Note*

Okay, I was just going to edit and post this last Prologue and Chapter 1… But then I realized that for some ridiculous reason I decided to write a 13 page long first chapter?! I was just gonna go through and edit it all, but I eventually gave up and decided to just chop it up into multiple chapter parts. Otherwise I’d probably just give up half-way through and end up not posting anything.



I have tons of Common cards now, but I’m going to wait until later to start fusing them. After all, Providence told me that it was possible to get cards that will increase my chances of fusion success. There might also be other features that only become available after I become Ranked. I’ll be super pissed if I get rid of a bunch of cards, only to find out that I could’ve used them for something better later on.

First of all, how many decks can I have at one time?

[You are currently only allowed access to one. However, more will become available as your Rank increases.]

Well that makes things a lot simpler then. Can I still break the rules about card numbers and type?

[Yes, for the moment at least. Though your card limit will still ultimately be 55.]

I’m not planning on filling my deck to the extreme. I only want to keep all my Heroes for the time being. After all, there are probably plenty of weird Achievements involving Mike, Iris, Alicia and other the Mike.

For Creatures, I’ll go with Michael Cinagra 1, Alicia Healy 1, Iris Angelica Healy 2, Riverstone Tribe Warriors 2, Talia Cinagra 3, Arcane Wisps of Haste 6, Michael Cinagra 7 and… Oh wait, I have no Creatures above 7 Mana.

I have a ton of Items, most of them are super useful too. Ugh, this will be tough to decide. Fortunately, I’m still Unranked for the moment.

[Once you are Ranked, it will become easier for you to alter your cards.]

I get it, Providence. I’ll actively try to become Ranked. Alright, here are the Items: Enchanted Plain White T-Shirt and Black Boxers 1, Water Qi Crystals 2, Adaptive Currency 3, Lucky Hospital Beds 4, Gasoline Canisters 5, Arcane Storage Cube 6, Fat Man and Little Boy 6, Arcane Copper Coins 7, Arcane Powder 7, Michael’s Arcane Siegeblade 7, Basic Mana-Electricity Converter 8, Arcane Waypoint 8… I tried, but I still had to cheat a bit. Some of those Items are just too important to leave out.

I have way too many Spells, and a lot of them are redundant, but these are my choices: Arcana’s Favorite Game 1, Minor Qi Infusion 2, Alpha Healing Nanites 3, B-2 Bombing Run 4, Azrael’s Blacksmithing Manual 5, Greater Arcane Resurrection 6, Greater Arcane Empowerment 7, Pick a Card, Any Card 8, Arcane Roulette 8, Natural Disaster Magnet 10, and Homecoming 11.

Last and definitely least, I only have three structures: Azrael’s Silver Keep 4, Azrael-Tech Street Racing Bike 4, and Arcane Watchtower 7. I figured that I might as well have all three in my deck, though I might not actually need any of them. It all depends on what game I end up playing.

[Summoner: Matthew Leblanc
ID Code: Trashmob-707
Rank: Unranked
Level: 8
Experience: 7/10
Mana: 8/8
Cards: 33
Description: A Player with zero skill, but a decent amount of luck. The kind of Summoner who makes other Players want to go out of their way to kill him. Able to murder millions of people without batting an eye. A truly ruthless monster. Honestly slightly impressive.]

My grand total of cards is actually 65 at the moment. I just wanted to keep a record of that. No particular reason… Never mind, there is a reason. Maybe the next NPC who becomes a Player after me, on this Private Server, will be able to use my experiences to keep from making some of the same mistakes.

Anyway, I guess it’s finally time to move on with my life. To choose another reality, I mean ‘game’ to play. Chaotica’s Coliseum 3 will be my go-to experience grinder, but I can’t ‘live’ in Hell. I’m just not meant for that kinda world in the long term.

Pantheon 5 is interesting, but terrifying. I’d rather not be forced to cultivate magical powers for eons, only to get murder-raped by some monster that’s stronger than me all the time. Utopia 9 is kinda cool, but I suck at those kinds of games, so no. Technoevo World Online has gotta be a game designed for engineers.

[Engineers, miners, builders… And psychotic mass murderers like Michael.]

Even more of a reason not to go there, at least not now. The Gates of Sidhe… I might play that eventually, since it really does sound nice. Plus, I can become an Elf and practically live forever.

[So long as you are not slaughtered by other Players or devoured by mythical monsters.]

That’s the reason why I’m gonna wait a while. I don’t wanna die again anytime soon. I wanna enjoy my next life. If it’s too peaceful it’d be boring, but I can’t handle constant world-ending chaos either.

This might take a while…

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