Update on Hardcore OP-ness

Okay~ then, hopefully you guys haven’t forgotten about my existence quite yet: That does tend to happen sometimes.  I ‘could’ continue releasing 2 chapters a day, or I ‘could’ release 12 chapters on a single day.

If all I cared about was views, I’d definitely just release a single chapter every single day without any breaks.  Of course, under those circumstances, that’d make the story seem like it’s really slow, and I don’t want people to forget the fact that… I’ve been writing HCOP for a few months now and in the story, only about 20 or so days have passed: not including the 6 day time-skip in the Battleground Sanctuary, which happened in-between chapters rofl.

The point is, I think that with a story like “Hardcore OP-ness”, it’s best to binge-read it and OD, rather than read it a little at a time.  Besides, if you ‘want’ to read it a little at a time, it should be your decision, not mine lol.  Thus, I have decided to keep doing the weekly 12-chapter dump.

Also, I did… almost, kinda-sorta take a break today from writing?  By that, I mean… I wrote 1 chapter and then edited like 7 or 8 so far roflmao.  I know, right?  I started watching ‘The Vampire Diaries’ again, a few days ago, and it’s been negatively impacting my mental capacity :(.  Seriously, why is every single person a psychotic mass murderer or serial killer?  Why is it okay to kill innocent people for no apparent reason, but they never just kill the fucking bad guys?!  What is up with this goddamn Vegeta-Syndrome?!  Why don’t the vampires just wear heavy clothing or body-armor?  If they can make ‘day-light rings’, then why don’t the just make ‘stake-proof rings’ and more importantly… Why the hell is it so easy to break a vampire’s neck?  However, the absolute, number-1, most annoying part of that show, is definitely how regardless of whatever kind of supernatural-apocalyptic situation they’re in, or how their friends lives are in danger, they ALWAYS waste their precious time having petty arguments and romantic squabbles!

Okay, if I keep listing all the reasons I hate “The Vampire Diaries”, I’m going to completely forget what I needed to say about “Hardcore OP-ness” lol.  Basically, I’m going to set the “Release-Day” for the chapters to be Friday.  There isn’t really a special reason for it… and 00:00 Friday for wordpress, is 8:00 PM on Thursday for me.

So, the next few Fridays are probably going to be HCOP OD Days.  Anyway, here is the link to my “Donations” page, for those of you amazing fans out there who are willing to support me and my writing :).  Also, it’s a way for you to read ahead by like… 30+ chapters on average.

Anyway, while I do ‘hate’ “The Vampire Diaries”, it’s actually a pretty good show.  The only reason I stopped watching it around the end of season-5, was because I had caught up with the current episodes and gotten tired of waiting for the new ones lol.  They’re currently on season 7, so I decided to try and catch-up as a form of break from the constant, nonstop writing/editing/reading I’ve been doing lately.  Not just my mind, but also my eyes…

Also, the last episode of “The Walking Dead” really pissed me off for so~ many reasons.  “Once Upon a Time” is getting irritating as well :*(.  Ugh, I just feel so disappointed when I watch T.V. shows lately…

This may be a mild spoiler for “Hardcore OP-ness”, but I have to admit that this upcoming batch of chapters is probably one of my favorite arcs.  I have a feeling that most of you will understand the references and parodies, since most of you likely read Xianxia; even if you just read manhwa or manhua. you’ll still probably get the jokes.

96 thoughts on “Update on Hardcore OP-ness

  1. I reached enlightenment and realized that i had forgotten about this story, decided to see what was up and to my surprise many chapters were posted. I quickly got to reading them all up to chapter 209 while being unable to decide whether to laugh or cry at these long dongs being unable to recognize Mt. Tai.
    This all took some time to describe, but it actually happened in an instant!

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  2. Sounds like a good format but when is the main page going to be updated with links to the newer chapters so we don’t have to go chapter-surfing to get to the latest releases? XD

    (Would also help with seeing if new chapters came out)

    Either way great job on the series so far and I’d help you out with the whole chapter thing if you don’t have the time (I’m sure many other would aswell)

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  3. it was hard u know everyday looking the update list on aho then checking again seeing message again dumping 12 s good and all but once in awhile u know it really s heartbreaking for looking an update status for 1 week to find no change u know…..sob…sob…. well at least i hope u r feeling better see ya on next chapter baka its not like i want to see u or read what u wrote….hmph

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  4. So i have been reading hardcore op-ness furiously for the last few days, but should i have read immortal soul first? Someone linked me to hardcore first so i dident really think to much about it but what is the correct order to read this stuff in?

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  5. I prefer the weekly chapter drop so this release change is awesome IMO. Thanks for the hard work and glad to hear this new change will also be better for you.

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  6. Whatever you choose is great if it means that the work will progress like a never ending Peruvian TV novel.
    “GET YOUR ASS TO WORK SOLDIER”- quote of general Patton.
    I love this work so just keep it updated daily or weekly whatever JUST DO IT 😛
    P.S. It still doesn’t mean anything that i refreshed this site few times a day during this break week.

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  7. Thanks for the heads up~~

    I prefer daily but oh well, it’s up to you, the author. Welp, at least i can marathon 12 chapters all the way and the wait is worth it~~

    Hmm, Vanilla thingy in this chapter would be appreciated since i’m a fan of it~~

    Thanks again Mike~~ Looking forward to your future chapters~~

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  8. totally up to you how you want to release it, if someone really wants to binge on it they can do it if they can resist the temptation even if you release daily. But you also get the possibility to release a bunch of chapters all at once which fits into the arc in a good way. anyway, I can’t resist and am paying to get my daily fix, and then I’ll binge when you officially release it too.
    But, totally want to see conceptual art from this series!! would be epic to see this series visualized by the amazing guys on deviantart!! maybe put it as a separate donation option??

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    • Yeah, I really do want to get some art for the story… Do you mean like ‘donate’ the art? Well, I do know a few artists who could potentially create art for me… some of them are even relatives lol. I don’t know anyone on Deviant Art though.


      • was initially thinking more of finding an artist whom can make conceptual sketches/drawings of character/events from the novel that matches what you picture in your mind when describing it, and have a separate donation in order to commission these drawings, unless the artist is willing to do it for free. another alternative would be to have these drawings exclusive to published works (if it goes there) and the artist gets a set amount from that.

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      • Lmao, it’d probably be easier for me to learn how to make the art myself :P. Hmm, actually, that’s a pretty good idea… When I eventually get around to buying a new computer, I should get one of those drawing pad things. It shouldn’t be too hard to learn as long as I can do it all on the computer, rather than using paper etc. It’d be worth the investment if I can create art for my own story without having to get someone else to do it rofl.


  9. Dude do whatever makes your creative juices flow the best, do what makes you feel comfortable, I’m here just along for the ride, the only thing i ask is, DO NOT drop the story, I’m starting to really enjoy this crazy Fucker’s story, It is getting really interesting, Good job.(…is this wording douchie?….sorry if it is, english is not my first language)

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    • Lmao, Crazy Fucker is probably one of Michael’s nicknames :). Also, I don’t plan to drop the story, I just hope that people don’t freak-out when the first book ends and the second one begins…


    • Yep, people who read the comic say that ‘he’ died, but considering the fact that Michone was never torture-raped by the Governor, and Rick still has his hand(For now) I’m gonna say that ‘He’ might still be alive somehow rofl.

      I never really understood why they don’t just wear steel-plate armor all the time? Like, the zombies wouldn’t even be able to hurt them if they did lol. Also, why is Michone the only person smart enough to grab a sword? Everyone else risks their lives using tiny knives or short machetes all the time… ugh. It’s no wonder so many people die all the time on that show.

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  10. Ugh, it’s better to keep it at 2 chaps everyday. A day without an update of HOP just feels so empty man! I’ve had a habit of waking up early in the morning just to check out the 2 new chapters of HOP since I’m from Asia. Anyways, thanks for the exciting, thrilling and most of the time nauseous story you’ve been writing! Keep it up bro!

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  11. Thanks for the status update and binge reading op-ness last week was amazing so I am looking forward to doing it again. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to power levels over 9000.

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      • @Aran When our slime kitty lvl-up her bullet creating skill could have additional “de-buff” effect like “gender-bend” – It changing the center of mass of a target putting them off balance because of lack or addition of flesh in certain areas.

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      • Dude sarah becomes Michael cuz she came and violated her precious kitty cat. And killed her babies.


      • i never understood the fascination of gender bender, all i get from it is a closed closet gay person since even if the mind is a girl, its the body of a guy, dick and balls and what not, the other person still has the mind of a guy which pretty much means, you still getting a dick shoved up you. IDK maybe im not getting it.

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      • Well, yeah, technically ‘gender’ has more to do with the mentality of the person, rather than the physical appearance. While ‘sex’ is what reproductive organs the person has. At least according to people now days rofl.

        Personally, I’m attracted to vaginas and assholes lmao. The assholes have to be next to the vaginas though, or it doesn’t really do anything for me. On the other hand, futanari stuff is still fine for me, cause they have vaginas and assholes.

        I don’t have a vagina, and I have a ridiculous amount of testosterone. If I was a woman, and has a ton of estrogen, I’d probably be attracted to men.

        Who knows though? Sexual attraction has a lot to do with pheromones too, so a man or woman might turn you on in person, when you aren’t even attracted to the way they look lol.

        Then there’s the whole psychological nonsense, where people ‘convince’ themselves that they’re gay or straight depending on social standards etc.

        However, if we’re talking about fantasy stuff, especially in regards to magic, gender and sex are both negligible. As far as my story is concerned, it’s possible to spend a little mana or health and transform into a giant monster or for a fox to turn into a human. There’s probably some chaos underwear that can turn a man into a woman or make him grow a vagina in the palm of his hand so that he can fuck himself? There’s no reason to put silly limiters on what is ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’ based on petty human bullshit lol.


      • Oh man that was one biiiig reveal of someone preferences 😛 I think several people hearts were broken by this 😛

        P.S. Several – did i use this word properly?

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    • Okay Remember when jj shoved sarahs tail inside her when she was unconscious? Then the next day when everyone was sick and jj gave birth to worms but sarah like threw up spiders and they killed each other? jj falls under chaos who is slightly a little girl based on the piano that she had which michael now plays. so because sarah tainted jj Her Precious kitten chaos gives her michaels body and then we get to see her fight with his op strength. but only a suggestion

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