PS V1, Chapter 28: The Beginning of the End

After a losing consciousness for a few minutes, Matthew opened his eyes and yawned a bit. There were no lights in the basement and the window was completely closed, but there also wasn’t any kind of door at the top of the stairs. Since the kitchen lights were on, there was still a bit of illumination. At least enough for him to see the hand in front of his face. Continue reading

Mass Release

Don’t expect a hundred chapters or anything ridiculous like that lol.  However, there will be about ten posts in a row. Continue reading

Surprise Early Chapter Release?

My days have recently been turned around backwards… Which means that I actually wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night now lol.  Thus, instead of maintaining the ‘normal’ scheduling, I decided to change it up a bit.

Basically, this is an early chapter, so the next one will probably be tomorrow at around the same-ish time.  Don’t expect another chapter 10 hours from now :P.

The main reason I wanted to post this so badly, is because people were confused for some reason… I didn’t think that a spontaneous dryadic transformation would be strange lol.  The reason she tried to ‘devour’ Michael, was obviously because he’s Chaotic and she’s Natural rofl.

Also, I wanted to say this, because it’s annoying when people keep asking it or simply being dicks.  This story isn’t translated ‘into’ English; I am the author of “Hardcore OP-ness”, “Immortal Soul” and “Questing”.  On another note, I go onto reddit sometimes and read comments that people post.  Usually they’re funny or at least nice, but if you say some fucked up, unreasonably mean shit about me or my stories, it’s normal for me to respond to it, right?  I wonder, do people think I’m above yelling at assholes who piss me off?

Is it immature to give a shit when people taunt you?  “Hardcore OP-ness” wasn’t written with closed-minded bigots as the intended audience lol.  I write it for the fans who are a lot like me; the people who want to read about a guy who goes to another reality and has fun.  There is a plot, if you look hard enough, but for the most part, it’s all about enjoying the ridiculousness of it all.  Indulging in a fictional world, where the possibilities are much higher than in our own.

Anyway, the first Book of OP-ness is probably going to end soon lol.  Actually, I kinda-sorta wrote the first chapter of Book-2 already, but I still haven’t finished writing Book-1, so nothing’s completely set in stone yet.  Not that I would literally carve a book out of stone, cause that’d be absurd…

So yeah, I’m currently working on chapter 249, so if you ‘Donate‘ or ‘Pledge‘, you would be like 35-ish chapters ahead of the releases.  That offer for any artists out there, is still valid lol.  Haven’t received any messages or comments from anyone who was interested in creating some art for the story yet.

Update on Hardcore OP-ness

Okay~ then, hopefully you guys haven’t forgotten about my existence quite yet: That does tend to happen sometimes.  I ‘could’ continue releasing 2 chapters a day, or I ‘could’ release 12 chapters on a single day. Continue reading