I Wrote A Fanfiction?

Another Summoner Story

So yeah, I was getting kinda burnt out after writing 1100 chapters of Bloodline Cultivation Journal, but instead of… You know, editing and posting that story, I ended up Binge Writing for the first time in a long time.

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Update on Hardcore OP-ness

Okay~ then, hopefully you guys haven’t forgotten about my existence quite yet: That does tend to happen sometimes.  I ‘could’ continue releasing 2 chapters a day, or I ‘could’ release 12 chapters on a single day. Continue reading

Break Day and T.V. Show Recommendations?

It’s that time of the week again… Kinda funny how fast time flies when you’re struggling to keep writing at least two chapters every day lol.  Somewhere along the line I screwed up a few times, so I only wrote about 12 instead of 14 this week.

I blame ISSTH and the fact that so many good shows started coming on again :). “The Strain” and “Fear The Walking Dead” just ended, but a bunch of others are still on, or have just begun lol.

Heroes Reborn” is basically the same as the original “Heroes” lol.  People with superpowers constantly being oppressed, murdered, and enslaved by evil humans :P.

Once Upon a Time” seems to be having a “Star Wars” theme so far this season, at least from my perspective.  There’s the the Merlin and Camelot stuff too, and overall, I’m liking it so far.

Limitless” is exactly how I expected it to be: decent.  Not particularly amazing or terrible, just kinda good and not too bad lol.  It’s another one of those crime-solving shows, so if you don’t like them, then you probably won’t like it.

Doctor Who” is pretty much the same thing as the last however many seasons.  Time-Travel nonsense, awkward British humor, and everyone besides Clara and the Doctor usually die within the episode, so don’t get too attached to random people rofl.

Supernatural” is still around, in case you thought it was cancelled.  I like the show, regardless of how repetitive and ridiculous it usually is.  All the main characters are still around and the brotherly bromance continues onward lol.

The Walking Dead” comes on tonight, but I can already guess that they’re gonna kill off a lot of main characters this season… because it’s just a thing that they always do :(.

Izombie” is back for season 2, thankfully.  It’s a show about a crime-solving zombie-girl, who eats the brains of murder victims and gains some of their memories.  There’s a decent amount of comedy and the characters are very like-able in my opinion.

The Flash” is about a guy who can run really fast and has to fight against super-human psychopaths… cause that’s just a thing that happens in the DC Universe lol.

Arrow” is also from the DC Universe and focuses on Oliver Queen, who doesn’t have super-powers, which is lame.  However, it’s still a pretty good show with a lot of action.

Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has a lot of alien technology, spy-ish stuff, and superheroes/villains.  It’s probably one of my favorite shows at the moment, and it’s on season 3 now :).

Anyway, now that my impromptu and extremely vague T.V. show recommendation session is finished, I’d like to do some shameless advertising of my “Donation” page.  Aside from that, chapter 171 and 172 will be released in roughly 8 hours, but after that is the dreaded Break Day!