TDoE V2 Chapter 1: Jobs

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TDoE V1 Chapter 25: Magic?

Di seemed annoyed by the fact that I could punch and kick properly, so he decided to ‘spar’ against me in order to train my grappling skills. Yeah, it was just an excuse for that perverted old man to beat the shit out of a little kid. Continue reading

Chapter Eight: The Inventor

I was a blacksmith, not a mage, nor a healer, just a girl who liked to make weapons.  At 14 I was technically an adult, so I entered that silly competition. Continue reading

Chapter Seven: Headaches

In a world without magic, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you weaker until you inevitably succumb to your injuries.  When it comes to magic, the rules are always much more difficult to understand. Continue reading

Chapter Six: Hunting

Mana is a lot like radiation on steroids, except it wouldn’t simply mutate DNA at random.  It would typically force a controlled evolution, altering specific aspects of a creature until it actually transforms into something more powerful or intelligent. Continue reading

Chapter Five: The Center of The World

I gave Ethir that mark because I knew he would do something incredibly reckless.  He was a child desperately seeking a place to belong and wanted to prove his usefulness to me.  Maybe I should have asked him directly, to steal from a bookstore.  Why the hell would anyone immediately think, royal library? Continue reading

Chapter Four: The Thief

I’ve always been a thief and a coward, but I was never ashamed of myself until that day.  I saw over a hundred-thousand people die in a few moments, then that monster forced everyone who was left to entertain him. Continue reading

Chapter Three: The First Battle

Perhaps because of destiny or fate, important events in my lives typically happen in sevens and threes.  I probably knew the reason once upon a time, but now it’s just a gut feeling.  On my third birthday I showed Rae one of my more pleasant memories, it seemed to cheer her up quite a bit. Continue reading