Chapter 236: Lucky Number Seven

“Of course… I should have said ‘Give me a fucking awesome magical throwing knife!’ Ugh, well, whatever, Arcana must really love balls.” Michael stared down at the crystalline marbles in his right hand. Each of them was transparent, but he noticed that if he exerted his Chaotic aura onto them, they would glow with random colors or turn pitch-black.

“The Seven Celestial Orbs: +120 Attack Rating, +40 Defense Rating, +7 Luck. Can deal Arcane or Physical damage depending on the intentions of the wielder. Reduces the mana-cost of Arcane Magic by 20%. Able to be used in conjunction with a wide variety of Arcane Spells. Soulbound to Michael. Epic Quality, requires level-30.”

He sighed as he watched the fifteen-hundred Favor disappear, but cheered up once Elina ‘Scanned’ the ‘throwing weapon’ for him. However he still needed to use eight ‘Experience Packs’ before he could actually equip them properly.

After placing his Arcane Orb into his inventory, those seven magical marbles began hovering above his head. Then he pulled the ‘Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos’ out of his right hand and promptly wore both gauntlets.

Michael asked “Is it possible to ‘upgrade’ my shirt to level-thirty for under seven-hundred and fifty Favor?” Suddenly, his tank-top transformed into a plain white t-shirt and it only cost him five-hundred favor.

“Arcane Breastplate: +30 Defense Rating, +6 Strength, +6 Endurance, +6 Vitality, +6 Wisdom. Each point of Aura reduces magic-damage taken by 3. Soulbound to Michael. Rare Quality, requires level-30.”

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami, The Heretic, The Harem Keeper, The Exhibitionist, The Necrophiliac, The Cannibal
Level: 30
Experience: 70/900
Age: Adult
Race: Chaotic Nephilim
Rank: D
Class: Guardian
Specialization: Tank, Melee and Ranged Damage Dealer, Support
Profession: Intermediate Summoner Level 1]


Health: 970/970
Mana: 215/215
Stamina: 485/485
Mana Regen per minute: 510
Health Regen per hour: 970

Strength: 30(+77)
Vitality: 30(+67)
Endurance: 30(+67)
Dexterity: 20
Agility: 30(+27)
Intelligence: 30(+13)
Wisdom: 30(+21)
Perception: 12(+4)
Charisma: 23(+3)

Willpower: 30
Luck: 30(+7)
Aura: 105

Attack Power: 535(+2000/+198)
Defense Rating: 46.5(+182)]


Chaotic Blood Level 5: Organs, bones, tissues and even entire limbs can be completely restored, through Health Regeneration. Immunity from all diseases, curses, poisons, and toxins below your current level. Increases rage by 50%. Able to resist negative status effects below your current level.

Intermediate Arcane Affinity Level 6: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, inside of Dungeons and Raids by 100%. Reduces damage taken from Elites and Bosses by 30%.

Arcane Body Level 7: Completely breaks down waste in the large intestines and bladder, transforming it into mana, which is used to satiate hunger. When Stamina becomes relatively low, mana is consumed to quickly replenish it. The Aura stat determines the rate of decomposition.

Arcana’s Blessing of Mental Fortitude Level 10(Max): Greatly eases psychological discomfort and reduces Arcane damage taken by 50%. Increases the ability to resist sexual urges by 50%.

Arcana’s Blessing of Love Level 10(Max): Satisfying your partner’s desires will increase your Aura stat, depending on the amount of suffering that you experience in the process.

Intermediate Light Affinity Level 1: Mana and Health recovery increases dramatically when exposed to Sunlight and Moonlight by 100%. Reduces damage taken from enemies of the Darkness Affinity by 90%. Increases damage done to enemies of the Darkness Affinity by 10%.

Intermediate Chaos Affinity Level 2: Mana, Health and Stamina regeneration increase by 100% while in combat. Reduces damage taken from enemies of the Nature Affinity by 90%. Increases damage done to enemies of the Nature Affinity by 20%.

Blessing of Chaos Level 10(Max): Reduces the negative side-effects of Chaotic equipment by 100%. Increases sex-drive and aggro generation by 100%. Raises Charisma by 10 points.

Intermediate Throwing Mastery Level 3: Increases Attack Rating while utilizing throwing weapons by 65%.

Intermediate Greatsword Mastery Level 7: Increases Attack Rating of two-handed blades and swords by 100%. Reduces the weight of two-handed blades and swords by 35%.

Unarmed Combat Level 9: Increases Attack Rating by 90% when no weapons are equipped.

Guardian’s Constitution Level 10(Max): Increases the body’s natural Strength, Vitality and Endurance by 10 points. Aggro generation increases dramatically. Increasing healing taken from allies by 100%.]



As Michael was staring at his stats and Passives, he suddenly cringed, muttering “Shit, I still have those ten angelic assholes in my Extra-Dimensional Prison…” Then he turned to everyone and announced “Okay~ then, I really don’t wanna stay in this place for too much longer, so we should probably make our plans now! There are thirteen ongoing Battlegrounds in The Dwarven Republic and twenty-seven upcoming… so~, there’s a lot to pick from. Then there’s also two pretty huge BGs happening near Aeris Village. If you open up your Battleground Menus, you should be able to see them all. I honestly don’t give a fuck either way, so you guys should decide where we go.”

Talia suggested “According to these lists, most of these conflicts are rather minuscule and inconsequential. I believe that if we separated into smaller groups, we could potentially influence the overall wars significantly. Considering that our goal is merely to ‘participate’, we need not worry about achieving victory and must simply be present during the skirmishes.”

Alice snickered, “We don’t really need to worry about the shit-storm in the UES… Each of us should sign up for a different BG in the DR and meet up afterwards at Fort Resilience for that upcoming fight.”

Elina asked “Is it really a good idea for us to split-up like that? What if something bad happens again and we’re separated forever?”

“Nyah~! No, bad Lina! Don’t say stuff like that! Are you trying to jinx us?!” Jasmine glared at the angelic cat-girl and had tears welling up in her eyes.

Sarah cracked her neck and told them “Well, I’m picking this… Umbraton place, so I’ll see you fuckers later.” as she vanished. Inari transformed into a brown-skinned, naked fox-girl and barked a few times, before disappearing.

The Huntress cheerfully smiled, as she murmured “I cannot wait to test out my new bow… Hmmm, The Windy City sounds interesting.” She lightly kissed Michael’s lips and dematerialized.

Jasmine picked Nekoshire, because it was one of her favorite towns, and Elina chose Saint Luminous for obvious reasons. Thus, only the Nephilim and dragoness remained in that pure-white, timeless space.

He stared into her beautiful bronze, serpentine eyes, and asked “Are you gonna tell me what the fuck is going on now?”

In response to that, her huge body began shrinking rapidly and within moments, she had transformed into an Earth Fairy. She smiled wryly, “Do you understand now? Heh~, well, you probably guessed it already, right?”

Michael sighed, gazing down into those bright-red irises and muttering “The ‘Mystery Cat Egg’? No, ugh, I don’t even… Fuck my life, there’s just too many goddamn possibilities. How does that even work anyway? You look kinda like a combination of me and Talia though; at least your facial features… Wait a second; this is after several evolutions and a bit of shapeshifting, so there’s no real evidence that we’re biologically related. With time-travel, very little can be ruled out.”

Alice giggled, unequipping her armor and robe, before casually grabbing onto the hilt of his ridiculously heavy sword. She bent over and ran her fingers across the blade, sliding her tongue across the tip and starting to suck on the pommel.

He groaned, “Ugh~, why does that feel more sensitive than my actual penis? Nope, I don’t even care anymore. Whether you’re some kinda clone, my daughter, even if it turned out that you were the incarnation of Arcana, we’re already past the point of no return now. Hell, even if you’re currently manipulating me into having sex with you so that you could become your own mother, I wouldn’t even give a fuck.”

The bronze-skinned girl stopped licking the hilt of his sword, “Mike, seriously, just stop jumping to ridiculously complicated conclusions! Just take off your gear and ravage my tiny virgin Fairy Mound… Okay, I’m terrible at seduction, so please just mate with me. You ‘need’ to ejaculate inside of me until I’m definitely impregnated though!”

As the five-foot tall elven woman laid down onto her back and spread her relatively short legs, he complained “So basically, you aren’t gonna tell me why the fuck you’re so intent on making babies… Damn it, at least say that you love me.”

His gear turned into tattoos and he immediately crawled on top of her; the moment that he entered inside of her, she gasped and moaned loudly. There wasn’t any blood, but a bright-blue, sticky liquid was bubbling and foaming from her incredibly small genitalia.

After a few seconds, Alice was panting as she whispered into his right ear “Of course I love you… Daddy.” However, he just sighed dramatically and started moving much faster, until she admitted “Okay~, I suck at lying anyway… You aren’t really my father or mother. I mean, you’ve already met the two of them! Ah, well, there is something though… I ‘may’ have taken one of your testicles and crushed it together with an ovary from Talia, during the creation of that last Evolution Pill. I guess you could say that we’re ‘biologically’ related, in a way? Also, when I take certain ‘herbs’ I kind of… hear voices. Since I was like, six, and snorted some weird crystalline powder, I’ve been ‘guided’ by them. Ah~, um~, finger my ass a bit, un~…”

Thus, Alice began confiding in Michael, as he was ‘deflowering’ her relatively tiny elven body.

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  1. I kind of want to know what’ll happen next all the while being kind of anxious, thinking that they’ll get separated or that something irreversible might happen or fuck-cunt-whore-bitch.

    This ‘early’ in the chapters yet it’s sort of a rollercoaster ride already. Honestly, it’s something to look forward to! This is real good, Mike. Great work!

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  2. Gf:. . . . . .

    Me: I said, give it a rest already sheesh.. . . Wait. . Why are you looking at me like that?

    Gf:. . . I’ve been thinking, if we have a daughter how will I coerce her to have threesome with us.

    Me:. . . . . . . . . . . . I’ve been thinking, did I fuck up when I started dating you?? Goddamm.

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  3. I’m like the fuuuuckkk. when she said she’s his daughter and then continued reading and screamed the heeeeeeeeeeeeeelll again.. ugh. Why the heck did I even believe this shit. Oh well, I’m just a reader.

    Thanks for the chapter~~

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  4. Aaaaaand my mind went off with the cookie monster..

    Seriously did NOT expect that she used those items to make an evolution pill.. But….. If she can do that with those 2, what happens when she makes more for the other party members? Jasmine with some Inari Super Fox genes? Sarah with some unholy Elina fusion? oh gods, the enemy should suicide right now to save themselves some major pain in the.. well.. EVERYTHING.

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  5. Wow so um I’m guessing her parents are still her parents and she is being guided by something she snorted when she was six (based on it being crystalline could be from arcana). As for the whole related thing since she isn’t truly related only related by drug induced evolution I guess you can call it wincest (it’s like having sex with a girl that shares half your genes that is unrelated to you or having sex with a adopted daughter of consenting age without coersion).

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  6. Yehey… My talented in multiple and parallel plotting brain box is kinda glitched by this chapter… I hope in some upcoming chapters there will be a patch release for that. 😛

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