Chapter 237: Soul Mating?

“My parents just told me that I was cursed and being haunted by evil spirits, because they’re idiots. I always assumed that I was simply hallucinating… but then I met you and started to realize that it was actually some form of that ‘Whisper’ System. ‘It’ or ‘They’ always seemed to know intimate details about each of us. Hmm~, it’s really hard to talk, when you’re~… Ah~, good, I can feel it being injected inside of me~. This is so~ much better than when I shove a pipet into my cervix~…” Alice’s face was contorting in ecstasy, as her serpentine tail wrapped around the Nephilim’s testicles and gently massaged them.

Michael nibbled on her left, elven ear and murmured “How many times do I need to cum in you, before you’re ‘satisfied’? Also, are these ‘voices’ supposed to be ‘us’ from the past or future… or is it just Arcana, fucking with you? Could be Chaos, Naturae, Umbra, Lux, or just about every other overpowered being in this whole goddamn universe… How do you know they aren’t tricking you into doing weird shit?”

The Earth Fairy moaned, digging her fingernails into his back and accidentally releasing some of her fiery aura. As illusory crimson flames appeared around her body, she somehow managed to avoid burning her Companion.

Alice’s extremely long, bright-red, serpentine tongue, slobbered all over the Nephilim’s neck and face. Then she whispered “They showed me a world called Earth… Told me that it was where you came from; a city called Baltimore. I’ve seen your past, but also ‘our’ future… Even if it turns out to be some sort of deception, I don’t care. The possibility is greater that they weren’t lying, and my ‘instincts’ tell me that I ‘need’ to do this.”

Their two pairs of crimson eyes gazed into each-other for a few moments, as their bodies undulated unceasingly. Michael smiled warmly, “I love you… and I trust you. Arcana on the other hand, hehehe~; well, I don’t think that she’s an enemy, but she’s definitely a liar. It’s been a while since I noticed it… The bitch actually said that NPCs have ‘artificial’ souls, hahaha~. Not only that, but why did Chaos save us from the destruction of that Battleground Sanctuary? Shouldn’t the almighty Arcana be capable of preventing such a ridiculous malfunction from happening in the first place? Hmmm~, she is certainly powerful, just not omnipotent. In fact, the other night, she showed me some ‘visions’ and then took me into a ‘lower-plane’ of sorts. It was at that moment when I finally realized something really fucking important: souls are OP.”

She giggled, interrupting his speech by pressing her crimson lips against his mouth and shoving her tongue inside. However, he telepathically continued “Basically, most of the mana in this reality is created by our souls. The ‘System’ is merely a way for Arcana or whoever, to limit our power dramatically. It makes us follow a set of rules, in an attempt to keep us here for as long as possible. Our ‘regeneration’ is almost entirely coming from our souls, while the ‘Aura’ stat forces us to release it into the world. Every time we use magic, we’re basically feeding the ‘System’. When we gain experience points or level-up, it’s actually just the ‘System’ allowing us to access, a tiny sliver of our own power. You were right about Companions though, at least in the case of Players. It’s part of the reason why we all feel such an absurdly deep connection to each-other… We essentially fused our souls together, to a certain extent.”

Alice stopped kissing him and asked “Do you regret it? Choosing us… The voices already told me a lot of what you just said, but I just want to know if you’re absolutely certain that you want to be with us? If you aren’t, I might have a way to ‘separate’ our souls…”

Michael snickered, thrusting into her and shaking his head: “I’ve never regretted any decision that I’ve ever made in my entire life… regardless of how terrible some of them have been. From the moment that we first met, I could already feel a strong attraction towards you. It was the same way for the others as well; we were drawn to each-other. Hell, there was most likely a shit-ton of time-travel nonsense involved and I know for a fact that the ‘Goddesses’ were all forcing us together for various reasons, but aside from that, there was definitely something else. Besides, with my absurdly high sex-drive and endless list of fetishes, I kinda needed a harem of crazy shapeshifters to ‘satisfy’ my outrageous desires. Otherwise, I’d probably just be masturbating all day, every day, and using weird-ass Chaotic vagina-furniture to… Hahaha~, well, I’m definitely gonna end up doing that anyway, but that’s not the point!”

The bronze-skinned Fairy suddenly pulled a mysterious vial of murky brown liquid out of her inventory, “Mike, pull out of me for a second… I’m going to rub this on your penis and it should stimulate your urge to ejaculate significantly. Our Races are very dissimilar at the moment, so the amount of semen required to impregnate me under ‘normal’ circumstances would take way too long. This is some oil I extracted from a particular type of plant, which can trigger ovulation within elves and make conception a bit easier.”

“Ow, it feels like I just had boiling chocolate poured all over my dick… not that I’ve ever had that happen to me before. Actually, I’ve had all kinds of horrible shit happen to my genitals since I came to this world, so this honestly doesn’t hurt that bad in comparison. Holy fuck! What the hell is that?! Why am I cumming?! Ah, ouch, gah~!” Michael quickly thrust back inside of the crimson opening and began literally filling her womb with copious amounts of milky fluid.

Alice wrapped her legs around his back and hugged him tightly, pressing her chin against his left shoulder and whimpering softly. She whispered “It’s so strange… ah~, compared to my ‘normal’ form, this tiny body is so much more sensitive. It feels like that time when you were using your glove that was charged with electricity, to fist me…”

He laughed hysterically, before sighing dramatically; then admitted “I can’t even remember that happening. There was that one time though… Jasmine was in her smallest form, and she actually managed to crawl inside of your vagina. But, everything below the waist was just sticking out, so I started fucking her in the ass, while Elina was somehow licking both of your pussies at once! Hahaha~, oh god~, we did so much weird shit in that place! Gah~, I wish we could have kept some kinda recording…”

The bronze-skinned girl giggled, revealing “Well, we didn’t figure it out until later, but we actually did. I think Elly still has that ‘Whisper-Booster’ in her bag, heh-heh~. Aside from sparring matches, we mostly saved cute Inari videos, or porn… It ended up being almost entirely porn though, hehehe~!”
After a few hours of intercourse, the two of them finally stopped and were laying on the pure-white ground. Michael asked “So what now? Aren’t you worried about staying in here too long? Aside from that, what do you even need a baby for?”

She rolled over onto her left side and nuzzled her face into his neck, wrapping her right leg over his left. Alice snickered, “It won’t really take that long… As long as I eat plenty of demonic food and you keep ‘channeling’ your mana into me, it should only take a few days for them to be born. Hehe~, you’ve known me for a while now… What other possible reason could I have for creating offspring?”

“Ugh, if you tell me that you’re gonna eat them or turn them into drugs, I might get a little irritated…” Hearing him say that, the Earth Fairy laughed awkwardly and averted her eyes.

Finally, she muttered “It’s not like I’m going to ‘kill’ them or anything like that… I just need to extract a few ‘ingredients’. Aside from that, my breast milk, the afterbirth, etcetera… Don’t worry, even if I remove a few organs, bone-marrow, spinal fluid and other stuff, it’ll all grow back pretty quickly in this place, maybe?”

Michael sighed dramatically, grumbling “I’m gonna be really fucking pissed off if you’re just trying to make ‘baby bath-salts’ or some other kinda nasty drugs. Wait, what do you mean ‘them’? How many of these little bastards are there gonna be?”

Alice murmured “Well, I don’t really know for sure, but whatever a typical litter of Earth Fairies is? Probably six or seven, assuming that your Chaos Affinity doesn’t cause any umm… complications.”

24 thoughts on “Chapter 237: Soul Mating?

  1. I don’t want to be mean to you in any way but after reading this series up to this point I came to certain conclusion. That is: You certainly are writing this stuff with only one hand because the other one is… “busy” with what Michael was implying about chaotic furniture.
    Thanks for the chapter and i hope you wont go blind. 😛

    P.S. No ill will meant 😛

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    • ‘Hurt’ is kinda relative lol. Every time a baby gets a shot it ‘hurts’ them; circumcision ‘hurts’, and there are a myriad of painful situations we put ‘Human’ infants through, because everything is painful to a baby. In our world, we can’t just use some magic to regenerate missing limbs, organs and tissues… we also can’t instantly cure diseases, poisons, and other ailments. We also can’t use telepathic techniques to prevent people from feeling pain; even anesthetics typically ‘hurt’. Most importantly, you’re thinking about Human babies… it ain’t even a spoiler when I say that “There’s no way in hell that Michael and Alice are gonna have a human baby.” roflmao.


      • Hmmm so wait if you go by order of power would it theoretically be like this?

        Arcana rules over the universe.

        Umbra & Lux rule over their own galaxies’s.

        Nature & Chaos rule over their own solar-system’s.

        Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind rule over their own planet’s.

        Am I close?

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      • Close… but more like, Arcana ‘is’ the universe lol. Also, I can’t really ‘correct’ the rest of the statements, because it’d be spoilers :P.


  2. Thanks for the chapter. Chaos aura? NOT CAUSING COMPLICATIONS? There’s no way that isn’t going to happen. Chaos aura exists for no more reason than to cause needless complications, and the other parts of it are all auxiliary!

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  3. Oh also I started reading World Teacher from your recommendation list, I Learned that 1. It’s really quit good so thanks for the recommend, and 2. Google translate sucks balls so I either have to wait patiently for the translate like everyone else or learn another Language. You know Spanish novels really aren’t quite in my ballpark so I feel like I wasted/ am Wasting alot of time with it >. /-.-/

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